Sweet as Honey

The weather this weekend was the nicest it’s been this whole year. It was 22 degrees Celsius, so it was basically summer weather! It made me think that it was high time to put away my winter scents and dig out my spring/summer fragrances instead. Today, I thought I would share with you one of my top favourites for the spring.

When Marc Jacobs Honey first came out in 2013, I sampled it in stores and fell in love with the scent. My fiance bought the Honey set for me for our anniversary two years ago, which contains 50 ml of the perfume, 75 ml Fresh Shower Gel, and 75 ml Radiant Body Lotion. Marc Jacobs Daisy is a much-loved fragrance in the blogging world and probably their most popular scent, but I find that Daisy and all the variations of the Daisy perfume are a little too floral for my preference. I typically prefer something between fruity and floral, and Honey hits pretty close to that mark.


The packaging is not particularly sophisticated, but the bumblebee-themed bottle is absolutely adorable. I love the pattern and the pearls on the bottle. It makes me wish that I also own Marc Jacobs Dot, if only to have a matching ladybug bottle sitting on the vanity together!

Overall, I find Honey to be a sunny, youthful fragrance that perfect for spring. The fruitiness of Honey definitely hits you first, but after it settles into your skin, the layers of floral are detectable, which helps the fragrance from becoming too sweet. Other than a few ingredients out there, I generally suck at detecting specific notes in a perfume – according to Fragrantica, the notes are:
Top notes: pear, mandarin orange, and punch
Middle notes: honeysuckle, orange blossom, and peach
Base notes: Honey, vanilla, woodsy notes

Bad news is that I only find the lasting power of this to be about 3 hours; however, perfumes don’t last very long on me, and that’s about average wear time for me when it comes to fragrances. If you generally get pretty good wear time with perfumes, perhaps you’ll have better luck with Honey. The sillage with this one is also weak for me – I asked a coworker right when I got to work if she could smell it, and she said she couldn’t really detect any scent on me unless she got super up close to me. Let’s be honest, I would not okay with any other coworker getting that close to me in any circumstance!

The Fresh Shower Gel is decent. I found that it lathers well, and although the scent straight from the bottle is pretty strong and a little cloying, it only leaves a faint scent behind on the skin after rinsing it off. The Radiant Body Lotion is not particularly moisturising. It also contains shimmer (hence the name Radiant), so I see this more as a product to use on special occasions, rather than an every day body lotion.Of course, if you are interested in just the perfume, you can buy the bottle without the lotion or body wash. However, since the perfume wears off pretty quickly on my skin, I enjoy layering the scent so that it will last longer.

The Honey rollerball retails at Sephora at $32 for 10 ml, or you can also get 30 ml for $55, 50 ml for $90 (this is the size I own), or 100 ml for $115 at Sephora or Hudson’s Bay. I don’t believe this set is available anymore, although on the Marc Jacobs website, they do have a gift set that contains the 100 ml perfume and 150 ml body lotion.


11 thoughts on “Sweet as Honey

  1. Ohh you’ve just reminded me of my love for Marc Jacobs perfume. I think I tried the Honey scent and wasn’t the biggest fan, but that was years ago. I’ll have to try it out again tomorrow, I adore ‘Dot’ though, it’s one of the nicest fragrances and the bottles so cute, it would definitely go nice with your Honey. Ive had one of the limited edition Daisy perfumes before and I found with that one the staying power wasnt great, it was quite a weak scent so maybe its an MJ thing? Dot seemed to be pretty good though! Great post 🐝

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    • Thanks! I’ve always wanted Dot, but when Honey came out I changed my mind because Dot was a little too fruity for my preference, but it’s still a really lovely scent regardless!
      Maybe you’re right, it could be very well be an MJ thing…have you smelled their newest perfume Decadence? I’m curious!
      Thanks for reading! 🙂


      • Yes Dot is fruity!! I love it 😍 Yeah I’m thinking it could be that they are quite ‘weak’ fragrances just because they are quite light scented anyway if that makes sense? Omg I tried it today, not impressed! Honestly I gave it a sniff and decided straight away I didn’t like it and I thought the packaging was really bad too, so big and bulky! Nice idea but not for me. Have you tried it? They also have a newer one out called Blush, thats pretty! Its okay 😊

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        • No, I haven’t tried Decadence or Blush yet! I like the idea of the packaging for Decadence (how it looks like an MJ handbag), but from the description of the perfume, I think it might be too woody for me. Blush looks lovely though, I’ll definitely have to give that a sniff!


          • Oh god im silly, i didnt properly look, I thought it was supposed to be a treasure chest LOL so I didnt understand why MJ Would do that 😂😂 let me google pics! It was quite a strong scent, I wasnt keen. Blush is beautiful!


  2. Aloha,

    this bottle looks so cute. Thank you for sharing. I am always on the hunt for great fragrances and I haven’t heard of this one so far. I will def give it a sniff next time I am at Sephora 🙂

    I also just published an article on the power of scents including my favorite perfumes.

    Check it out and follow me if you are interested:-)


    Have a lovely day!


  3. I’ve not smelled the Honey version of Daisy. I tried the original Daisy a while ago and disliked it a lot (I was all set to love it!). The packaging of this is SUPER cute though! What the heck is “punch” in the top notes?! Like FRUIT punch? Hmm pear + honeysuckle sound really nice though. Too bad the last power is not good though! I sometimes ask my coworker to smell me too lol! Usually she only smells my perfume if my wrist is RIGHT up to her nose, which is fine since I don’t want my other coworkers to be put off by my perfume. I’m mauling over some fragrance posts – lately I’ve been on a fragrance kick.

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    • I was wondering the same thing about “punch”…it can’t be anything other than fruit punch, lol!
      It’s definitely not a great idea to have perfume that coworkers can smell from a far distance (*ahem* my office neighbor *ahem*), but it would be nice for someone to be able to detect the fact that you’re wearing perfume when they’re standing next to you, ya know?
      I’m surprised you didn’t pick up any fragrances in the VIB sale, considering you’re on a fragrance kick! Do you have a favourite perfume?


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