Wedding Planning: Update #2

Today’s post is Update #2 on our wedding planning, and focuses on entertainment and décor. This has probably been the most fun part to plan!

Okay, let me start off by saying that there is a lot of “I want this, I decided this”, in this post, which makes it seem like I don’t let my fiancé have any input. That is a false impression! I honestly do ask his opinion, to which his response is always “I’m fine with whatever you want”, which is mostly exactly what I want to hear except when I can’t decide between two things. Like many men, I think he’s honestly perfectly fine just showing up on the day to get hitched.


This meme is actually hilarious, because I’ve done it twice so far! My married female friends say they did the same thing when they planned their wedding, so I don’t feel quite so bad.


We’ve been to weddings that hired photobooths, and they always seem to be a hit with people of all ages, so this one was a must for us. We’re both Asian, and older Asian people (aka our extended family and family friends) LOVE getting their pictures taken, so we thought they would enjoy this. We chose to have an open-air photobooth instead of the ones that are an actual photobooth machine, so that guests could do large group photos if they chose.


We heard some really good reviews about the company we ended up booking, and their price was within our budget. They have a comprehensive online planner that we can continuously update up until the week of the wedding, including what type of music you want to them play during different stages of the night, how interactive you want the DJ to be, and even what you want the DJ to wear. In terms of ceremony music, we haven’t decided if we want the DJ to come earlier and play the music for us, or if we want live music. I’ve always wanted to walk down the aisle to a string quartet, but we’ll see!

A snippet of their online planner! How does one even fit Metallica into a wedding?



It’s not so much a “theme” as it is a decor element, but we decided to do a watercolour wedding. The first time I saw the watercolour theme on Pinterest, I fell in love with how pretty and whimsical it was. But let me tell you, out of all the things we’ve planned and booked so far, this is one of two things I’ve had a meltdown (or two) over, LMAO. The reason is because I couldn’t decide between watercolour or classic décor. The pros and cons of both: for watercolour, I worry that I’ll look back at pictures in 10 years and think it’s dated or looks juvenile, because the watercolour thing is a trend. But it’s something that I think a lot of people would say is very “me”, so it makes the wedding a little more personalized. For Classic decor: The pro is that…well, it’s classic, and classy. It never goes out of style. However, it might be a bit boring/no personality. Anyways, long story short, we’re going for classic décor with a hint of watercolour, in the hopes that it won’t look confusing. Fingers crossed we pull it off!


Watercolour or classic? Don’t make me choose!


If I had a choice, our wedding would be overflowing with flowers, but uhhh…ain’t nobody got money for that. Since the cost of flowers is all over the map, I knew that this could be one place we could really save on costs. I ended up finding a florist who would do all of our flowers for about 40% of our florals budget – super stoked about that!

My one request was that I wanted peonies and pale blue hydrangeas in my bouquet, because peonies and hydrangeas are my favourite flowers, and they just so happen to fit our wedding colours. Luckily with our wedding being in June, peonies are in season and won’t cost something ridiculous, so I’m glad it just worked out for us. These are the inspiration photos I showed our florist; although not all of them have peonies, I wanted my bouquet to be in a similar colour palette:


To be honest, we’ve heard that cake is an expense that you can skip, because a lot of guests don’t actually end up eating the cake. We won’t be serving cake, because we’re having a dessert table instead. However, we still wanted a small, one or two-tier cake for cutting, pictures, and to serve a handful of people who would be interested in cake. My MOH decorates cakes as a hobby and is hoping to get a cake business started in the next few years, so we’ve asked her to do our cake for us. Here is where my “dilemma” with choosing the theme rears its ugly head, as I can’t decide between watercolour or classic. I thought about doing one layer of each, but I would prefer to go with just one style. I foresee myself having a meltdown over cakes in the near future, LOL. Here are the inspiration photos I showed my MOH:


That’s it for this update! Next on the wedding planning series is likely to be a DIY which will be posted mid-December. I’m so bad, because I have three different projects on the go at the same time and haven’t completed any one of them, when I should be finishing one before starting the other so that I can at least blog about them as I finish.


4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning: Update #2

  1. Let’s be honest – your fiance just defaults to whatever YOU want! 😆 He’s SMART! It’s the first lesson to a happy married life!
    Really, older Asian people love their pictures taken? I’ve never heard that!
    Awww you don’t want Heavy Metal at your wedding? 😆 Hmm if I got married, I’d just get an iPod and put it on shuffle. That’s how much I want to spend on music lol.
    Watercolour wedding! That conjures up such lovely imagery! I really love watercolour art and have been trying to find an original piece to purchase but I can’t settle on ONE. But I digress. I say go with watercolour (ie what YOU want). Who cares if it’s “outdated”? Everything, even things that are supposedly “timeless” still have a period attached to them. Think of “classic” suits from the early 2000’s – their cuts are all wrong now. That’s the case with everything – we’re all products of our current time. 🙂
    I know nothing about flowers at all except that they’re mighty expensive. The bouquets you requested all look like watercolour bouquets! 😀
    Smart about not going over the top on the cake. I hardly ever eat wedding cakes – they’re usually really nasty. 😛 It’s really a showpiece and tradition to cut it. Hmm dessert table… does it have a permanent seating for one? ME! 😛
    Sounds like everything is coming together! How exciting! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hah – happy wife, happy life? 😛 Of course, I like getting my way for the wedding, but it’s also frustrating when I have to ask him to do things 10 times. His current project is to call The Bay/look online to book an appointment to set up our registry. I’m interested to see how many times I have to ask him before I end up doing it myself 😛
      Oh my god, YES older Asians love photos! Both of our parents have been super concerned about the photography situation! LOL.
      Yes, music is definitely somewhere you can save on! We seriously contemplated doing the iPod thing, but in the end we decided we wanted a DJ who could read the crowd.
      Watercolour paintings are BEAUTIFUL. I’d be interested to see what you pick! 🙂 haha you are so right about wedding trends. I’ve been concerned about making our wedding look “timeless”, but people tell me no matter what I choose, it’s going to look outdated in 10 years.
      Yes, flower prices are astronomical! A boutonniere costs $13-$16! The florist said that a lot of it is labour costs to put the bouquet/boutonniere together.
      LOL at wedding cakes being nasty! Now that I think about it, we were at 3 weddings over the summer and even though all three weddings had cake, I don’t recall them serving any…so I guess serving cake is a dying trend. Hahaha yes we will make room for you at the dessert table!


  2. Okay I absolutely LOVE the watercolour theme – I think you should totally go for it, particularly if it’s very “you”. Don’t worry about it looking dated – we’ve been married for years and I think I looked back through our wedding album a dozen times. And most of those were in the first year of marriage because I was going through major wedding withdrawl. You’ll always look back and think about how you’d do things differently once it’s all over anyway so I say just go with what you want and love now! 🙂

    Bahaha your DJ Do Not Play LIst made me laugh! No Metalica? No Abba? No Biggie? But most importantly, NO BIRD DANCE?!?!? I banned that song too – in addition to anything by Ace of Base and Mony, Mony (omg I DESPISE that song!)

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    • Hehe, okay, I’m GOING for the watercolour theme! Everyone tells me I shouldn’t worry about the wedding looking dated, so you guys are all probably right 😛 Everything we do/wear these days will look dated 10 years from now, anyways!
      The Bird Dance is so CORNY. I personally love ABBA lol, but I think I might be the only one. Hahaha why did you ban Ace of Base? Just hate them?


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