Foodie Friday – Hawaii Edition

Happy Friday! I hope all of you in the US had a relaxing and scrumptious Thanksgiving yesterday and are enjoying all of the Black Friday sales right now!

Today’s Foodie Friday is a Hawaiian edition featuring a small sample of the food we ate in Hawaii last week. We would have gained about 10 pounds each from all the eating if not for all the hiking and walking around we did during the week we were there! I wanted to highlight the food we had that was uniquely Hawaiian – not that they can’t be found elsewhere in the world, but when people think of these foods, they think of Hawaii.

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This or That Tag Beauty Edition

I saw this tag on stashmatters and chic and polished and wanted to do it as well. Check these ladies out if you’re not already following their blog!


Blush or Bronzer: Blush. I love both, but I feel like blush is more of a ‘necessity’ that makes me look more lively, whereas bronzer is just an extra step if I have time.
Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipgloss never really shows up on my lips because my natural lip colour is pretty pigmented, so I prefer lipstick, but really, I prefer lip balm over both.
Eyeliner or Mascara: Mascara, it makes me look more awake.
Foundation or Concealer: Concealer. I don’t wear foundation regularly, but I wear concealer every day because my undereye circles are horrid.
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow: It’s fun to play around with colour once in a while, but definitely neutral.
Pressed or Loose eye shadows: Pressed. Loose shadows just fly all over the place and create a mess.
Brushes or Sponges: Brushes.

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Last week, my boyfriend and I took an indulgent vacation to Hawaii. It was my first time there, and because I have never gone on a beach vacation before (my parents were never the types to lounge in the sun), I was bursting with excitement about this trip. We chose to go to the island of Oahu, as there are a lot of activities to do there other than sitting on the beach (although we did a lot of that too). The natural beauty of the island completely took my breath away. Today I wanted to share some pictures I took of my favourite spots in Oahu, as well as some exciting personal news if you would care to know.

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Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue

In light of the holiday season that is slowly sneaking up on us (crazy), today I thought that I would talk about a product that may be helpful if you want to create a sparkly eye look for Christmas and/or New Year’s.

Glitter makes everything more fabulous.At least that is what I always thought until I came across makeup with glittery chunks. I love me some sparkle, but find myself rarely reaching for shadows with glitter chunks in it. To begin with, there’s too much fall out to deal with, and second, there are just not very many opportunities as an adult to wear glitter.

I bought the Too Faced Glitter Glue about a year ago in the hopes that it would decrease fallout in some of the glittery shades that came in palettes I owned. Today I wanted to do a review of how well this product works by testing it out two different ways: with swatches and on my eyes. In both tests, I first used no base, then the Urban Decay Primer Potion (which wasn’t made to be used with glitter shadows), and then the Glitter Glue. The eyeshadow I have chosen to use as the test is Urban Decay Provocateur from the original Vice Palette, which is an abysmal glitter bomb.

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What I’m Packing for Hawaii

As you are reading this, I am currently in Hawaii and couldn’t be more excited! Today I wanted to talk about the beauty products I’m taking with me. I’m a pretty reasonable packer in terms of clothing, but I will fully admit that I overpack on makeup and toiletries…2 palettes for a one week trip is totally reasonable, right? What if I want neutral AND colourful choices?! However, I pretty much try to bring sample sizes of everything, which helps save space.

This is probably an excessive amount of makeup for Hawaii, and I know I won’t wear makeup when we’re hanging out on the beach…but we’re not the types of travelers that sit on the beach all day every day. We’ll be out exploring and sightseeing, so I should get use out of the things I bring.

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Eye Look: Grey Smoke

As much as I love the idea of a dark smoky eye, I don’t wear them a lot. I’m mostly done with my clubbing days (I was barely a part of those days to begin with) and sometimes I feel out of place wearing a smoky eye anywhere else but to a nightclub or fancy event, which are few and far between. However, I went out for dinner this weekend at a fancy restaurant and decided that I felt like doing a smoky eye, so I documented the look for my blog.

I am using colours from my Urban Decay original Vice palette, but two of the shades that I’m using are sold as singles, and the other two are available in the Naked Smoky palette. As always, this look can also be achieved using similar shades from different brands.

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Sephora VIB Haul

Last week, I made a post about my Sephora Wish List for the VIB sale. Today, I wanted to show you what I actually purchased. Believe it or not, as much as I love makeup, I don’t tend to splurge on it. Most years during the sale, I buy what I need and not what I want. However, as I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been having a really rough time at work – my emotions kept saying “Treat yo self!”, and my brain did not try to put up a fight.

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October Favourites

As always, it’s amazing how another month has gone by so quickly! Just to let you know, this post is half life update, half October favourites.

October for me was really stressful. A lot of big, life-changing events in my life started taking place in the month, both at work and in my personal life. I am a little excited, but mostly terrified. November so far has been even worse in terms of stress (and we’re only 5 days in!). I know there is no point in worrying about things that have yet to happen, but yet I’m still rather afraid of what the future holds. However, I’m also going on vacation this month, so it’ll be a nice, relaxing break before shit hits the fan. I apologize if it seems like I’ve been MIA in commenting on your blog posts – I really am trying my hardest to stay on top of reading them.

Anyways, enough with the rambling. Today I wanted to talk about my favourites for the month of October. I’m a tad late because I left one of my favourites at work, and couldn’t take pictures over the weekend. Sorry for the glare in the photos – I have been strapped for time and took these at work when everyone else had left for the day. I have used very few new products this month, but rediscovered some items in my stash that I haven’t used in a while, which is always great.

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My Sephora Sale Wish List

As most of us makeup lovers with access to Sephora know, the Sephora sales come twice a year – April and November. Since the November sale is coming up, today I wanted to talk about the things that I have been coveting. I’m generally a pretty practical person, so the biggest reasons why I don’t own these products is because 1) it’s too expensive 2) I don’t want to start hoarding makeup just because I think I “need” it. This is just a wish list and I definitely won’t be buying all of this products (cause…money), but besides using the sale to replenish skincare items that I use all the time, I think a few of these will be making it into my basket for sure.

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