Shopping My Stash – The Check-In

In January, I shopped my stash and set out to use several products in my collection that were generally neglected. Today’s post is a check-in to see whether I’ve actually been using them and what I think of them after using for two months. The goal of shopping my stash was not only to rediscover products that I already own, but also to see which ones out of this bunch I would reach for automatically instead of forcing myself to use it. Based on this information, I planned to throw out the ones that I didn’t find myself using.


Tarina Tarantino Jewel Eye Shadow Palette in Magical – I’ve been doing a pretty good job of using this one every once in a while. I’ve been avoiding the taupe and white shades because those were already well-loved before I shopped my stash, but I tried to get some use out of the other shades in the palette. I used the middle shade a couple of times in the beginning, which just looks like a pale pink but is actually a duochrome. I’ve realized that by the end of the day, the colour turns a little funny and unflattering on my skin, so I haven’t been using it much. The rose shade I have been wearing to work once or twice a week, which is progress, and the plum shade I’ve used several times on the weekends to define the outer V of my eye looks. This one is a keeper.

Smashbox Trio in Rose Gold – I started off really well with this guy, but my use has been tapering off the last couple of weeks. While it looks darker in the pan, the rosy shade is so similar to the one in the Tarina Tarantino palette that I find myself reaching for the Tarina Tarantino more, since it contains other shades in it as well. As much as I love the highlight shade (so buttery!) and the deep brown (so pigmented!) in this trio, I am going to give it away because it’s still fairly new.

MAC Eye Shadow in Beautiful Iris – I failed at using this shadow, and only pulled it out once in the last two months 😦 I honestly don’t see this being a go-to shade for me; however, I only use pastel shades during the spring, and now that it is actually spring, I am hoping I will pull it out a little more often in the next month or so. If I don’t find myself using it in the next few months, I’m going to get rid of it – haven’t quite decided what exactly to do with it though, give it away or Back to MAC?


Lunasol Duo – I actually love using this duo for work. The colours are neutral, and eye shadows from Asian brands usually give a wash of colour, so I get a very natural, soft look from this that works great for the office. In the last few months, I’ve been averaging twice a week with this product, sometimes more. Side note, I know it looks like I never use this because the pattern/imprint hasn’t been completely ruined yet, but somehow I can use products for AGES without ruining the pattern 😛 I think it’s because I use a light stippling motion when putting shadows onto my brush instead of running my brush over the powder over and over again. Random rambly story: one time, I was getting ready with a friend for a special event, and she asked to borrow my bronzer because she forgot hers – it was a Tarte bronzer I had owned for a year that still had the Amazonian Clay Blush pattern on it…when she handed it back to me a minute later, the pattern was completely GONE. Haha, not that I mind at all, but I just find it interesting how people use makeup completely differently. Anyways, back to the duo: I’m definitely keeping this one.

Coffret D’Or Eyeshadow Palette – This is a nice palette that also gives a soft wash of colour like the Lunasol duo, but I don’t find myself reaching for it nearly as much. I use the taupe and dark brown maybe once a week (I’m using it today), but I’ve been using the two lighter shades at the top for a browbone highlight quite often with other looks. The lilac shade is very shimmery, and I’ve only used it once in the last two months – at the same time as Beautiful Iris, when I used it on top of Beautiful Iris to give more shimmer. I’m going to keep this one for now, but I think I may need to reassess at a later date.


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed – I’ve talked about this blush in a few other posts already, so I won’ go on and on about it. I have been using this blush a ton; this exercise really reminded me how much I love it. It’s very versatile because it’s such a natural shade, so I’ve been using it for work AND on the weekends. I’ve been reaching for it about 3 to 5 times a week. This is a keeper as well.

