My March Haul

I’ve really been in the mood to shop lately, which worked out perfectly because I had some gift cards from Christmas that I hadn’t used yet. I also had money left over from my Low-Buy budget from previous months that I carried over to March. My total March makeup low-buy budget for the month was:

January unused budget: $4.00
February unused budget: $10.00
March budget: $10.00
Total budget: $24.00

My first stop was at a MAC counter at the mall close to my work, where I bought the eye shadow Satin Taupe. This has been at the top of my MAC products wish list, but I wasn’t sure if I should purchase because I already have enough taupes. Well, I’m extremely glad I bought it, because it’s unlike any taupe I’ve ever owned. I’ve only had it for about 2 weeks and I’ve already been wearing the heck out of it. This was the only makeup product this month where I used my own money to pay for, and it cost $19.



That weekend, I went to a different mall where my gift cards could be used. At The Face Shop, I bought the Charcoal Konjac Sponge ($6). I’ve been meaning to try this for a long time, but just never got around to it. In January, one of my friends had a birthday party, and someone gifted this to her. It reminded me that I still wanted to try it, so I went ahead and purchased it during my haul. I’ve heard The Face Shop’s version is just as good as the ones from higher-end brands, but only for a fraction of the price. I’ve been using it on and off for about two weeks, and so far I am enjoying it.

My third purchase was at Bath and Body Works. I bought a three-wick candle and a White Sand Body Scrub, both in the Waikiki Beach Coconut scent that Stashy got me obsessed with. I’ve used BBW body scrubs in the past before and really enjoyed them, so I thought I’d try this White Sand one out (although it’s probably not actually made out of white sand :P). I basically want every scent in their Aloha Hawaii collection, but the Waikiki Beach Coconut scent is my favourite. As stupid as it sounds, even though Waikiki as a place smells nothing like this line, the scent gives me the nostalgic happy feelings of being there every time I smell it. I wish I purchased more items of this scent (Wallflowers, Lotion, Body Wash…everything!), but the more practical side of me stopped myself. I may go back when there’s another sale 😛

On another note, the reason I don’t have pictures of these products is because I brought them over to our new house right away (which we still haven’t moved into *cough*), so I didn’t have these with me when taking pictures of my haul – fail.



I headed back to MAC to pick up some more items using my gift cards. First, I got a backup of the trusty Cleanse-Off Oil, as I was almost done with my current bottle at the time. This is my HG makeup remover, and is probably at least my 13th bottle of this.


I also caved and purchased All That Glitters, which was the second eyeshadow on my MAC wish list. I bought the pan version, which is the first time I’ve ever done this for a MAC eye shadow, because I heard that they recently decreased the price from $12 to $8 CAD.


While I was there, I made a spontaneous purchase and bought the Large MAC Duo Pro Palette. I’ve never looked into empty palettes because I own very few single shadows and therefore had no need for them. It wasn’t until Stashy sent me a MAC blush and a MAC eye shadow from her generous giveaway that I realized I needed one. I have done some research on Z Palettes, but they’re a little harder to come by in Canada except for the one sold at Sephora. Although the MAC palette is bulkier, I like that it’s not made out of cardboard. The palette itself was $10, and I also purchased a 15-pan eye shadow insert and a 6-pan blush insert, both for $3 each. I know most people forego the inserts, but I can always choose to take them out if I don’t want to use them.

The shadow that Stashy sent me is a (discontinued) Pro Longwear eyeshadow, and the pan is bigger than the regular MAC shadows. For now, I’ve placed it on the blush side, but I’ll figure out a more permanent way to store it at a later date. I’m so excited to fill this baby up! Sorry for the weird angle of the picture, but the surface was super reflective and I did not want to catch a reflection of my mug in the photo 😛

In total, my haul was $108 (not including tax), of which only $19 applies to my March low-buy. My budget for the month was $24, which means I came in $5 below budget.

I’m excited for April – Sephora VIB sale AND large low-buy budget coming right up! 😛 What has been your favourite recent purchase?

