My January Low-Buy Purchase

I decided to go on a low-buy at the beginning of the year as 2016 will be heavy on expenses (wedding! new house!). As per my low-buy, I set my January allowance to be $50 – higher than other months because I knew January would be a stressful month and that I would need to give myself a little wiggle room for some retail therapy. Well, I was right and I decided to wander around Sephora when I was at the mall last weekend.

I ended up purchasing the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in the shade Opal. I’ve been wanting a Becca highlighter for so long. Originally, I wanted to get it during the VIB sale in November, but I ended up purchasing the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette instead. I had been planning to wait until the VIB sale in April to get this, but I decided that this would be my treat for the month.



I know everyone has been raving about the Becca x Jaclyn Hill highlighter in Champagne Pop this year, and while it does look very lovely, I decided to be hipster and not go for the most popular choice.

Opal is a pretty golden champagne shade. It’s a pretty intense highlight – could possibly double as an eyeshadow even, although I haven’t tried. It creates a really pretty glow when you blend it out though, and can be subtle if you use a small amount or a fan brush to apply it.

The Becca highlighters are pretty pricey, and I just managed to go under my low-buy budget by a few dollars. I was going to use my budget to buy several small things throughout the month instead of one big item, but I’m happy with my choice.

January Budget: $50
January Actual Spend: $46

Success! I mean…there’s still 9 days left in the month and I could very well surpass my low-buy budget, but I would like to think that I have pretty good self-control! 😛

Now, onwards to February and my $10 no-buy…which is pretty much nothing, but next month I plan to purchase my bridesmaids their “will you be my bridesmaid” gift next month, which will include beauty products. At least I get to buy something beauty related, even if it’s not for me!

10 thoughts on “My January Low-Buy Purchase

  1. Ahem ahem I might have also bought this very item recently! 😀 😀 😀 The texture of these just floored me!
    This is a great big ticket item to spend for January – a perfect pick me up for those dreary February days.
    Haul posts to be continued next week. I’ve been on a rampage lol.
    Um, having not been involved in any sort of weddings, what is a “will you be my bridesmaid” gift? I thought you buy them gifts after the wedding is over to thank them?

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    • Love that we’re on the same wavelength! Did you buy the same shade, or a different one? The texture is sooo buttery and silky smooth, it’s crazy!
      I’m loving your haul this month because I shop vicariously through you, haha.
      You’re right, you do buy gifts afterwards to thank them. “Gift” was probably the wrong word to use – there’s been a trend for brides to use creative ways to “propose” to their friends and ask them to be bridesmaids (ie Ring Pop, wine with customized labels, etc.). I’m thinking of getting something simple for the bridesmaids, but maybe a box of goodies for the maid of honour since she will be my slave…I mean, helper 😛

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      • I got the same shade, Opal! It’s the prettiest one to me. I bought mine at the Bay so they didn’t have the Jaclyn Hill one which I did test at Sephora but I found it too frosty. It almost feels like liquid in the pan.
        Haha what a funny way of viewing it – proposing to your friends to persuade them to be part of your wedding? The wedding industry is insane!

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