October Reads

This month, I read The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. The story follows Tom and Isabel Sherbourne, an Australian couple living on the island of Janus Rock. Tom is a WWI veteran, and after seeing the horrors of war, he has now taken up the job of lighthouse keeper on Janus, where only the two of them reside. The couple has suffered through three miscarriages, each one destroying Isabel more. One day, a boat washes ashore with a dead man and a baby inside. While Tom wants to write back to the mainland letting them know of the deceased man and the baby, Isabel begs him to keep the baby and raise her as their own. After being deprived of having children, Tom does not have the heart to say no to her.

As they raise their daughter, whom they have named Lucy, Isabel is assured that the world has given them a miracle after their miscarriages. While Tom finds it impossible not to love Lucy, his conscience eats away at him every day, knowing that their actions have possibly torn a family apart. Finally, on a trip back to the mainland, their secret catches up with them when they meet Lucy’s surviving mother.

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Matte Mauve Eye Look

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

Two weeks ago, I did a first impressions post on the Tarte Tartelette palette. I’ve been putting the palette to the test since, and today I wanted to show you a look I’ve been loving. There are a lot of neutral tones in the palette, but since the last eye look I did was with neutral shades, I figured today I would share a purple/mauve look.

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Foodie Friday: Sunday Brunch

Brunch is probably one of my favourite meals, and it always feels like a treat because we don’t do it often. My boyfriend and I visited Vendome Café for the first time, a place we’ve been meaning to try out for a while. The small café is located in Kensington, a trendy little neighbourhood in our city with a bunch of restaurants and boutiques. My boyfriend noted that this place was full of hipsters and that he felt out of place, ha! I think all brunch places are full of hipsters.

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Bronze and Gold Autumn Inspired Eyes

Today I wanted to share with you one of my go-to eye looks featuring copper/bronze/gold shades. It was a little inspired by the colours of autumn leaves, and is simple enough to do quickly, but still looks pulled together. This look features the original Urban Decay Naked Palette, which was my first high-end eyeshadow palette purchase and is extremely well-loved – I’m sure many of you are more than familiar with this palette and love it as well.

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First Impressions: Tarte Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadians! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and enjoyed spending some time relaxing with your loved ones. Things at work have been crazy lately, to put it lightly, so I was extra grateful for the long weekend!

Today I wanted to do a first impressions on the Tarte Tartelette palette, which I picked up recently. To be honest, I already own enough eyeshadow palettes to last a lifetime, and I don’t need any more. I also love all things sparkly, and tend to go for shimmer and satin shadows. However, I’ve been wanting to get into matte eye looks and had taken an interest in the Tartelette palette since it came out in the spring, but kept talking myself out of it until now!

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Saturday Date Night

Featured Image from Una Pizzeria

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a date night on 17th Ave, a bustling street in our city full of trendy shops and restaurants. We’ve tried to get into a pizza place for UNA Pizza + Wine about four different times. This place is first-come-first-serve and doesn’t take reservations. Every time we’ve tried our luck for dinner, the wait list has always been an hour and a half long, and we end up going somewhere else to eat. This time, we went at 5:00 pm and was finally able to beat the crowd.

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