20 thoughts on “My March Haul

  1. SATIN TAUPE FTW!!! 😀 😀 😀 You’ve never experienced taupe until you have MAC Satin Taupe, I always say! 😛 And yay for All That Glitters, it’s another one of my tops from MAC. So happy they dropped their pan prices. With these new pro palettes, I prefer them with the inserts since the inside bases aren’t completely flat. The push down mechanism of the newer style makes it much easier to dig the pans out too. (and I hear you, the curse of reflective surfaces and taking photos – I shake my fist at you Shiseido and Burberry products!)
    I’ve used the Face Shop charcoal konjac sponge but I still prefer their white one – I like the softness and the shape of that one better. Have you seen my post on it:
    I got the Waikiki candle tooooo! And I found the Waikiki lipgloss – the store just ONE left though. I’m so annoyed I couldn’t get another one for my sister. Still hunting around…
    I sure hope that scrub isn’t made of white sand lol! I haven’t tried BBW scrubs – let me know how you like that! I’m so glad that in addition to liking the scent, it’s a significant memory for you! 😀
    I’m super psyched for April too – so much shopping!


    • Haha, I think your saying is right! I have to admit that you encouraging me to get it fueled my purchase even more. Good to know that you prefer the inserts rather than just placing them in the palette. If only they didn’t discontinue the Pro Longwear eye shadow range, then I would have gotten the Pro Longwear inserts and purchased more eye shadows from the line to fill it up…the fact that I can’t fit Sweet Satisfaction anywhere kind of makes me twitch!
      Thanks for linking to your post, I haven’t seen it yet! At the store, I was debating between the white one and the charcoal…next time I’ll try the white one.
      Did you get anything else in the Waikiki scent other than the candle and lipgloss? Boo, too bad to hear that they only had one left!
      Haha yes, highly doubt it’s made of white sand – I have liked their other scrubs, so we’ll see about this one!

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      • Oh they discontinued the Pro Longwear sized pan inserts?! Aw boo! I got one and mine are snug as a bug… sorry to cause your eye to twitch. I wonder if they sell it online?
        I also got the Waikiki Wallflower oils, and I found out they also have a hand soap! They were pricey but they’re super large containers and they claim to have coconut milk or something in them:
        I maybe have bought a couple of them! 😉 I’m going to check another BBW tonight to see if they have the lipgloss.

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          • Sorry, I meant the Pro Longwear shadows were discontinued…right?! Well, looks like you answered the question of whether the insert for the Pro Longwear shadows is also discontinued, but it WOULD be a little ridiculous to buy the insert just for the one shadow (which would also make me twitch!). If the shadows weren’t discontinued, I’d totally buy the insert and start collecting 😛 It’s fine in the blush insert!

            Sheeesh, that is one glorious jar of hand soap! I want it too, now :O

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            • Oh yes, I misread. Yes if only they didn’t discontinue the Pro Longwear shadows. 😛 I was thinking of swatching my Pro Longwear collection but it’s discontinued now so it’s kind of silly to. Maybe I’ll try to find dupes / replacements for the shades.
              Get the soap – I tested it at the store and it is very luscious. I love how BBW has a sink with all manner of hand soap and hand creams to test out, hehe!

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              • Oooh, a post on dupes or replacements is a good idea! I know there were people scrambling to get the shades before they were discontinued.
                Haha, I’ve never actually made use of that sink, but it’s a great idea to test out the different types of hand soaps before buying. BBW needs to place glasses of coffee beans around the store – I always walk out of there with the scents all jumbled up in my brain because I’ve just stuck my nose into 30 different candles!

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                • Oh I already burned the candle – SO doesn’t mind it but he still prefers his beloved Peach Bellini. I just opened a Peach Bellini hand soap in the bathroom and I swear the man wants to use it to wash his entire body. 😛

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                  • The man has good taste – Peach Bellini IS pretty amazing 😛 Too bad they don’t have the scent in a shower gel, but they do have a new Pretty as a Peach line that comes in a shower gel…don’t know how similar that is to Peach Bellini though!

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                    • Someone told me that they reformulated the Peach Bellini and it’s not the same! 😮 I haven’t smelled the new one yet but I think there will be riots. I’ll have to smell the Pretty in Peach to compare as well. Would it be weird if I bring my existing Peach Bellini candle to compare? 😆

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Haha! You will just look like a very intense Peach Bellini fan, I think!
                      Did you end up finding another Waikiki lipgloss for your sister? I saw that they’re having a Buy 3 Get 3 Free sale, as well as a sale on hand soaps, so I think I might head there today!

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