Foodie Friday: Sunday Brunch

Brunch is probably one of my favourite meals, and it always feels like a treat because we don’t do it often. My boyfriend and I visited Vendome Café for the first time, a place we’ve been meaning to try out for a while. The small café is located in Kensington, a trendy little neighbourhood in our city with a bunch of restaurants and boutiques. My boyfriend noted that this place was full of hipsters and that he felt out of place, ha! I think all brunch places are full of hipsters.

For me, brunch is always an internal struggle between getting something sweet or savoury. Should I get the poached eggs and bacon with the hash browns I’ve been craving, or the salted caramel waffles that look more like a dessert than a brunch item? I ended up ordering the Salmon Benny, which came with a side of potato wedges that were rather plain. The hollandaise sauce on the benny was different than what I’m used to, as it had a spice on it that give it a slight tang. I enjoyed the taste, but my boyfriend wasn’t a fan. Instead of an English muffin, they used some type of bread that was tough to cut into – I definitely prefer the English muffin!

My boyfriend ordered the Croque Monsieur, which was even more lackluster. Both the bread and the Elquin ham were very dry, and the béchamel sauce didn’t really help give it any moisture or flavouring. Overall, it was rather bland. However, we both really enjoyed the side of salad that it came with.

I also ordered a matcha green tea latte, which was hugely disappointing. It tasted like matcha green tea and water mixed together, and as you can see from the picture, it looked and tasted a little…swampy. It was a huge difference from the chai latte I had ordered the last time I was here, which was probably one of the best chai lattes I’ve ever had.

Overall, it was a bit of a disappointing experience, although the food made for some nice photos. I’m sure Vendome café produces some wonderful food, but it was just not our cup of tea this time. We shall continue our journey in finding our favourite brunch place!

Do any of you struggle with picking between sweet and savoury like me? What are your favourite brunch meals?

2 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Sunday Brunch

  1. I face the same brunch dilemma all the time – savoury or sweet?! There was a pub that offered an amazing item on their brunch menu called The Combo. It was 1 slice of French Toast and an Eggs Benedict (just 1 egg and 1 half of an English muffin). It was genius I tell you! Alas, they changed management and the item got axed. 😦
    One of the best substitute for the English Muffin in an Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had was corn bread… hmm it was a magical combination.
    Too bad this was a disappointing experience – weird how the experience can differ so much each visit huh?

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    • Haha, glad to know I’m not the only one facing that hard decision! The Combo sounds brilliant…more places should think of doing a dish that’s both savoury AND sweet! Mmmm, corn bread with Eggs Benedict sounds delicious.
      I only got a drink the first time we went, so who knows, maybe their food just isn’t great!


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