Nail of the Week – H&M Beauty Intergalactic

Today’s post is a review of the nail polish colour Intergalactic from the H&M Beauty range, which I purchased on our Toronto trip back in May. I wore this shade last week (Sept 2-Sept 9) – we were only a week into September and I had already pulled out all of my dark polishes! It’s one of the things I look forward to the most in terms of changing up my beauty routine from summer to fall.


In the bottle, Intergalactic looks like a deep purple base with a blue and copper shift. The name Intergalactic is very fitting as all of the colours together make it look like a galaxy.


When applied to the nails, only the blue and purple shimmers show up, and there’s not much of a copper shift at all. It’s also a little disappointing that the shimmers that do show up on the nails aren’t that apparent unless you get up close and personal with my nails.


As you can see above in the far shot, this shade would just look like a dark purple or navy polish to most people, who would only see my nails from a distance. It’s a pretty colour, but I was hoping for something a little more interesting!


It took me three coats to get opaque coverage from this polish. The first coat is very sheer, but you could possibly get away with only using two coats. The formula is smooth and easy to apply. All of the H&M polishes have a wide brush, which is perfect for covering most of the nail with in one swipe. I used this with the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, and the polished dried within five minutes.

The wear time on this was pretty good. This is what it looked like on Day 7:


There is some slight tipwear, which most people wouldn’t be able to see unless, again, they were close to my nails. Everything looks pretty good except my pinkie finger, which chipped in the corner. Now that I’m taking pictures of my hands more often, I’ve noticed that my pinkie has chipped in the same corner for the last three weeks, but I can’t recall if this was a recurring thing before I started taking photos of my hands. I’m thinking it has less to do with the polish and more to do with a repetitive action I must do with that part of my pinkie. Typing, perhaps?

All in all, a decent polish, although I had hoped it would be a little more unique. What are you wearing on your nails right now?

11 thoughts on “Nail of the Week – H&M Beauty Intergalactic

  1. I hate it when nail polishes don’t look as good from a distance as they do up close – total rip off! I want both!
    I still really like this though – it’s a beauty! Why don’t we have access to H&M Beauty here? 😦

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    • I know, it’s frustrating that we don’t have it here…there’s so much to choose from! I scoured all of the H&Ms here when I first heard about the new beauty line. They need to make room at one of the locations for the beauty section!

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  2. This looks gorgeous & right up my alley. You should try applying over a white or black base and see what happens.

    And I’m currently wearing Orly Color Blast in Black Pearl. It’s a black pearl with purple & blue microshimmer.

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  3. The close up is really pretty, it’s too bad it doesn’t capture all that prettiness when you look from a distance! I haven’t tried any H&M polishes, but then again, I don’t have a H&M anywhere near me, haha… I’m so with you on the looking forward to pulling out the dark polishes at this time of the year! I currently have my favourite nail polish ever, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark on my nails and I’m in love! Loooooove dark nails in the fall/winter… or… any time of the year! haha


  4. So pretty! I have this, I think? Yes, I think you forced influenced me to pick this up. I might try this over a black creme base to see if it can bring out the colour shifts.
    What else do you do with your pinkie finger that it’s chipping there! Typing doesn’t seem like it would stress out the nails that much. So odd. Mine mainly chips on my right thumb.

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    • Teehee, why I most definitely did force you to buy this. I’d like to experiment with using a black base too, although I have a feeling it’s not going to bring out the colour shift.
      Your right thumb chipping makes sense – like you say, it’s likely because you use it to pick at stuff. The only thing I can think of that is making my pinkie chip there is typing, although you’re right, doesn’t seem like typing is enough to chip the polish like that every week…apparently I must use the Shift and A keys a lot 😛

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