Autumn-Inspired Makeup Look

Even though summer is my favourite season in terms of weather, autumn is my favourite month in terms of makeup. While I basically wear the same makeup year-round (browns, golds, taupes), I tend to add a bit of reddish/cranberry shades to my eye looks during the fall. Today I wanted to share with you a makeup look I did recently. For these warmer looks, I always pull out my Urban Decay Naked palette (the original), although I did break out my In the Night palette from the brand W7 for the first time to get the cranberry colour I was looking for.

These were the products I used:

Transition shade: Urban Decay Naked
On the lid: Urban Decay Half-Baked
Middle of the lid: Urban Decay Toasted
Outer lid: W7 In the Night Palette – Laura E
Browbone/inner corner highlight: W7 In the Night Palette – Party Pooper
Eyeliner: Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liner in Zero
Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Mascara: CoverGirl Clump Crusher


  1. Run UD Naked through the crease as a transition shade.
  2. Pat UD Half Baked all over the lid.
  3. Apply UD Toasted from the middle of the lid to the outer half of the lid.
  4. Take a pencil brush and apply the shade Laura E from the W7 In the Night palette into the outer V. This is a deep rusted brown shade to give some definition to the lid. Apply the same shade to the lower lash line using the same pencil brush.
  5. Apply a highlighter onto the browbone and inner corner to highlight. I used the highlight shade Party Pooper from the In the Night palette, which was powdery and I did not like at all.
  6. Run a pencil liner across the upper lashline. I used UD’s 24/7 Pencil Liner in Zero, which is black, my go-to eyeliner colour. However, I think brown would be a pretty, softer shade that would go well with these eye shadow colours!
  7. Curl your lashes (I use the Shu Uemura eyelash curler) and apply mascara. I’ve been using the CoverGirl Clump Crusher.


Taking photos of my eyes have been horrifying lately…like, when did they get so WRINKLED? And as you can tell in the photos, I’ve been struggling with my undereye area looking super dry and cakey lately. Not sure why, but it’s suddenly become a problem these last two weeks. Anyways, this is a pretty easy fall look that can be replaced with whatever shades you’re interested in.

I have so many eye makeup look ideas that I want to post lately, they are just one of the more time-consuming posts. My next eye look will be using the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette!



15 thoughts on “Autumn-Inspired Makeup Look

  1. Macro photos are unforgiving. NO ONE sees your eyes this magnified and sharpened like this – I assure you. 😉 However, about feeling your under eye area feeling dry lately – I HEAR you! Same. I think it’s just the changing weather that’s to blame. I’ve been layering 2 eye creams for day time (the Antipodes and MAC) to make my eye area look passable through the day.

    Back to the eye look – perfect Autumn look! Urban Decay Toasted is calling to me – I think this is available as a single? Do you normally use a pencil liner on your upper lash line? I’ve given up doing that ages ago – they all tend to fade / crease on me. Only gel or liquid liner now. I use pencil on my lower lash line only.

    Looking forward to more eye looks!

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    • Heheh, true…at least I HOPE no one sees my eye wrinkles! Sometimes I take these pictures and see eyebrow hairs that need to be plucked, but then I look in the mirror and barely see them myself, let alone anyone else.
      Does your concealer crease/move around when you layer eye creams? I might try to layer something over the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery. That’s my biggest issue – it’s a trade-off between dealing with dry under eyes or creasing concealer! Arghh. 😦
      Yep, looks like Toasted is available as a single. MAC Sable is supposed to be a dupe for it, though, and I’m sure you already own Sable! 😉
      I normally use pencil liner on my upper lash line during the week, and liquid on the weekend (more time to fuss around with liner on the weekend :P) Have you tried applying the same theory with using pencil on the lower lash line, where you set it with an eyeshadow of a similar colour? I haven’t used gel in SO long – since the Wet n’ Wild gel liner was all the rage on YouTube maybe 7-8 years ago. Which one do you like using?

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      • Surprisingly, layering the creams under my eyes haven’t caused them to crease! I am actually wear FOUR layers under my eyes right now: Antipodes eye cream, MAC fast response eye cream, Tony Moly panda thing (I consider this a primer of sorts) and then the KATE concealer. But, I think the secret is this: I apply each layer and let it soak in for at least 10 minutes before I apply the next (esp the 2 creams). I think that’s the secret of them not creasing. Also, setting with something that contains a high level of silica powder helps. I’ve recently been mixing a tiny bit of ELF High Definition powder (which is 100% silica powder) with my Bourjois Java Rice powder (which is more for luminizing). This combination has been making my under eye area look smooth and no creasing!

        I should clarify, I use a liquid liner pen 95% of the time! 😆 BUT, the rare time I do use a gel, I really like the one from Essence. It’s inexpensive but it’s really good quality – rivals MAC’s.

        And yup, I own MAC Sable! 😳

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        • Lol, your under eyes now have a whole routine of their own! I’m going to try layering starting tomorrow. Aww poo, I don’t have a setting powder with a high level of silica powder – I will have to get one! Thanks for the tips 🙂
          Oh yes, I’ve heard good things about that Essence gel liner. I love the idea of using gel, but the reality of needing a brush to apply it and everything deters me from using it 😛


  2. I was finding for awhile too that my under eye was all super dry and cakey looking, but the weird thing is… my skin wasn’t actually dry and the products I used didn’t change at all. I’m oily so it was just a bizarre problem. I think it stopped, or I stopped noticing. No one is close enough to see but me anyways!

    Anyways, beautiful eye look! It definitely is very autumn-y!

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  3. This is so pretty, I love it! The UD Naked palette is one of my favourite palettes. Mine is so old, I should probably chuck it but I can’t bring myself to do it as there’s still a ton of shadow left in it despite the fact that I’ve hit pan on quite a few of the shades. You’ve inspired me to dig it out this week and use it again! 🙂

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    • Wow, I can’t believe you’ve hit pan on it! I’m impressed. It was the only palette I owned for about two years, before I started collecting other palettes, and somehow I still haven’t hit pan on any of them. It’s definitely one of those that you might abandon for a while, but will always go back to it again and again.


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