Saturday Date Night

Featured Image from Una Pizzeria

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I went on a date night on 17th Ave, a bustling street in our city full of trendy shops and restaurants. We’ve tried to get into a pizza place for UNA Pizza + Wine about four different times. This place is first-come-first-serve and doesn’t take reservations. Every time we’ve tried our luck for dinner, the wait list has always been an hour and a half long, and we end up going somewhere else to eat. This time, we went at 5:00 pm and was finally able to beat the crowd.

We thought two pizzas would be too much for us, so we ordered a salad and a pizza to share. The Kale Caesar Salad, was sprinkled with toasted panko, crispy prosciutto, pecorino romano, and a boiled egg in the middle. This salad was seriously killer. The dressing, which tasted of lemon and Dijon mustard, was the perfect tartness in contrast with the savoury prosciutto. I also loved the crunchiness of the ingredients. I have heard that the recipe for this salad is floating around, so I’m going to have to find it and make it for myself!


All of the pizzas at UNA are thin-crust and Califoria-inspired. We ordered the Beltline pizza, which was topped with smoked bacon, fennel sausage, smoked mozzarella, and maple syrup. I’ve tried a few pizzas with sweet sauces, and they have been delicious every time. The maple syrup added an amazing flavor, especially combined with the bacon. There was enough of a kick to it that it didn’t need extra chili flakes or hot oil to go with it. As you can see, my boyfriend got so excited to try the pizza that he snatched a slice up before I could even get a picture!

After dinner, we wandered down a block to make a stop at Corbeaux Bakehouse. According to the website, this is a French-inspired bakery with a Canadian twist. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at Corbeaux, but we’ve been meaning to try out their desserts and pastries as an after-dinner treat.

I am always in love with how pretty desserts look in the display cases. They had all kinds of desserts, from French macarons to cheesecakes to eclairs. I had my eye on the all of the varieties of pumpkin spice desserts in the lower left corner, which I thought were almost too pretty to eat. We were still too full from UNA to dine in and eat our dessert right then and there, and my boyfriend was more in the mood for a pastry rather than a cake, so we ended up going for an almond croissant to take home instead.

I am a huge lover of anything with almond, so this pastry was right up my alley. My boyfriend was craving a chocolate croissant, which they didn’t have at the time, but once he bit into the almond croissant, he thought we had made the right choice. We are definitely going back to Corbeaux to dine in and try their other desserts ASAP!

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