November Low-Buy

Today I wanted to share with you my November haul and how I did on my low-buy. Spoiler alert: I failed miserably in my low-buy!

Sephora VIB Haul 



I only bought 5 things during the Sephora VIB sale, most of which were replenishments for things I’m running low on. In the last two years, I’ve become one of the people who shop at Sephora only during the bi-annual sales, and even then, I usually don’t go crazy. I went into more detail about my Sephora haul here.

Black Friday Haul

I was originally not going to partake in Black Friday, as it seemed like there wasn’t a lot I was interested in getting this year. My mistake was going to the mall to check out the sales in person, which is when I went a little crazy. The sales also seemed to be better than what I remember them being – although not comparable to sales in the US, there were lots of 30-50% off the entire store, although that wasn’t necessarily for makeup.




My first stop was at Sephora. Sephora always has a bunch of sets at a discount. There were only a handful of sets that I was interested in this year, which I suppose is a blessing for my wallet! I was tempted to buy the Make Up Forever palette, which was on sale for $29. I bought the same palette for a friend last year and it was $52! However, I knew I wouldn’t get any use out of the bright colours in that palette, so I would only be buying it for the sake of the sale. The only thing I ended up getting was a set of Origins skincare items for $24. I’ve been interested in trying the Clear Improvement charcoal mask and the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask, as I’ve heard good things about both from people with dry skin, so this was the perfect opportunity to pick it up.




My second stop was at the Bay, where they were having a 10% sale on cosmetics. I had not anticipated getting anything from MAC at all, but I walked away with the lipstick shades Twig and Craving. I’ve been meaning to buy Twig for the last year, but Craving was a complete impulse purchase. Also, even though I just bought one in October, I picked up a MAC Cleanse-Off Oil for backup, since I knew I will need another one 6 months from now. Might as well take advantage of the 10% off!




We walked by Kiehl’s and saw that they were having a 15% of sale. I’ve been meaning to try some of their skincare, and it just so happens that I’m about to finish my night cream. The SA pointed me to their Ultra Facial Cream, which is one of their bestsellers. I ended up buying their big tub even though I didn’t know if I would like the cream. I probably shouldn’t be taking that gamble, but big sizes are just so much more economical, ya know? They had an additional deal where the shopper could get a $15 coupon to be used in January if they bought two items now, so I got sucked into that as well. I just bought something small to fulfill their requirements, and picked up their Mango scented lip balm. I’ve used it once so far, and while it smells incredible, the formula seems too thin for my liking…so we shall have to see.

The Face Shop


When we walked by The Face Shop, we also saw that they were having a 40% sale. There wasn’t much else that I needed to buy in terms of skincare, but I ran out of face masks months ago and never picked any more up, so I have been meaning to purchase more. I ended up getting 5 of them, and I’m excited to start doing face masks again!

Nail Polishes



My fiance and I went grocery shopping at Superstore the evening of Black Friday, and when we passed by the beauty section, I saw that there was a huge sale on all of their nail polishes. I turned to my fiancé and said, “This is where I leave you. I’ll see you in an hour”. He laughed, and I said, “But seriously. I’ll see you in an hour”. As he went off to continue grocery shopping, I stood in front of the polishes for 15 minutes deciding what shades to get. I ended up picking the shades “Black and Blue” and “A Perfect Tin” from the Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure line for $4.99 each, and “Sexy Divide” and “On a Silver Platter” from Essie for $4.99 each. It took so much self-control not to buy 10 more of these, you have no idea! In my Nail Polish Cleanout post, I joked about replacing all of the nail polishes I got rid of with new ones, but in reality, and cleaned out my nail polish collection with the intention of keeping it cleaned out. Apparently that’s no longer happening!

So, how did I do on my low-buy? I was pretty scared to do the math.


In total, I spent $136.20 on makeup products (skincare/replenishments not included), but my low-buy budget was $61.71…dang. I started off the month a little in the red, and I’m even now more in the red! My low-buy budget for December is $50, which means even at the end of December, I can’t make up for my overspending! I’m a little embarrassed by myself right now. To be honest, I don’t think I’m going to be able to resist spending in December even though I no longer have a budget o spend from, but I’m going to have to find some self-restraint somewhere!

18 thoughts on “November Low-Buy

  1. I totally bought the MUFE for the sake of the sale. 😛 You’re so much more rational than me when it comes to sales! The Origins set looks great!
    Did you see that MAC is 25% off the whole site now?! I’ve got my cart loaded up for 2 days now. I’ve put stuff in, taken them out, put them back in… ugh.
    Yeah, the Ultra Facial Cream is fantastic! Did you see my review of it? I used to love the Kiehl’s lip balm back in the day but I’ve grown out of it now – yes, the formula’s too thin, plus I hate that screw on lid and the applicator isn’t even slanted.
    Face Shop sheet masks are great basic ones – so cheap too. Awesome job getting them at 40% off! I think they still have 30% off deal, I might pop by after work to pick up some of the konjac sponges.

    “This is where I leave you. I’ll see you in an hour”.
    😆 😆 😆
    Essie Sexy Divide is amazing! Great choices!

    I haven’t done the math on November yet… gulp. Maybe I do a reverse budget where I add up how much money I SAVED? Huh huh! I’m sure I’m in the same boat as you – depleted my December amount too and no more months in 2016 to make it up. We both wear the dunce hat!

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    • Haha, that’s why I laughed when I saw that you bought the MUFE palette! I get it though, it took so much strength to walk away from that palette!
      Arghh, I wish you hadn’t told me about the MAC sale, LOL! Now I’m kicking myself for only getting a 10% discount last Friday, AND I want to take advantage of the 25% off and get more makeup. Lose/lose.
      I haven’t seen your review! I’ll check it out tonight 🙂 I’ve been using it for the past week and I’m enjoying it thus far! I agree with you on all of the things you don’t like about the Kiehl’s lip balm. It smells so yummy, I do want to eat it though, haha!
      Silly guy thought I was kidding about leaving him to finish grocery shopping alone…a sale on nail polishes is no joke!!
      LOL, I’m interested to know your numbers. Out of curiosity, you SHOULD calculate how much you saved. We were both doing so well in our low-buy, too! Dunce caps firmly on!

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  2. I’m dying at the “This is where I leave you” line! 🙂

    It is so hard to pull off a low buy this time of year. I panicked last night and a Sephora purchase just for the sake of using my $20 coupon… Then forgot to apply the coupon! 😦 that’s what I get for breaking my low buy just because there’s a deal going on.

    I have both of those essie polishes and they’re so pretty! Sexy Divide is particularly lovely!

    I’m kind of glass to hear you don’t love the Kiehls lip balm because I’ve been wanting it and now I don’t 🙂

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    • Haha, Sephora is so smart, aren’t they? Giving us a $20 coupon a month after the VIB sale. Then we’re all like “well, I have a coupon, I HAVE to use it” even though they’re already all shopped out. OMG, that sucks that you forgot to apply the $20 coupon to your purchase! I’ve done that before too…the dangers of online shopping!
      I applied Sexy Divide this weekend, and it’s so beautiful!!
      Heh, that’s why we read reviews, don’t we? So we can save money from not buying meh products. The scent is amazing though – wish they would change the formula and packaging up!


  3. Wow you picked up some great goodies. The mac lipsticks are both gorgeous pinky red colors, their beautiful for this time of year before the holidays. I’m also loving that Essie silvery nail polish, it is such a pretty color! Origins skin care has never disappointed me, I’m sure you will enjoy all four products in the set you got!

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