Summer Makeup Must-Haves

Summer is my favourite season – the sun is out for 15 hours a day, there are more activities going on outdoors, and best of all, I don’t have to wear pants! Unfortunately, the last week was absolutely miserable – there was always torrential downpour at some point in the day, every day, and even some flooding occurred. Nonetheless, I am eagerly anticipating the sun to come back.

Today I thought I’d share with you my favourite makeup products for summer. Like most people, I always go for brighter shades during this season. You will see that there are a lot of fuschias, corals, and blues going on! This post focuses mostly on colour makeup, as I find that my skincare routine doesn’t change all that much throughout the year (besides slathering on more sunscreen than usual, of course).


Tarina Tarantino Spark of Envy and Urban Decay Binge



I don’t do this as often as I used to, but I find it fun to have a pop of colour on the eyes in the summer. I usually do this by adding a bright eyeliner to my lower lashline. My go-to for the past two years has been and Tarina Tarantino Eye Dream Hyperliner in Spark of Envy, and Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil Liner in Binge. They are both jewel toned shades – Spark of Envy is a teal, and Binge is a royal blue.



From left: Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer and Tarte Crave Blush


Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer 

This product looks a bit scary when you think about putting it all over your face, cause who wants to be a glitterbomb? I don’t replace my usual matte bronzer (Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil) with this because I don’t want shimmer all over the face, but I use this in place of a highlighter when I have a tan, and find that this just gives me a beautiful, bronzed glow. It definitely looks shimmery in sunlight, but in indoor lighting, I find it to give more of a satin finish.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Crave

Using coral shades in the summer is definitely no breakthrough, but coral blush is a summer staple for me. A lot of people love Nars Orgasm, and while I love the shade itself, I find it to be too glittery for my liking. Crave is a bright matte coral – it looks crazy in the pan, but is able to sheer out if you use a light hand. Unfortunately, I think Crave was a limited edition shade that was part of their Off the Cuff Palette released in their Holiday 2013 collection, but there are plenty of gorgeous coral blushes out there.



Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Jilted (top swatch)

First off, can I just say that my stomach dropped to the floor when I opened this tube of lipstick up to take pictures, because I realized that I must have turned the tube while the cap was still on and the bullet got smushed 😦 Don’t you hate it when your makeup products are ruined??

Anyways. I never used to be a bright lipstick gal, but I’ve been getting braver with my lipstick choices this past year. I bought Jilted on a whim last summer because I didn’t own any similar shades. Jilted is a deep fuschia with a blue shift – the blue shift is only a bit noticeable in indoor lighting (photo on the left), not noticeable in outdoor lighting (photo on the right), and not noticeable at all on the lips, but it’s still pretty cool. The formula of the Revolution lipsticks are smooth and moisturizing, and while they are not designed to be long-lasting and needs reapplication if you eat, I do find it lasts a good 6 hours on me if I don’t eat. Because of the deep and bright colour, it leaves a bit of a stain on my lips if, say, I wipe my mouth with a napkin after a meal. It also fades quite evenly, which I find is an important factor for bright lipstick shades – they look terrible when they fade patchy! They have reformulated and repackaged the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks in the last few months, but Jilted is still part of the new line.


MAC Lipstick in Crosswires (bottom swatch)

This is another favourite of mine for summer that I bought last year – bright but not necessarily a statement lip colour. Crosswires is a pink-coral and is part of MAC’s cremesheen formula. I love that the pink softens the shade, making it less bold than some of the other corals out on the market. I looked at swatches online before purchasing, and it actually looks somewhat natural on other skin tones, but looks a lot brighter on my own skin. It looks pink on me in some lights, and coral in others. This one also lasts about four hours on me if I don’t eat during that time.





Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Polish in Hot Magenta

I like how Sally Hansen got really creative with the name of this polish – it’s a hot magenta with tiny silver microshimmers. Applies super smooth, and two coats is enough to make it opaque. Can you tell that I love fuschia shades in the summer?


Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Xtreme Wear Polish in Giant Peach

Similar to MAC Crosswires, this is a bright pink-peach shade in a crème finish. I really like it because it’s just a bright peach, whereas a lot of the peach/coral shades I’ve tried in the past were neon, which is too crazy for me.


Butter London Nail Lacquer in Slapper

I always go for the crazy blue shades on long weekends during the summer, so that I get to wear it for an extra day before I have to take it off in time for work. Butter London Slapper is a medium teal with a creme finish. I’m not entirely sure that this colour is flattering on me, but I don’t even care because I just love this shade.




Bath and Body Works Waikiki Beach Coconut Eau de Toilette

Stash Matters included this perfume as part of her giveaway package in January because she knew I got engaged in Waikiki (errr…I guess technically on the same island as Waikiki :P) and therefore the name held sentimental value for me. How sweet and thoughtful of her! I held off on using it during the winter and spring, and finally broke it out in July (unfortunately, most of July so far has been rainy so I also held off on using it most days). The scent is so delicious. Based on the BBW website, the top notes are Beach Coconut, Oahu Dragonfruit, Saltwater Breeze, and Coral Berry, and the dry notes are Coconut Milk, Sun Bleached Woods, Forest Sandalwood. Ummm…I’m really bad with scents, but basically I smell a slighty woodsy coconut scent. A lot of coconut scented things can be too overpowering or fake smelling, but to me, Waikiki Beach Coconut one is probably the most realistic smelling coconut scent out of all of BBW’s Hawaii collection. I am currently using the Waikiki Beach Coconut shower gel and Body Scrub as well.

That’s it! What are some of your favourite products for summer?

11 thoughts on “Summer Makeup Must-Haves

  1. Summer is NOT one of my favourite seasons but I’m learning to tolerate it more… I just prefer Fall / Winter makeup / fashion / food… everything better! 😛
    That said, I do love some Summer staples like pops of colour. That UD liner in Binge is gorgeous! I’d wear that in Autumn weather too.
    And oooh I have Crosswires listed as a potential Back to MAC lippy colour! Do you love it? I’ve got a list of like 8 shades that I’m trying to decide between!
    I haven’t busted out any teal / blue nail polishes this summer yet – that’s going to have to be my next pedi colour (current I’m rocking a classic red).
    And hey, I’m wearing BBW Waikiki Beach Coconut today! Which isn’t all that shocking because I probably wear that scent 5 out of 7 days! 😛 And I’m also using the matching shower gel! TWINS.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hear you guys are currently in the middle of a heatwave! Or I suppose have been having many of them this summer. I think I like summer better because I have a hard time finding sleeved tops for the cooler months that fit me properly (in the summer I just wear dresses with adjustable straps), AND I dislike wearing closed-toed shoes…my toes wait all winter to be busted out! And big no to winter cause…snow. I do love fall and winter colours better, though.
      You’re right, Binge IS really good for fall!
      I do love Crosswires, but would have to see what else is on your list first! There are a whole bunch of MAC lipsticks on my list…first one is Twig, which I heard about from you!
      I can’t bear to use Waikiki Beach Coconut on a weekday – is it weird that I don’t want to associate the scent of tropical goodness with work? haha.


      • Yes, it’s disgusting outside right now. Official heat warning in effect. Feels like 42C!
        I’d take snow over heat waves any day! 😛 Hmm I’ve never thought about whether my toes prefer to be out or encased. I’ll ask them! 😆
        Yes, Twig is classic although maybe a bit brown… I went back to replace Twig originally and the SA steered me toward Cosmo and I prefer Cosmo more. I think also because the formula of Cosmo is Amplified Creme, which feels amazing. Check them against each other when you’re at MAC!
        Maybe I wear BBW Waikiki to work so I can imagine that I’m on vacation… 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        • 42C?! Umm, that’s not okay.
          Oooh, I just looked up swatches of Cosmo and found a swatch comparison between Twig and Cosmo. They look so similar! Like you said, Cosmo is pinker and not as brown as twig. I’ll have to check both out, although I have a feeling Cosmo might look funny on me (somehow all pinks turn either red or Barbie pink on my lips).
          That is sound logic for wearing BBW Waikiki to work! hehe


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