Browbone Highlights

While it’s not a necessary step, I’ve always thought that highlights of any type (cheek, inner corner, browbone) can really pull a look together. Going through my makeup collection lately has made me realize that I have somehow amassed a small collection of browbone highlights, which is what I want to talk about today.

On a side note, I had no idea how to take a picture of all my matte shadows for my featured image, as they’re spread over different palettes!

Matte Highlights



Matte highlights have always seemed kinda boring to me because they all look the same in the pan – plain old white. However, swatching all of my matte highlights has proven that they are all different shades of white, and sometimes they’re not even white at all. I originally took separate pictures of each swatch, but it’s easier to tell the difference in shades when they’re next to each other.

From left to right:

Too Faced Amour (from the Le Grand Chateau palette) – Pale pink, slightly chalky and takes a few passes to build up the colour
Too Faced Pot du Creme (from the Le Grant Chateau palette) – Ivory, also slightly chalky but more pigmented than Amour
Smashbox Naked (from the Rose Gold trio) – Pink, texture is buttery and very pigmented
Tarte Free Spirit (from the Tartelette palette) – Creamy peach, definitely the warmest and most yellow-toned highlight out of the bunch, very pigmented
Tarte Supermom (from the Tartelette Palette)- Pink, similar to Smashbox Naked, took a couple of passes to get full opacity
Too Faced Cream Colored Ponies (from the A Few of My Favourite Things palette) – White, definitely the truest white out of all the matte highlights, great texture
Urban Decay Anonymous (from the original Vice palette) – Pink – quite similar to Tarte Supermom and Smashbox Naked, also great pigmentation


Shimmery Highlights


I personally prefer browbone highlights with a bit of a shimmer. It’s funny because this exercise has made me discover that while I have almost the same amount of both, I own one more matte than I do non-matte.

From left to right:

Urban Decay Sin (from the original Naked palette) – My HG highlight. While the other highlights have some type of shimmer, this one just creates a subtle sheen, which is perfect.
Tarina Tarantino shadow (from the Magical palette)- White shimmer; out of all my shimmer highlights, this one is the truest white. The texture is slightly dry, but quite pigmented.
Wet ‘n Wild Highlight (from the Comfort Zone palette) – By far the most golden highlight with slightly bigger flecks of shimmer, which I personally don’t love. I think it’s pretty sheer, which is fine for highlighting purposes.
Coffret D’Or palette – Pale pink with fine shimmer. This is quite a sheer shade.
Coffret D’Or palette – Pale gold with fine shimmer. The texture and pigmentation is similar to the other Coffret D’Or shade.
Too Faced Snowflakes (from the A Few of My Favourite Things palette) – This one is extremely shiny and must be used with caution! 😛 You’ll look crazy if you apply too much on your browbone due to the amount of shine.

All I’m missing are some MAC highlights from my collection! I’ve heard that many of their shades are amazing, but I stopped buying singles a while ago when I realized that I never reach for them.

What are your favourite browbone highlights?


8 thoughts on “Browbone Highlights

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a brow bone highlight post for a while, as a follow up to the transitional eye shadow post. But the thought of swatching a bunch of colours that are just ever so slightly lighter than my skin makes me think they’ll all just look the same or barely show up! But you managed to capture them just fine here! 🙂
    I have a dedicated z-palette for my most reached for highlights so they’re all contained.
    One of my favourite highlights is MAC Grain. Hardly anyone talks about it but it’s the most subtle beige highlight with the perfect balance between a matte and shimmer.

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    • Do it! You probably have a wider variety than I do, which would be interesting to see. I thought they’d all be the same too! But you could say the same about transitional colours, and that’s not the case.
      I have heard about MAC Grain! It sounds really nice.


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