Review and Swatches – Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Today’s post is a quick review of my thoughts on the Naked 2 palette, which I received in a generous giveaway from Robyn of Lipstick on the Lake. This post also includes swatches of each of the shades.

As most people know, Naked 2 is the palette with the cooler shades that lean more taupe/grey compared with Naked 1 and Naked 3. The shadows are housed in a tin case. While it feels sturdier and isn’t prone to collecting dust/fuzz like the packaging in Naked 1 (which is made of a felt-like material on the outside and cardboard on the inside), the Naked 1 is sleeker and not as clunky as the Naked 2.


It also comes with a dual-ended brush. It looks fairly decent, although I have to admit that I haven’t used it yet.

I took pictures of all of the shadows in the pan, with their corresponding swatches below:


Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper

Foxy – Yellowy cream shade with a matte finish – The texture was stiff in the pan, and took quite a few passes to get a decent swatch of the colour. This was probably the most troublesome shade in the palette.
Half-Baked – Warm bronze-gold – This one felt smooth to the touch in the pan, but took some building up to get a more pigmented swatch.
Bootycall – Ivory-beige with a frosted finish. The texture is very smooth and it gave great colour payoff with one swipe.
Chopper – Coppery rose gold with copper glitter – I thought the glitter would cause fallout when applied to the eyes much like Sidecar from the Naked 1 palette does on me, but the fallout was actually quite minimal. The texture feels dry in the pan, but I think it is more due to the slight grittiness from the glitter. Despite the dryness, the colour payoff is strong.



Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol

Tease – Cool medium mauve brown with a matte finish. The texture was very smooth in the pan, and the pigmentation was strong.
Snakebite– Warm medium bronze with golden shimmer. Both the texture and the pigmentation of this was superb.
Suspect –  Bronzed champagne beige in a shimmer finish. The texture for this shade was soft. My first pass of this shadow for the swatch was quite weak, but this shade can be built up for higher colour payoff.
Pistol – Brown-based grey in a shimmer finish – The texture was smooth, but pigmentation is only so-so. This shade required another pass to get an opaque swatch.



Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

Verve – Cool pink-silver with metallic sheen – Texture was slightly dry to the touch, but colour payoff was quite good.
YDK – Coppery red-based brown with slight glitter. The texture was soft but slightly gritty due to the glitter, although this shade doesn’t contain as much glitter as Chopped. Pigmentation was very strong.
Busted – Deep brown in a satin finish – The texture felt a bit stiff, and the pigmentation was sheer upon first pass. However, this shade can be built up.
Blackout – Matte black – Texture is slightly dry in the pan, but gives high colour payoff.

I have worn all of these shades on my eyes now, and with a primer, they all last for a whole work day without noticeably fading or creasing. Some shades look better on me than others (Verve is too white/silver on my skin!), but that is not so much a point against the palette as it is a personal preference.

Out of curiousity, I swatched all of the shadows in the Naked 1 palette (the only other Naked palette I own) to compare textures, pigmentation, and to see if there were any dupes. Overall, I felt like the texture of the shadows in Naked 1 palette were a little better – they felt more buttery and smooth to the touch, while there were a few shades in the Naked 2 palette that felt a little dry or stiff. Many of the shades in Naked 1 have great colour payoff just from one swipe of the shadows, whereas a few of the Naked 2 shadows required slightly more work to get an opaque colour. With that being said, the pigmentation in both palettes is generally comparable, as all of the shades in Naked 2 can be built up.



In terms of similarities between Naked 1 and Naked 2, there were 3 or 4 shades that were similar, but not similar enough to be considered dupes. For example, Sidecar and Suspect are similar, but Sidecar is more pink, and the finishes on these two are different (Sidecar has glitter and Suspect is a frosted finish). I was interested in testing the shade Half Baked in particular, because this shade appears in both palettes. While the texture is smooth and soft in Naked 2, it almost has a creamy texture in Naked 1. The one in Naked 1 also gives a very pigmented swatch with one swipe, while the one in Naked 2 requires building up of colour. Funnily enough, the shade itself is also slightly different once swatched – the one in Naked 1 is more peachy-toned compared with Naked 2.

When this palette was first released, a lot of people complained that this palette didn’t offer enough variety and the shades ended up looking too similar. While I do think there is a good variety of neutral shades in here, the palette could have done with one fewer lid shade and added one darker matte shade. I think Suspect and YDK are similar (and even Chopped, to an extent), and would have liked to see either one replaced with a deep matte crease or outer V shade. I like that it offers both a matte and frosted highlight, as most palettes only have one or the other.

Similar shades in one palette! Could have switched with a crease shade instead.

Those are my thoughts on the Naked 2 palette. It’s a good palette if you’re interested in some cooler toned bronze or taupe shades. I may share some looks with this palette soon!


10 thoughts on “Review and Swatches – Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

  1. Pretty palette! My favourites are Half-Baked, Chopper, Tease, and Snakebite.
    I actually own YDK as a single. I keep forgetting to use it though… in fact, I’m not sure where mine is!
    If I recall, UD “upgraded” their formula from the Naked 1. In 2012:
    So I think they reformulated all of their eye shadows – if you got the Naked 1 a while back, it might still be the “old” formula. I’m really not sure how different they are. I know that my YDK was post-2012. Whereas my UD Naked is pre-2012. They both apply the same – the single packaging changed – the new ones pop out so they can fit into the customizable palette. Shrug!
    Personally, I don’t find that UD eye shadows last long on my lids – they tend to fade even over primer.

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    • Oh, everything makes sense now! My Naked 1 was definitely pre-2012. I remembered when UD repackaged their single shadows to pop out into the customizable shadows, but forgot that they reformulated as well.
      Half Baked is gorgeous, but I’m super sick of it. Before Naked 1 came out, I had the single of Half Baked and I used that thing up completely! And now I have two more in the Naked palettes to use up, lol.
      How disappointing that they don’t last on you…on the plus side, you can avoid all the hype that comes with UD palettes since the shadows don’t work well with you.

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      • I contemplated buying Half-baked as a single but I hear it’s really similar to MAC Woodwinked, which I already own. I did have Snakebite on my wish list to buy as a single but now knowing that UD shadows aren’t my favourite formula, I’m just going to pass on them altogether. Yes, I have no interest in UD palettes at all!

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  2. Why don’t I have this palette – I love pink/mauve shades. Its a true mystery….🤔

    So interesting how the textures of the same shadow can vary between palettes. I have the original Naked palette and I love it – I’ve hit pan on quite a few shades. And you can tell – its so old and the palette itself is in such a state I never pull it out for photos for my blog. 😳

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    • Teehee, go get it! 2X/3X/4X the points at Sephora right now, so it’s the perfect chance… 😀 I’m not doing much for your September low-buy/no-buy, am I?
      According to Stashy, UD changed their formulation between the release of the Naked 1 and Naked 2, which would make so much sense why the textures are different. There’s something to be said about loving a palette so much that it’s ragged and you’ve hit pan on the shades!

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  3. Great review!! I didn’t even notice that Half Baked was in Naked 1 and 2, haha! I must not look at them side by side that often, lol… My absolute favourite shade in this palette is Bootycall! It’s great as a lid shade for a simple day when you don’t really want to think about what to do with your eye makeup! Just add in a crease shade and something in the outer-v and you’re set! I went through a phase where I wore Chopper a lot too, that was actually the shade that got me into Urban Decay palettes! It was in a smaller UD Palette I got on Hautelook and I was hooked 🙂


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