December Low-Buy and Final 2016 Results

First of all, I apologize for my disappearance! I have no excuse this time, as I have a consecutive 10 days off work before the new year. I have had plenty of time to write blog posts; however, we’ve been doing renos at home, so our house has been too messy/hectic to able to take blog photos. Anyways, I hope everyone had a very wonderful and relaxing Christmas!

The last post of the year is on the items I purchased in December, as well as how I did overall in my 2016 low-buy. I thought about not buying anything in December since I was already in the red going into December, but who am I kidding! There was no way that I could’ve redeemed myself during the month, so I resigned to the fact that I was digging myself into a deeper hole. However, I’m happy to say I didn’t go too crazy this month. My December purchases largely revolved around face products, most of which I’ve been wanting for a while now.

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Nail of the Week: Essie Sexy Divide

Today I wanted to talk about the shade I wore last week, which was Sexy Divide from Essie. I’ve heard many raves about this shade over the years, so I decided to buy it back in November. Sexy Divide is from Essie’s Dive Bar collection for New Years/Holidays 2011.



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Product Review – Anastasia Master Palette by Mario

Today’s review is on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario, which I purchased during the Sephora VIB sale. I initially wanted to test it for just a little longer before doing a review of this palette, but since it is limited edition , I thought it best to get a review out for those that are interested before it’s no longer available (or use their $20 Sephora coupon on this palette before it expires).

The Master Palette by Mario palette retails for $59 in Canada, and is a collaboration with celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. The palette is inspired by people and places that have had an influence on Dedivanovic’s life, hence shade names such as Kim, Hollywood, and Paris.

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Product Comparison: MAC Cleanse Off Oil vs Muji Cleansing Oil

Today, I wanted to do a comparison between the MAC Cleanse Off Oil and the Muji Cleansing Oil. I’m a long-time loyalist to the Cleanse Off Oil, and it has been my HG makeup remover for over 6 years. However, at $38 a bottle, it’s quite expensive, so there is always an opportunity to find a less expensive product. I’ve tried a few oil cleansers from other brands in the past and they did not work for me. Enter the Muji Cleansing Oil!


I purchased a travel size (50mL) of the Muji Sensitive Skin Cleansing Oil for $7.50 while on my trip to Toronto back in May. This is a recommendation from Stashy, who is also a MAC Cleanse Off Oil lover. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of November that I took it out for the first time to try. Now that I’ve been using it for a month, I wanted to share my thoughts on how the two compare.

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November Low-Buy

Today I wanted to share with you my November haul and how I did on my low-buy. Spoiler alert: I failed miserably in my low-buy!

Sephora VIB Haul 



I only bought 5 things during the Sephora VIB sale, most of which were replenishments for things I’m running low on. In the last two years, I’ve become one of the people who shop at Sephora only during the bi-annual sales, and even then, I usually don’t go crazy. I went into more detail about my Sephora haul here.

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