Eye Look: Grey Smoke

As much as I love the idea of a dark smoky eye, I don’t wear them a lot. I’m mostly done with my clubbing days (I was barely a part of those days to begin with) and sometimes I feel out of place wearing a smoky eye anywhere else but to a nightclub or fancy event, which are few and far between. However, I went out for dinner this weekend at a fancy restaurant and decided that I felt like doing a smoky eye, so I documented the look for my blog.

I am using colours from my Urban Decay original Vice palette, but two of the shades that I’m using are sold as singles, and the other two are available in the Naked Smoky palette. As always, this look can also be achieved using similar shades from different brands.

Main Products:

Urban Decay eyeshadow in Laced
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Armor
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Desperation
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Black Market
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

As always, I start with my transition shade, so I ran Laced through my crease. Then I swept Armor all over the lid.

Pat Desperation onto the inner third of the upper lid, as well as the outer third, leaving the middle bare with Armor. The lighter shade in the middle of the lid will give your eyes some depth. Blend Desperation into Armor on both sides for a smooth transition between the colours.


Highlight the brow bone and inner corner with a highlight shade. I went with what is available in the palette, which is Anonymous, a matte cream shade. You can leave your look as is and finish with liner and mascara, but I wanted a little more definition, so I placed Black Market to define my outer V.

Line your upper lids with some liquid liner – I didn’t want to go full on dramatic, so I didn’t do a cat eye. My Stila Stay All Day liquid liner is amazing, but I’ve had it for a while now and it’s starting to skip on me. I used falsies because I think it looks better with smoky eyes than my natural lashes. I curled my own lashes, applied mascara, then put some falsies on.


TA-DA! That’s about it, my dears, a pretty simple smoky eye look 🙂

8 thoughts on “Eye Look: Grey Smoke

  1. Your eye photo game is getting SO good! I love the close ups and I can see where you applied the colours. Well done! And you did a great with the blending. I usually do my transition shade at the end, to blend the edges but I’ll try using it first to see how I like it!

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    • Haha, you are sweet! They take FOREVER to do and I end up with 100 closeups of my eyes on my phone (lol), so I’m glad someone enjoys them.

      Good thinking with doing your transition shade at the end, I never even thought about doing it that way but it makes a lot more sense…I will definitely try that next time!


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