NARS Illuminator in Capacabana – I normally don’t wear highlighter to work because I feel like it’s not a ‘necessary’ step in my makeup routine, but since I’m trying to use this product more, I’ve been wearing it to work. I actually have been making pretty good use of this, as it’s incorporated into my makeup routine three to four times a week. The biggest battle using this product is remembering to use a highlighter every day 😛 Like I said in my Shopping My Stash post, it’s very similar to the Benefit High Beam, which I threw out two years ago. Similar to most highlighters, a little goes a long way, and it would take me FOREVER to finish this tiny sample. As much as I like this, there’s a reason I threw High Beam out – I just wasn’t using it because I prefer powder/cream highlighters, as well as highlighters that lean more champagne than pink. I might see if there’s anyone that wants this sample, otherwise it’s going in the trash.


Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait – I’ve used this twice in the last two months. Again, I haven’t really been reaching for it because I typically wear peaches only in the spring and summer. However, I’m trashing this instead of attempting to continue using it. As much as I love the shade and how shiny it is, this particular shade has glitter chunks in it, and they settle into my lip lines as the colour fades. It KILLS me.

Maybelline Colour Whisper in Pin Up Peach – I only used this once in the last two months – again, mostly due to the colour being a more spring/summery shade. I really love the formula, but I’m not sure if I like this particular shade on me – the pink turns rather red on me. I’m going to keep it to use a couple more times when spring weather finally hits us, and make a final decision on whether or not to keep this.

Final Tally:
Items I’m Keeping: 3
Items I’m Undecided On: 2
Items I’m Giving Away/Throwing Out: 4

Whoo, down 4 items in my collection (possibly 6)! I’m really glad I did this – I found a few awesome items that I’ll keep using in my day-to-day makeup routine.


14 thoughts on “Shopping My Stash – The Check-In

  1. So funny that we care about preserving the pattern on our eye shadow pans – as if that matters in the performance of the product, haha! (I’m like you though, I’m trying to not ruin the Burberry check pattern on the eye shadows and blushers)
    I hardly ever use Beautiful Iris but I have no plans on getting rid of it… I think though, if you really don’t want to keep it, put it in your Back to MAC pile. Might as well contribute to a new lipstick or eye shadow! 😀
    Smashbox Trio in Rose Gold looks gorgeous! I’m sure whoever you give it to will love it – such a good neutral, every day type of colours.
    I’m opposite of you on the Tarte Exposed blush – it’s going to be in my next purge. I don’t like that blush at all! Unpigmented and so underwhelming.
    I hardly EVER use highlighter when I go to work but every time that I do, I get compliments on my cheeks from my coworkers – it’s so odd. I normally can’t be bothered – and I’m like you, I much prefer powder highlights.
    I hated Revlon Peach Parfait too – gave it away after I tried it once – the damn GLITTERS! I do like the colour just not the arts & crafts happening on my lips! 😛
    I like how methodical you are with your decision making. I’m usually like, hmmm how do I feel about you? Do I remember the day when I bought you? Yes, I’m talking to my makeup. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that caring about preserving the pattern of our eye shadow pans is a sign of being a beauty lover – we care about the packaging/the way the product looks versus only using it to get the job done!
      Hmm, good point. I hate seeing stuff go to waste, but I don’t know if I know anyone who would want this shade anyways. Do you know if we can Back to MAC products that are still full like that, or will I have to scrape the shadow out? I’ve only ever redeemed empty products.
      Oh boo, disappointing that you didn’t like Tarte Exposed, especially because it’s SO hyped up.
      Heh, I think highlighting brings out our cheekbones, or makes our skin glow…or something. I’m always worried with liquid highlighters that I have a stripe of highlighter across my cheek because it’s harder to blend.
      Haha, I love the ‘arts & crafts’ part…it’s such a mess! You’re right, it’s a shame because the colour is pretty.
      Heh, it seems like there is an element of nostalgia when it comes to getting rid of products for you. For me, I just feel guilty about throwing things away because it feels like a waste of product and/or money…but I suppose having it sit in my stash collecting dust is just as much of a waste.


    • Good to know, thanks! In that case, looks like I’ll be getting a free lipstick or eyeshadow sooner than I thought 😛
      I think that’s another trademark of a hoarder, thinking that you need to keep it around in case you’ll ever need it…I definitely have that probably.


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