LipstickontheLake Giveaway Goodies

Recently, Robyn from Lipstickonthelake started self-hosting her blog, and she hosted a giveaway as a celebration. I was so pleased and surprised when she emailed me saying that I was the giveaway winner! Go check out Robyn’s blog if you aren’t already following it – not only is her blog now self-hosted, but she also just reached her one year blogging anniversary. Thank you for the generous giveaway, Robyn, and a big congratulations to you!

The prize for the giveaway was an Urban Decay Naked Palette of my choice. I already own the Naked 1 palette, which I absolutely love and is my fall-back palette on days I don’t know what to use. I was trying to decide between Naked 2 and 3, and ended up choosing Naked 2. As much as I love the pink/rosy shades in Naked 3, I have a feeling I’ll get more use out of the taupey shades in Naked 2, plus Robyn said that one was her favourite.

Anyways, today I just wanted to share some quick pics of what came in the mail! Swatches will come in a separate post at a later date 🙂

Robyn sent the palette directly from her online Sephora order. I am not entirely sure why, but my fiancé was rather eager to open the package, so I let him do so and watched as he ooohed over the contents – LOL. All of the items inside came in a black Sephora dustbag, which I’ve never seen before in any of my previous Sephora orders before – fancy!

Ahold, the beauty that is the Naked 2 palette:


All of these colours look stunning, but I’m especially excited to use Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, and Busted.

As with the other Naked palettes, it also comes with a nice dual-ended brush. This one is different from the one in the original Naked palette:

There were also a few samples that were included with the order:



  1. A pan of the Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Fireball – this is a peach-pink duochrome. The pan looks a bit scary – the colour looks straight-up pink, which I try to avoid. I looked up swatches online and it looks like an awesome shade, though. I’m so excited to use it!
  2. Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet – This is apparently a gel cream that can intensely moisturize and calm dehydrated, irritated skin.
  3. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask – I’ve used some of this brand’s products before when I’ve gotten a facial and I really liked it, but I’ve never owned anything by Laneige or used their products for an extended period of time. This is an overnight revitalizing gel mask.
  4. Laneige Water Bank Serum – This claims to be a 24-hour ultra-hydrating serum. I love serums, especially ones designed to be very hydrating.I’m eager to give all of these a try and start digging into the Naked 2 palette! A big thanks again to Robyn for the wonderful giveaway!

12 thoughts on “LipstickontheLake Giveaway Goodies

  1. CONGRATS!!!
    As you know, I don’t own a single UD palette. I entered that giveaway and I could NOT decide which one to choose… in the end I went with #3 but I’m still not convinced I would make use of it? I was between #3 and #2 and now that I’m seeing the pictures, I should have gone with #2. Anyhoo, it’s a moot point because obviously I didn’t win the giveaway LOL!
    LMAO so cute your fiance wanted to open the box. It’s like Christmas for him, I guess?
    I’ve never seen Sephora ship items in a dust bag. Maybe because Robyn marked it as a gift? I should mark my next Sephora order as a gift and see if it comes all fancy.
    Awesome samples / extras as well. The Laneige stuff looks great – I’ve been curious about that brand.
    Again, CONGRATS!!! ❤

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    • Not that they’re exact dupes, but you probably have a few similar shades in the CoverGirl Roses palette. You should get Naked 2 once you’re no longer in the red on your low-buy! 😁
      So funny because he never shows an interest in makeup OR my packages (not that I get many as I rarely shop online). So who knows? 😂 you’re right, the dust bag is because Robyn marked it as a gift – had no idea you could even do that!
      Maybe I’ll do a first impressions/review of the little Laneige samples!


  2. Yay!!! So glad you got it! That’s so cute that your fiancé wanted to open it. I wish my husband was excited about my makeup-mail lol Fireball from Urban Decay is really interesting colour, I got a sample in one of my Ipsy bags and I’m in love with it! Enjoy using the palette & congrats again on winning! xoxo

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    • He’s never been excited about makeup-mail (not that I get many as I rarely shop online), so I found it really strange that he was so eager to open the package up, lol!
      Oooh, I can’t wait to swatch Fireball, as well as start using the palette (although the very first moment you ‘ruin’ a pristine palette by dipping your finger/brush into it is the absolute worst, haha!) Thanks again, Robyn!


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