Nail of the Week – H&M Cinnamon Spark

Today’s post is on a polish I wore last week, Cinnamon Spark from H&M’s Beauty range. I bought this back in May on our Toronto trip, and have worn it several times since. H&M’s polishes retail for $6.99 for 0.22 fluid ounces in Canada.

Cinnamon Spark is a predominantly orange-pink polish with a strong blue shift. It actually reminds me of MAC’s Blue Brown pigment because of the reddish tones in Blue Brown, although Cinnamon Spark is less brown compared to the pigment. The different facets of this shade were really difficult to catch on camera – it’s much prettier in real life, and the blue shift is stronger! It’s quite a unique colour, and I got a lot of compliments at work the first time I wore it.


As I suspected when I bought this shade, Cinnamon Spark is very sheer upon application of the first coat, and needs 3 coats to reach full opacity. Despite the sheerness, it’s a very easy polish to work with and layer. The formula dries down quickly, and I did not experience any streakiness at all.


2016-06-04 04.40.50 1a.jpg

This is how the polish looked on me after six days of wear. Umm, why does it look like my nails barely grew last week? So weird. Also, notice that there are no chips, especially on my pinkie finger. I think I can attribute this to the top coat I used, which was Essie’s top coat from the Gel Couture range.

This is a pretty shade to wear on its own, but I think this would really shine when used over a darker shade, which I have yet to try doing. Overall, I would give this polish a solid second place out of the five shades from H&M that I picked up at the same time.

What are you currently sporting on your nails?

12 thoughts on “Nail of the Week – H&M Cinnamon Spark

  1. SO pretty! 😀 It wore so well too (I was looking for the pinkie finger chip, TINA!). My first thought was that you need to layer this over a dark base. Do a follow up post, please! 😛 I racking my brain if I own this… I don’t think that I do.
    And yes, isn’t it weird some weeks your nails don’t look like they grew at all? But some weeks there’s SO much growth at the base. I think it’s similar to hair growth cycles.

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    • Yes, Tina has not been visiting ever since I started using the Essie Gel Couture top coat…rejoice! Hmm, I don’t think you own this either. Haha, it hadn’t occurred to me to use this over a dark base maybe until the fourth time I used this on my own. So silly! I’ll definitely do a follow-up post, though 🙂
      I agree with you that it’s similar to hair growth cycles! Maybe I ate badly last week and didn’t get enough nutrients for my nails to grow, LOL.

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  2. OMG I NEED THIS. I am OBSESSED with any dupe I can find of that MAC pigment. I’m actually wearing one today (Havoc by Makeup Geek). A nail polish that’s similar? Oh yes. I’m going to the mall here that has H&M next weekend. Hope they have it!

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