My HG ‘My Lips but Better’ Lipstick

For some reason, I’ve always had a very difficult time finding a ‘my lips but better’ (MLBB) lip colour. When I first started getting into lipsticks, which was quite late into my makeup journey, I didn’t realize that 1. everyone’s natural lip colour is different 2. my lips were especially pigmented, and 3. ‘MLBB’ did not necessarily mean nude. I went to MAC and asked to try out the most popular pinky-nude shades circling on YouTube at the time, such as MAC Myth, Shy Girl, and Angel. To no surprise, it looked like I was wearing concealer on my lips. The MUA’s didn’t really help in recommending shades that would work for me, so I went a long time not wearing any MLBB shades at all.

The shades in my featured image are some of my favourite MLBB shades, but today I wanted to share with you my holy grail out of the four, which is the second swatch from the left.

It took me a while to realize that my MLBB shade wasn’t pinky-nude, but pinky-brown. Great, I was stuck with a lip shade that was popular in the 90’s. However, I was willing to rock out-of-trend lips if it meant I’d finally find the perfect MLBB shade. Even so, I could never find the right shade of brown. I tried a bunch of browns in varying shades, some of which worked on me and others that didn’t.

When the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks came out, I thought that amongst the 21 shades released in the collection, I was bound to find one that looked good on me. My search for my MLBB lipstick stopped when I found Urban Decay Revolution lipstick in Liar.


The Revolution lipsticks retail for $22 in Canada. Liar is a shade described on the Sephora website as a ‘pinky-brown nude’.

The formula of the UD Revolution lipsticks is incredible. I have dry lips all year round, and they often don’t deal well with lipstick. However, the UD Revolution lipstick range has a formula that is very forgiving and doesn’t dry out my lips. I don’t know a lot about makeup ingredients, but the ingredients in this product that may be the cause of nourishment are hydrogenated olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and cacao seed butter. The colour is intensely pigmented, and has a creamy but shiny finish that makes my lips look plump and healthy.

Formula aside, the purple gunmetal packaging feels very substantial in weight and definitely feels expensive, if you know what I mean.


Admittedly, this shade isn’t brown enough for me during the summer when I have a tan. I need something even more brown-leaning during those months, which I have yet to find, especially because I am not at all drawn to dark lip shades during the summer!

In the last two years or so, brown lipstick has come back in trend, even shades that are much more brown than Liar. Thanks, Kylie Jenner, for making my natural lip colour sociall acceptable 😛

What’s your HG MLBB lipstick, and how did you find it?

11 thoughts on “My HG ‘My Lips but Better’ Lipstick

  1. Sooooo funny because this past weekend at Shoppers I redeemed for an UD Revolution lipstick in Rapture but I wanted Liar. The SA talked me out of Liar because she said it would be too brown on me. Well, turns out they were out of stock on Liar anyway. Now you got me curious about it, if it’s your HG MLBB shade! Admittedly, I think my skintone is different than yours but my initial inclination was to get Liar.
    My HG MLBB is the Elizabeth Arden lipstick in Breathless which I’ve blogged about extensively – what makes it perfect for me is that it has a peachy warmth to it.
    Have you done this tag?

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