Mani of the Week

I realized last week that my first-ever blog post was nail polish blog post, but I haven’t talked about polishes much ever since. This makes no sense, since my nails are almost always painted. Going forward, I’m making an effort to include more nail polish reviews/features!

My nail polish look for this week is Rock Oyster from H&M Beauty. H&M polishes retail for $7.99 for 0.27 fl oz. in Canada, and the new line of its beauty products, which include these polishes, can only be found in select stores. Unfortunately, none of the H&M stores in my city carry its new beauty collection (at least not that I’ve seen – I’ve visited every H&M in the city to check), so I picked this one up while in Toronto.



Rock Oyster is a grey-taupe with silver pearl running through it. It has an interesting finish – it reminded me of a brushed metal finish at first, but it’s slightly shinier than what I would typically call a brushed metal. It took me two coats to get full coverage, and had no issues with leaving streaks. The drying time is very short, which seems to be a quality for most brush metal polish finishes – perfect for those of us who hate waiting around for our nails to dry (which is everyone, I assume!)

This week, I didn’t use a top coat with the polish because I was in a rush to get my nails done. I think this works out for the better, since the lack of a top coat gives me a better idea of the true lasting power of the polish.  Unfortunately, Rock Oyster chipped on me after only two days, which is unusual as I rarely have an issue with my polishes chipping. See on my third finger, there are are two chips in it that weren’t there when it first dried.


This is the third time I’ve worn this polish. The first two times I did use a top coat, and I found it lasted about 4 days before chipping instead of the 2 – it still doesn’t last as long on me as most nail polishes, but it’s better than without a top coat.

Overall, I really enjoy this polish, although using a top coat with this is highly recommended. I have to wear neutral nail colours for work, and I’ve become a bit bored of nudes with cream finishes. The finish of Rock Oyster gives me a bit of a change from the usual, yet still keeps everything neutral.

What are you wearing on your nails this week?

11 thoughts on “Mani of the Week

  1. Hehe, yay! We’re both arriving at the realization that we neglected our nail polish on the blog. 😛
    My nails are always painted! No excuses!
    Hey I like your bottle shot – any risk of nail polish dripping on the back drop? 😆
    I have this colour too but haven’t worn it yet (surprised?) but mine looks more grey? Hmm, I shall see. I need to remember where I stashed it lol.
    This week I’m wearing the Essie Gel Couture in Pinned Up – it’s day 9 now and no chip! Fingers crossed.

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    • Mine are too! I call Friday nights my “spa night”. I stay at home, paint my nails, and do a face mask. I get really grumpy if someone makes plans with me on a Friday night and I have to forego spa night, lol.
      Haha! I was a little scared of nail polish dripping onto the surface, but I think as long as the bottom side of the brush is wiped, the risk is minimal. I still need practice with that shot though 😛
      Oooh, 9 days sounds promising! I want one of the pinks to wear for our engagement shoot early August…I stood at the display yesterday for 5 minutes deciding if I should get one, but then decided to wait until you reviewed it 😀

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      • When is your engagement shoot? I said it in Rachael’s post already, but I find them SO cheesey! LOL
        My pampering night is on Sunday because there’s low risk anyone will plan stuff that night! 😛

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        • Hahaha I don’t disagree with you there! They ARE cheesy 😛 And my fiancé is super awkward in front of the camera (I am too, to a lesser degree)…so the experience should be interesting and/or totally awkward…lol.
          Hmm, maybe I should think about changing it to Sunday! Although my Sundays are spent freaking about going back to work Monday…

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          • No worries, I’ll have it up for next week for sure! I’ve already taken photos. I just need to take the final photos on day 14 which is this Sunday! 😛 I have it planned for next Wednesday.

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            • Haha, I’m terrible! That’s why I didn’t tell you the date, cause I didn’t know if you would have other posts already planned for next week and didn’t want you to to feel like you had to post it! Looking forward to your review though 😁 other reviews have been excellent so it should be good! I also can’t decide on a colour 😕


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