October Haul and Low-Buy

Today’s post is on everything I bought in October, and how I did on my low-buy for the month. There are some goodies in here!


Nail Polishes

As my mentioned last month, I’m wanting to do an overhaul on my nail polish stash (nail polish trash post to come in a few weeks’ time!) I saw that these Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polishes were on sale for $1.99 each at Shoppers one week, so I had to take that as an opportunity to pick up a few polishes that I was interested in. I picked up the shades Orchid Around, Shine On, and Mauve Over.


Replenished Items

There were a few things I needed to replenish my stash this month. First on the list was a base coat. I was dead set on buying a new base coat this month, but I couldn’t find the Orly Bonder at Shoppers, which was the one I was specifically looking for. To tide me over, I defaulted to buying my usual, Essie’s Grow Stronger base coat ($12.99). I am still searching for the Orly Bonder, though.

The other item I had to replenish was, surprise surprise, the MAC Cleanse Off Oil ($38), as I finished off my current bottle this month.


Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Cologne

This was the highlight of my haul this month! There is a reason as to why I bought this (other than the fact that I like it), which I will talk about in a later post. I’ve been meaning to pick up another Jo Malone scent for a while now, but I didn’t think I’d buy one until the first half of 2017. Last week, Stashy was talking her interest in Jo Malone perfumes, which stirred up my interest all over again. Then I realized that Nordstrom was having a “Double the Points” event that was ending October 30th…so it was the perfect excuse opportunity to pick this up. This cost $85 for 30mL. I realized afterwards that our anniversary AND Christmas is coming up, and I probably could’ve waited to ask my fiancé to buy this for me, but I guess it was nice getting the points?


Speaking of Jo Malone, the SA helping me in the Jo Malone section was so sweet, and asked me if I wanted any samples. I wanted about 10, but I was OBSESSED with this Earl Grey & Cucumber scent (but didn’t buy it for a reason). Maybe I’ll get a third Jo Malone perfume soon? 😉 Haha, just kidding…but not really.


MAC Brushes 

This was a purchase inspired by Stashy. In my last low-buy post, I expressed an interest in investing in some better brushes, and Stashy recommended the 217 ($30) and 239 ($30) as some of her favourite eye brushes. I’ve actually heard a lot of positive reviews about both of these products, so I was really excited to buy these. I also bought these at Nordstrom so that I could get the points.

So, how did I do on my low-buy?

October Low Buy.png

I was originally not going to include the makeup brushes, since those are technically makeup tools, not actual makeup. However, I felt like that was a tad like cheating, so I included them. Not including items I needed to replenish or the Jo Malone perfume (not considered a makeup item), I used $65.97 and now I’m in the red!!! Not to worry though, I will make up for it next month!

4 thoughts on “October Haul and Low-Buy

  1. Jo Malone, already! LMAO you work FAST! 😆
    Yes, yes, you had to grab it now because of the points. GOOD JOB!
    Hmm Earl Grey and Cucumber sounds really unique. I’ll have to sniff it too! Trust my luck that the smells will turn funky on my skin.
    And YAY nail polishes!
    I used to be ALL ABOUT those SH Extreme Wear polishes. The formula is really good!
    Too bad you couldn’t find the Bonder at Shoppers. Your Shoppers sound not so good! No Bonder, no Essie Gel Coutures… boo. 😛
    I don’t include brushes LMAO… I cheat, I cheat! 😉
    October I was ok (post by end of the week, still need to take photos), but I’m in SO MUCH trouble for November… VIB sale… holiday stuff… ugh

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know, right?! Typically I’m super slow at acting on my purchases, it’s like I have to do a pro/con list, a cost-benefit analysis, and then search my soul before I buy anything LOL.
      I forgot how many scents Jo Malone has! You’ll definitely find something that you like. I like how they have it organized in scent type, like citrus, fruity, light floral, floral, etc. Definitely made me realize which ones I lean towards!
      Yes, I really love the formulas of those SH Extreme Wear polishes too. Combined with the super low price point, I can’t resist! I tend to cheap out on my polishes anyways…
      LOL, yes, it’s not a great Shoppers – I tend to go to the one downtown by my office because all of our Shoppers tend to be out of the way in suburbs, but the one downtown always cleaned out by fellow office ladies. Boo!
      Brushes are a grey area! Heh, how to succeed at your low-buy…call everything an “exception”! 😉
      I think you should do a wish list post *hint hint* There’s not a lot that is speaking to me this year for VIB sale and for the holidays in general! I always get lemmings from you 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • You read my mind, I already drafted up my Sephora VIB wish list… I thought I finished it last night but here I am, adding to it! LOL. VIB Rouge gets access this Friday… I got a card in the mail! 😮

        My low-buy exceptions: skincare, fragrance, brushes, hair care, all vacation purchases, items bought with gift cards…

        Liked by 1 person

        • I just realized that Rouge gets access to the sale a week earlier than VIBs (I’m just a VIB) – and that’s the way it should be! So silly that in previous years, Rouge members got the sale a day or two before, lasting until a day or two after. Not much of a perk!


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