Tips on Finding Your Wedding Dress

Today is another wedding post, which I haven’t done in a while. I found my wedding dress back in April, after two months of looking and visiting countless stores. It was a pretty wonderful moment – my mom and most of my bridesmaids were with me, and it was so nice having them there to support me. Throughout the dress-shopping process, I picked up a few tips that I would like to share. Obviously, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to finding your dream dress, but there are a couple of things that are good to keep in mind and may make it easier to find the perfect dress!

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Review: Teeez Cosmetics Products

While I was on vacation in Toronto, I visited the Hudson’s Bay in the Eaton Centre and found my way to the Teeez counter. The counter is located in The Bay’s Beauty Underground section, which features many indie or hard-to-find brands. The SA who was helping me at the counter was really great, and gave me a solid background on the company. Teeez is a brand from the Netherlands, where a large majority of their colour makeup is a part of limited edition collections with limited edition packaging. They launch a new collection every season, and once the collection is gone, you will never get the same shade or the same packaging again. The idea of that makes me panic and want to buy everything before they’re gone!

I found the packaging of this brand to be a little edgy with all the colourful abstract graphics. At the time I was at the counter, the Sugar Rush collection was out. All of the packaging for this collection was mirrored, so it was difficult to take pictures of the exterior of the compacts without catching myself in the reflection!


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Our Toronto and Montreal Vacation

This time last month, we took a trip to Toronto and Montreal for a week and a half, and now I’m finally getting a chance to sit down, look at all of the photos, and blog about it. This wasn’t the most ~exotic~ trip we’ve ever taken, but for someone who was born and raised in Canada, I haven’t travelled much within the country and have never been to either cities. Whenever my fiancé and I plan a vacation, our first instinct is to go as far as possible, but we thought the low Canadian dollar was a good opportunity to stay and explore somewhere in Canada. I’ve heard so many good things about both cities, so I was really excited!

This post is a little all over the place, but it’s mostly about my favourite things we ate and did in both cities!

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