June Low-Buy

Today’s post is a summary of my purchases in June. I went way over my low-buy budget on my makeup spending in May, so really, I should have made up for it by not spending anything this month. However, seeing that my allowance from June-October is only $10/month, it wouldn’t have made much of a dent in making up for my overspending anyways! With that being said, I really didn’t buy much for myself this month in terms of makeup.


I was putting together an at-home spa package for a friend’s birthday gift earlier in the month, and I saw that The Body Shop had a BOGO sale. I wanted to get her a body butter, but since  I wanted to get her a variety of items for her gift and didn’t want to give her two body butters…I kept the other one for myself 😛 Both of body butters I purchased were in the Green Tea scent.


I then went to Victoria’s Secret, as my friend mentioned she loves the Love Spell scent from the brand. I bought her a Body Mist and a Body Lotion in Love Spell. They were having a 3 for $28 or 5 for $36, and the stupid sale got me again. Originally I was only going to get the three because of the deal (and keep one to myself), but the SA there talked me into getting two more because it was “only $8 for two more lotions!” I ended up getting for myself a body lotion in Aqua Kiss, Exotic, and Love Spell (this scent reminds me of high school!) Aqua Kiss is described as the scent of “rain-kissed freesia & daisy”, Exotic is “iris & warm sea salt”, and Love Spell is “cherry blossom & peach”. Although they smell amazing, they’re not the most moisturizing formula, but should be good enough for summer.


The only makeup purchase I bought this month was a mascara. I finished the mascara I was currently using at the beginning of the month, so I went on a search to find one that I’ve never tried before. I saw on Pinterest that the Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam was a drugstore dupe for the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, so I wanted to give it a shot. I’ve normally seen this retail for ~$8.99, but I bought it on sale for $6.99. Review on this product to come in July!

That is all I bought in June – mostly body lotions! Like I don’t already have enough of those squirreled away 😛 I’m definitely going to give some of these away to friends. Anyways, my June low-buy budget was $10.00, and I spent $6.99 (including makeup purchases only). My July low-buy budget is also $10.00, so with the $3.00 from this month rolled over, my total budget for next month is $13.00.



8 thoughts on “June Low-Buy

  1. I haven’t gone to VS in ages. I’m still mad they discontinued their makeup line! I imagine their skincare products are similar quality-wise to BBW since they’re owned by the same company? VS is just much more SENSUAL? 😆 I too, have SOOOOOO many body lotions. It’s like they’re multiplying in my closet. The sales are too good to pass up. I am banning myself!
    I remember liking the Scandaleyes mascara ages ago – it was a gel type formula. I hope the Retro Glam is good!
    I typed up my low-buy for May + June and it’s SHAMEFUL. 😮 Will be posting tomorrow…

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    • Yes, very similar to BBW – even the scents! I’m pretty sure I’ve smelled Exotic at BBW as one of their summer/Hawaii scents 😛 Haha, so much more SENSUAL though! 😛
      We must stay strong and say no to those sales! They occur all the time anyways, that we’re not missing out on much!
      Was your May/June shameful most because of your Japan haul? Cause I think you get a pass on that since it was a “special circumstance”. However, if you were also bad in June…then shame on you! Hehe.

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  2. I personally haven’t found a scent from VS that wouldn’t be too sweet for me. But getting five for that price was definitely a bargain. I can’t blame you at all for falling for it 😄

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    • I can see how everything at VS can be too sweet for some! What type of fragrances do you typically go for?
      Arghh, there is absolutely no reason for one person to own like 20 bottles of unopened body lotion, but those sales are irresistible!


  3. I only have one body butter from VS and was so upset when they discontinued the one that I love. It’s so rare for me to buy scented lotion especially when it’s floral or fruity scents because my sense of smell is just very sensitive. I like more of a fresh scent, something light with a hint of citrus.. But I used to buy Love Spell and Amber Romance from VS, they’re one of my faves and I don’t have any mist or lotion from BBW though. yaiks! 😦

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