July Low-Buy

Today’s post is on my July low-buy budget! I was so good this month, I barely even did any shopping. I did not purchase any body care or skincare items, and only picked up one makeup product, so this post might be a little boring!


The only item I bought this month was the CoverGirl LashBlast Clump Crusher, which was a recommendation from Stashy after I complained about all of my mascaras smudging when I use the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector. I needed a new mascara anyways, since I finished my current one at the end of June.

I realized as I was taking a photo of this that I bought the waterproof version instead of the regular. Whoops! Not what I was looking for, but I’m not too opposed to waterproof mascaras at the same time. I just opened it up to start using it this week, so we’ll see what I think of it!

In terms of my low-buy, after some encouragement from Stashy, I decided to retroactively subtract the May purchases I had made in Toronto from my low-buy budget. I hesitated because I kind of felt like it was cheating, but I have two good reasons for doing it: 1) May was my birthday month! I was actually in Toronto during my birthday. A girl has the right to treat herself for her b-day, am I right? 2) I was on vacation, in a place where I had access to beauty products I couldn’t get at home. I feel like that alone gives me a pass on my low-buy!

I also realized I counted last month’s purchase of the Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam mascara as part of my low-buy, when I shouldn’t have. This is because the purchase was to replace the last mascara that I used up, and one of my low-buy rules stated that any replenishments would not count towards my low-buy. I’m so bad at this! If I do a low-buy again next year, I’ll be better at counting my purchases, I swear!

Okay, here is a recalculation of my low-buy budget:

Low buy

I can’t believe that after factoring out my Toronto purchases and the mascara, that I didn’t actually spend anything in May or June! This is what my low-buy balance looks like at the end of June:

July low-buy budget $60.68
July purchases: $- (not counting the Clump Crusher mascara since it was a replacement)
Low-buy balance carried over to August: $60.68.

I am no longer in the red, and it feels good! Going forward, I am NOT going to overspend. I already know what I want for my August purchases, teehee. Did you buy anything fun this month?


10 thoughts on “July Low-Buy

    • Heh, you should give it a try! It’s actually not as hard as you think, as long as you set a reasonable budget for yourself. Like, if you spend $100 on makeup a month, make your budget $60 instead of $10. It’s actually kinda fun to challenge yourself to buy less makeup!


  1. You only bought a mascara all of July! Wow, GOLD STAR for you! ⭐ I’ve not used the waterproof version – I’d like to hear how you get on with it. My eyes just can’t take waterproof – it makes them sting and water. And yes exactly my rationale to exclude mascaras from my low buy too – it’s to replace ones I’m tossing. 🙂
    I love how you are putting the full blame on me LMAO. I’m willing to accept it! All hate mail please redirect them to me. 😛
    Aw man, how do I get out of the red… need to do some creative accounting here! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right?! I was surprised when I went through my stash for July. I remember you saying that waterproof doesn’t work for you. I just prefer regular formulas because they can be removed more easily!
      Lol, you said I could blame you and so I did! Ahem, you only encouraged me…all the blame lies with me!
      Okay, let’s see which of your purchases we can randomly take out just cause we need to get you back in the positive…I vote for the Winners haul in May/June, just cause it was the biggest amount. Teehee!


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