October Favourites

As always, it’s amazing how another month has gone by so quickly! Just to let you know, this post is half life update, half October favourites.

October for me was really stressful. A lot of big, life-changing events in my life started taking place in the month, both at work and in my personal life. I am a little excited, but mostly terrified. November so far has been even worse in terms of stress (and we’re only 5 days in!). I know there is no point in worrying about things that have yet to happen, but yet I’m still rather afraid of what the future holds. However, I’m also going on vacation this month, so it’ll be a nice, relaxing break before shit hits the fan. I apologize if it seems like I’ve been MIA in commenting on your blog posts – I really am trying my hardest to stay on top of reading them.

Anyways, enough with the rambling. Today I wanted to talk about my favourites for the month of October. I’m a tad late because I left one of my favourites at work, and couldn’t take pictures over the weekend. Sorry for the glare in the photos – I have been strapped for time and took these at work when everyone else had left for the day. I have used very few new products this month, but rediscovered some items in my stash that I haven’t used in a while, which is always great.

Victoria’s Secret fragrance mist in Amber Romance

This favourite is rather unexpected, because I am neither a fan of fragrance mists or amber scents. Perfumes don’t last long on me, and because fragrance mists have an even shorter lasting power, I tend to avoid them. On top of that, I personally find the scent of amber a little too “warm” and overpowering for my tastes – I prefer either fresh and clean or fruitier fragrances. However, I have been enjoying this one and think it may be my go-to this fall and winter. It is a blend of amber and crème anglais, and the crème anglais makes the scent sweeter, which I prefer. Also, because it is a fragrance mist, the smell fades quite a bit after I spray it on, so that it’s not so overpowering.

MAC Lipstick in Dark Side

It has been really warm this fall, which is rather uncharacteristic of the weather in this city. As a result, I felt like I couldn’t pull out my dark lipsticks quite yet. However, the last few weeks have been dang cold, so I’ve finally gotten a chance to start using my favourite fall lipstick from MAC, Dark Side. This is a deep burgundy shade that shows up darker on the lips than in the swatch. I always feel so sophisticated when I wear this lipstick, haha! I’ve heard it’s very similar to the famous Revlon Black Cherry, which I have yet to be able to get my hands on.

Smashbox Fusion Soft Light in Rose Gold

I believe this item was limited edition in a holiday kit last year – I never used it much but recently rediscovered it. It has four different shades in (pale champagne, peach, plum berry, and a true rose gold) which have been swatched above – because a few of the sections are small, I usually just dip my brush and swirl it around to combine all the shades (which is the last swatch to the very right). It gives off too much glow to be a blush, so I usually use it as a highlighter. I love that it’s glowy, but doesn’t have glitter chunks.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort Zone

This palette is beloved by many people and needs no introduction. The shades I’ve especially been using the heck out of this month are both of the browbone shades (a shimmery beige which I actually use as a browbone highlight, and a cool-toned pewter which I use all over the lid), as well as the copper eyelid colour, which is a great shade for fall. At $4.99 CAD, this palette can’t be beat.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

Here is another cult favourite. I’ve been getting very little sleep lately due to a number of factors. My dark circles are bad on any given day, but lately they have been downright awful. This product has been saving my life. My undereye area is a dry spot, and the creaminess of this concealer has helped in keeping it from caking under my eyes.

13 thoughts on “October Favourites

  1. I love your favorites! I am a huge fan of Victoria Secret scents and Amber Romance is a classic that smells amazing! I use to wear it all the time. That MAC lipstick is stunning and perfect for fall! You totally made me want to pull out my Wet n Wild shadows and create some looks. I love them and they are just so inexpensive. Thanks so much for sharing! Check out my blog if you would like:


    Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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  2. Great list of favourites! That Smashbox Fusion Soft Light in Rose Gold is stunning. I really like Smashbox blushers – if I ever come across this I’ll be sure to pick it up.
    WnW Comfort Zone is a classic – everybody should own this. 😛 That NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer will be MINE in 2016! 😀
    Sorry life is causing you stress – just keep in mind that some things just aren’t in your control and there’s no sense worrying about them! Enjoy your vacation – where are you off to?

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    • I haven’t tried very many Smashbox products, but this one really impressed me and the other Smashbox blushes seem to be just as pretty – definitely hope they bring this back soon!
      Agreed, Comfort Zone is a definite staple in any makeup collection!
      Hah, can’t wait for your no-buy to be over so I can live vicariously through all your hauls!
      Thank you, my dear! You’re right, I should just take things day by day and not worry about things out of my control. I’m off to Hawaii for a week next Saturday!

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