September Happiness Highlights

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadian bloggers! Since it’s Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fitting to post my September Happiness Highlights blog post. I saw this on Stashy’s blog back in August and thought it was such a great idea. This was an interesting exercise…because it made me realize how boring my life is, especially on the weekdays, LOL. Honestly though, this tag reminded me of my fiancé, who is a much more positive person than I am and always reminds me to find happiness in simple moments. I have a lot to be thankful for!

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Thursday, September 1 – I finally finished my Q3 Forecast at work, which was a huge task that was due much earlier than expected and had been stressing me out the entire week.

Friday, September 2 – My highlight of the day was my at-home spa night. Had been looking forward to this moment all week!

Saturday, September 3 – We had our housewarming today (almost a year after we bought the house, ahem). Great food and even better company – was else can you ask for?

Sunday, September 4 – This was a lazy Sunday – my favourite type of Sunday! After cleaning the house post-housewarming, I spent most of the day wrapped up in a blanket working on my blog.

Monday, September 5 – Labour Day long weekend so I had today off work! I spent it shopping for labour day sales with my mom and was able to find WAY more stuff than I would normally ever buy on a single shopping trip. Huge win!

Tuesday, September 6 – Finished Month End at work. This day is always a sigh of relief every month!

Wednesday, September 7 – Met up with cousins I grew up with who moved to Hong Kong for work. It’s so nice to see family you haven’t seen for a few years.

Thursday, September 8 – Went out for drinks with two of my coworkers after work. Love hanging out with them outside of work!

Friday, September 9 – My fiance and I spent two hours on Friday night going through 90’s pop and R&B music that we grew up listening to. It was awesome and not the first time we’ve done this, LOL. Got a lot of ideas of what we wanted to play at our wedding.

Saturday, September 10 – Had dinner with two of our friends at a Himalayan restaurant. We don’t get to see them much as they’re away quite frequently, so it’s always so wonderful to catch up with them!

Sunday, September 11 – Went for brunch with one of our friends. Got French Toast! The biggest struggle of brunch is trying to decide between savoury and sweet.

Monday, September 12 – Quiet day at work with no fires to put out – the best kind of work day a girl could ask for.

Tuesday, September 13 – Met up with a friend for coffee during lunch. 

Wednesday, September 14 – Did a bit of shopping at lunch and bought a new nail polish! Especially excited since I’m thinking about revamping my polish collection.

Thursday, September 15 – Got to go home and do some play around with some practice DIY-ing on some wedding stuff.

Friday, September 16 – Watched Maleficent at home on Netflix. I had started the movie almost exactly two years ago on the plane to Hong Kong, but the flight landed halfway through the movie. Took me two years to finish this movie!

Saturday, September 17 – Watched The Internship on Netflix. I loved it so much…too many funny parts to pick a favourite.


Sunday, September 18 – Took a walk in the park with my honey! The colour of the fall leaves were breathtaking.

Monday, September 19 – We got our engagement photos back! Wasn’t sure if I was going to share since I blog anonymously, but here’s one where you can’t really see our faces 😛 (we used this one on our save the dates):



Tuesday, September 20 – Had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the year! Bad news is that I realized I didn’t like it. Either I don’t like the new taste after they’ve started using real pumpkin, or my tastes have just changed. But good to know I don’t like it so I won’t order it anymore :p

Wednesday, September 21 – Went to get a facial with my mom after work. I love it when my facial appointments are after work because it’s a great way to unwind!

Thursday, September 22 – Bought some cozy pajamas after work. So excited to bust them out when it gets cold out!

Friday, September 23 – It was my fiance’s sister’s birthday. We went out for all-you-can-eat sushi!

Saturday, September 24 – Went out for drinks for one of my friends’ birthdays. The lounge we were at played some awesome and hilarious throwback tunes (Backstreet’s Back, anyone?)

Sunday, September 25 – Watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time – had been looking forward to this since the last season ended in the spring!

Monday, September 26 – Made it through two meetings in one piece!

Tuesday, September 27 – Made it through yet another meeting in one piece! And last day of meetings for the month, whew!

Wednesday, September 28 – My much-awaited package of art supplies came in the mail today!

Thursday, September 29 – Happy moment of the day was drinking a London Fog.

Friday, September 30 – Went to do another site visit at our wedding venue with our day-of-coordinator. They were all set up for a Saturday wedding and it looked incredible. Got me pumped!

And that is it! I recommend everyone to do the Happiness Highlights post for a month – not only does it make you realize all the little things you have in your life that makes you happy, but it’s also a good way to track what you do day to day, haha!

11 thoughts on “September Happiness Highlights

  1. Sounds like you had a great month! I was meaning to do one of these after seeing Stashy’s post but totally forgot until now! So, thank you for the reminder, haha! I need to set a reminder for November! Great post, I love reading these!!

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  2. How great to post this on Thanksgiving. It really is challenging to find the little bit of happiness during the work week, isn’t it! 😛
    The engagement photo looks AMAZING! Great photo… so symbolic, like you’re looking forward to the future, which is unknown and murky / hazy. Am I reading too much into the picture? 😆
    House-warming party a year after moving in sounds about right! 😆 Did anyone bring you a plant?
    Re: Pumpkin Spice Latte – no, it’s not just you. When they changed it last year to be “natural”, I didn’t like it anymore either. But they brought out this other flavour called Toasted Graham latte which is delish! And, this year there is a flavour called Chile Mocha which is also delish!
    Re: brunch struggle of savoury vs sweet is real! Today savoury won out for me – I had eggs Benedict. There used to be this brunch place that had a dish called The Combo and it was 1 slice of French toast, and 1 half of an eggs Benedict. It was perfect for indecisive people like me (us)! 😛
    Hmm a facial… I haven’t had one in ages. I should book an appointment!

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    • I had meant to post this last week…but it seems it all worked out with Thanksgiving being today! 😛
      I’m glad you like the engagement photo! LMAO, I think you may be reading a little too much into the picture…but it’s a good point that it could be symbolic! Never would’ve thought of it that way! Oh man, the first time I went through all of the pics…so cheesy/cringey! Just not used to seeing us pose that way, I guess. Made me think of you and how you think all engagement photos are cheesy!
      No plants were received for the housewarming, surprisingly! Lots of throws, though, for some reason…which is fine with me because my fiance likes to turn down the heat to unlivable temperatures 😦
      Ugh, glad I’m not the only one that doesn’t like the new and “improved” PSL. Bring back the fake stuff! lol. I can’t recall if I tried the Toasted Graham latte last year, but I shall give it another try. I did have the Chile Mocha this year, though…it had a nice kick to it!
      I think I remember you telling me about The Combo…why don’t more brunch places do this?! It’s always a battle between eggs benny vs french toast/pancakes, so half of each is perfect.
      Facials are such a treat!

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      • Yeah I’ve been telling everyone about The Combo brunch item since I wish to spread its awesomeness! I’m just sad that place got new owners and they changed the menu!

        Hehe, I was going to tease you about the rest of the engagement photos being super fromage… all photographers have the standard cheesy engagement photo poses. I don’t know where they all learn it from! 😆 “Now gaze adoringly into each others’ eyes” Gag gag gag! 😉

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  3. Great post. I did this too and it was great to think of small things that made me happy each day☺ I agree during the week is hard with work. I just seemed to put food as my happiness highlight for them days😂x

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