Testing Dupes: Too Faced Better Than Sex vs Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara

I was looking at makeup dupes on Pinterest a while back, and  saw that the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam was a dupe for the Too Faced Better than Sex (BTS) mascara. I wanted to give it a shot, considering 1) I was in the market for a new mascara, and 2) the BTS mascara is $30.00, compared with $9.99 for the Rimmel Scandal Eyes (I bought mine on sale for $6.99). Plus, I’ve always wanted to try one of those Pinterest dupes to see if they actually were dupes! Today I wanted to share my findings.

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Mani of the Week

I realized last week that my first-ever blog post was nail polish blog post, but I haven’t talked about polishes much ever since. This makes no sense, since my nails are almost always painted. Going forward, I’m making an effort to include more nail polish reviews/features!

My nail polish look for this week is Rock Oyster from H&M Beauty. H&M polishes retail for $7.99 for 0.27 fl oz. in Canada, and the new line of its beauty products, which include these polishes, can only be found in select stores. Unfortunately, none of the H&M stores in my city carry its new beauty collection (at least not that I’ve seen – I’ve visited every H&M in the city to check), so I picked this one up while in Toronto.

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Summer Makeup Must-Haves

Summer is my favourite season – the sun is out for 15 hours a day, there are more activities going on outdoors, and best of all, I don’t have to wear pants! Unfortunately, the last week was absolutely miserable – there was always torrential downpour at some point in the day, every day, and even some flooding occurred. Nonetheless, I am eagerly anticipating the sun to come back.

Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite makeup products for summer. Like most people, I always go for brighter shades during this season. You will see that there are a lot of fuschias, corals, and blues going on! This post focuses mostly on colour makeup, as I find that my skincare routine doesn’t change all that much throughout the year (besides slathering on more sunscreen than usual, of course).

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2016 Mid-Year Favourites

I am the type of person that always goes back to the same product over and over again, and don’t use enough new products on a daily basis to justify doing a monthly, or even quarterly favourites. Hence, I thought that doing a mid-year favourites post for the first half of the year would be more appropriate. I discovered a lot of new products these first six months of 2016, a lot of which I liked, but not all of them I found myself going back to over and over again. In this post, I wanted to focus mostly on new products I discovered in the first half of the year that I reach for constantly, instead of older favourites which have become holy grail status for me. I also didn’t want to include anything TOO recent (purchases from May or June) because I wanted to give myself more time to try them out – if I love any of them, they will end up in my July-December 2016 Favourites!

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April-June Empties

Today I’m sharing the products I finished up in the last three months. It’s been kind of interesting keeping all of my empties so see how much I’ve used in a three-month span. I’m always surprised at how little I get through! I have no idea why, but it seemed like I was particularly slow at using up products these last three months, for some odd reason.


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June Low-Buy

Today’s post is a summary of my purchases in June. I went way over my low-buy budget on my makeup spending in May, so really, I should have made up for it by not spending anything this month. However, seeing that my allowance from June-October is only $10/month, it wouldn’t have made much of a dent in making up for my overspending anyways! With that being said, I really didn’t buy much for myself this month in terms of makeup.

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