October Reads

This month’s book post features TWO books. I’m a speed reader and usually go through 3-4 books a month during my transit to and from work, but I normally only focus on one in my blog posts. However, both of these books have been getting some hype, so I wanted to share my thoughts on both of them.

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Nail of the Week – H&M Cinnamon Spark

Today’s post is on a polish I wore last week, Cinnamon Spark from H&M’s Beauty range. I bought this back in May on our Toronto trip, and have worn it several times since. H&M’s polishes retail for $6.99 for 0.22 fluid ounces in Canada.

Cinnamon Spark is a predominantly orange-pink polish with a strong blue shift. It actually reminds me of MAC’s Blue Brown pigment because of the reddish tones in Blue Brown, although Cinnamon Spark is less brown compared to the pigment. The different facets of this shade were really difficult to catch on camera – it’s much prettier in real life, and the blue shift is stronger! It’s quite a unique colour, and I got a lot of compliments at work the first time I wore it.

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Wedding Planning Series: Update #1

Today’s post is an update on our wedding planning. I finally got to sit down and gather my thoughts on the planning process, as this whole time has just been “go, go, go!”

Wedding planning has been pretty smooth sailing so far. One of the biggest struggles was when I started planning, and realized my “dream wedding” is maybe $30K out of our budget. However, once I gave myself a reality check, everything we’ve booked so far has been below budget without having compromise on much.


We booked most of our major vendors by the end of August, because my “just get it done” personality needed everything crossed off my checklist ASAP. Today’s post focuses on the first few vendors we booked. We wanted to find people whose prices were fair, but still fairly well-established in the wedding industry, and our top 3 priorities were food, photography, and music.

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Autumn-Inspired Makeup Look

Even though summer is my favourite season in terms of weather, autumn is my favourite month in terms of makeup. While I basically wear the same makeup year-round (browns, golds, taupes), I tend to add a bit of reddish/cranberry shades to my eye looks during the fall. Today I wanted to share with you a makeup look I did recently. For these warmer looks, I always pull out my Urban Decay Naked palette (the original), although I did break out my In the Night palette from the brand W7 for the first time to get the cranberry colour I was looking for.

These were the products I used:

Transition shade: Urban Decay Naked
On the lid: Urban Decay Half-Baked
Middle of the lid: Urban Decay Toasted
Outer lid: W7 In the Night Palette – Laura E
Browbone/inner corner highlight: W7 In the Night Palette – Party Pooper
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Zero
Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Mascara: CoverGirl Clump Crusher

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July-September Empties

This is going up a tad later than I hoped for, but today’s post is on my empties from July-September! I don’t know why, but it always shocks me how few products I go through in 3 months, haha. In my mind, I always think I finish more than I actually do.


Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover

As I said in my September Low-Buy post, I don’t have a particular go-to nail polish remover. This was the first time I used this Joe Fresh remover. It got the job done, but there was nothing that stood out about it, so I don’t think I’ll be buying it again.

Repurchase? No

Delon Premium Cosmetic Cotton Rounds

I’ve used these Delon cotton pads for years, and use them exclusively for removing my nail polishes. The pads have a rough side that I use to scrub the polish off – they’re especially good for glitter polishes. I get these in a bulk pack of 6 at Costco and it takes me almost two years to go through the whole pack since I only use 1-2 pads a week! I think this is only the first package out of the whole pack that I’ve used up.

Repurchase? Yes

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September Happiness Highlights

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadian bloggers! Since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to post my September Happiness Highlights blog post. I saw this on Stashy’s blog back in August and thought it was such a great idea. This was an interesting exercise…because it made me realize how boring my life is, especially on the weekdays, LOL. Honestly though, this tag reminded me of my fiancé, who is a much more positive person than I am and always reminds me to find happiness in simple moments. I have a lot to be thankful for!

Credit for feature image goes to shopdandynow.com.

Thursday, September 1 – I finally finished my Q3 Forecast at work, which was a huge task that was due much earlier than expected and had been stressing me out the entire week.

Friday, September 2 – My highlight of the day was my at-home spa night. Had been looking forward to this moment all week!

Saturday, September 3 – We had our housewarming today (almost a year after we bought the house, ahem). Great food and even better company – was else can you ask for?

Sunday, September 4 – This was a lazy Sunday – my favourite type of Sunday! After cleaning the house post-housewarming, I spent most of the day wrapped up in a blanket working on my blog.

Monday, September 5 – Labour Day long weekend so I had today off work! I spent it shopping for labour day sales with my mom and was able to find WAY more stuff than I would normally ever buy on a single shopping trip. Huge win!

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September Low-Buy

Today’s post is on my September low-buy. To be honest, this month I wasn’t that into buying makeup. I’ve been on an art kick in the last two months (mainly due to the wedding) and found that lately I’ve been more interested in buying watercolour palettes than eye shadow palettes, haha. I couldn’t really decide what I wanted to buy in terms of makeup this month, and what I did want to buy was over my budget. Most of the items I picked up this month were “necessities”, although I did get one fun product!

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