August Low-Buy

Today’s post is on everything I picked up in the month of August, and to share how I did in my August low-buy! I know today is only the 30th, but I know I won’t be picking anything up in the last two days off the month, so it’s safe to do this post!


Essie Gel Couture in Spool Me Over – $10.99

While I own a lot of nude polishes, most of them lean towards brown/taupe. At the beginning of the month, I was looking for a pretty light pink/nudey nail polish to wear on our engagement shoot, and I saw that the Gel Couture line had a bunch of shades I was interested in. When I was doing my research online, I was stuck between 4-5 shades, but narrowed it down to Spool Me Over and Sew Me. I was afraid that Spool Me Over would be too stark white on my skin tone, and Sew Me would be too brown. I already own a few light pink cream polishes that are too cool-toned on my skin, but ended up getting Spool Me Over as it seemed to be a slightly warmer pale pink. Must have just been wishful thinking, because when I brought it home to try, it was still too white. I had to go back the next day to get Sew Me. Maybe Spool Me Over will work better in the winter when I’m a little less tanned.

Essie Gel Couture in Sew Me – $10.99

This shade works much better with my skin than Spool Me Over, and was what I ended up wearing for the engagement shoot. Essie calls it a ‘cream caramel rose’, which I suppose is a pretty good description. It seems to be less rose and more caramel on me than in swatches I’ve seen online, although it’s still really flattering! All of the Gel Couture polishes retail for $12.49-$14.99 depending on where you get them, but luckily there was a sale going on for $10.99 when I picked them up. I did a review last week of how this shade stood up to its 14-day wear claim here.

Essie Gel Couture Top Coat – $10.99

I technically didn’t NEED this top coat, but I wanted to see how the Gel Couture polishes worked with the top coat they were meant to be paired with. I can always use this top coat with other non-Gel Couture polishes too.


Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in RD 732 – $32

I own very few pink lipsticks as it’s hard for me to find a shade that works with my skin tone. I had been on the hunt for one, both for everyday life and also for the engagement shoot. I had been eyeing up the new UD Vice collection, but couldn’t really find a warm pink in the range that interested me. I was browsing around the Beauty Boutique at Shoppers Drug Mart the same day I bought the Essie gel polishes, and realized that the Shiseido lipsticks were probably an even better choice! I’ve tried a bunch of their lipsticks that came with their GWPs and absolutely loved the formula, but I often forget about how great they are, and have never owned a full-sized lipstick from them. After trying on a bunch of shades, I found that this one was the most flattering on me.



Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

I was pretty sure I was done with my makeup haul for the month, but then I received the Naked 2 palette this month from Robyn at Lipstick on the Lake for her blog’s giveaway. I only own Naked 1, which are all warm tones. This one is cooler, and has more taupe shades (my favourite!). A huge thank you to Robyn for giving me a chance to try this palette – I can’t wait to do looks with it! Now that I have the first two palettes, I might as well go buy Naked 3 and Smoky to complete the set, am I right? 😉 The Sephora order also came with a few samples, which I’m very excited to try!

I was calculating my low-buy budget for August and realized I left something out when calculating my July budget (lol, I feel like I’ve been messing up my calculations every month lately – I work with numbers as a career, and I swear I’m not this terrible at my job!). I ended July with $60.48, but I forgot to add my July allowance to this, which was $10. This gives me a total of $70.48 at the end of July. My allowance for August was also $10 – this gives me $80.48 in total for August.

In August, I bought $64.97 worth of products. This brings my budget back down to $15.67 at the end of August. Boo!

What did you buy this month?

12 thoughts on “August Low-Buy

  1. The Essie Gel Couture Gel top coat does work nicely with non-Gel Couture polishes! I was impressed it was so fast drying. 🙂
    You know I love Shiseido lippies! They launched a new line called Rouge Rouge… I’m really curious about it, and my fear is that the Perfect Rouge will be phased out eventually… nooo.
    I’m liking the shade Rose Crush, and maybe Red Queen (might to be too bold for me). Side note: I just love how Temptalia wrote this: I bought six to try, and I fell in love with the finish so much that I reached out to Shiseido to see about getting the remaining shades so I could have swatches of them all.
    Oh to have that kind of clout! 😛 (of course they sent her the other 9 lipsticks, duh)
    Hmm are you doing some “creative accounting”.. lol, I don’t think anyone is keeping track or verifying your math, you’re only accountable for yourself! 😉 I think you’re doing really well in your accountability – you bought a few nice things but didn’t go crazy.

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    • I heard about the Rouge Rouge line from Temptalia too – knew you’d be curious about it too! If Temptalia liked it enough to get all of them, then hopefully it means the formula is amazing if they do end up replacing the Perfect Rouge lipsticks (although it’s hard to beat the Perfect Rouge formula…) I think Rose Crush and Red Queen would look really pretty on you!
      Heh, I didn’t think anyone would be verifying my math either…which means I could get creative and add a few dollars here and there and no one would notice…creative accounting indeed! 😉
      Maybe next year I’ll try a no-buy, although I imagine that will be a DISASTER. Not sure how you did it!


  2. I bought WAY too much this month. But I was on a no-buy for July and August was my birthday month, so…. yeah. I’m pretty much on low-buy for the rest of the year now. 😂

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  3. Everyone keeps talking about the Essie Gel Couture polishes and I keep trying to ignore them because I’m trying really hard not to buy any more nail polish for a while….life has been difficult lately 😉
    I’m contemplating doing a low buy for September – my credit card could definitely use a break for a few months!

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