Nail of the Week: Essie Sexy Divide

Today I wanted to talk about the shade I wore last week, which was Sexy Divide from Essie. I’ve heard many raves about this shade over the years, so I decided to buy it back in November. Sexy Divide is from Essie’s Dive Bar collection for New Years/Holidays 2011.



Sexy Divide is a deep royal purple with subtle shimmer. To be honest, this shade always looked a bit boring to me as I thought it was just a deep purple creme polish, until I looked at it closer. In the bottle, it looks like there would be some blue and orange shimmers, but this does not really translate on the nails unless you’re in direct sunlight, and even then, it is pretty subtle. At first, I thought the shade name was pretty weird, but this shade is quite…sexy, haha! It’s a very deep purple, without looking full-on black, so it’s not too stark. I think it looks very sleek!


As with all Essie polishes that are part of its regular line, the brush for this is skinny. The formula was quite thin, so the first coat of this polish applied very streaky. I think you can probably get away with two coats, but I felt like I needed three coats on most of my nails in order to achieve full opacity. Even though it takes more layers for full coverage, I found that the thin formula led to the shade drying quickly.


This is what my nails looked like after 7 days of wear. There is some major chipping at the base of the thumb, index, and middle fingers, as well as the usual chip on my pinkie finger that seems to occur every time I paint my nails. Stashy has lovingly named the pinkie chip Tina – welcome back, Tina!

The amount of chipping I experienced with this polish is more than what I usually get with other polishes, but always I wear a base coat and top coat with my polishes and I didn’t do so this week (I gave them both off to my mom and have not had the chance to repurchase any for myself). I think the lack of top coat/base coat played a major role in the increased chipping this time.

What have you been wearing on your nails this week?

17 thoughts on “Nail of the Week: Essie Sexy Divide

  1. I love this colour! It is sexy! Too bad about all the chipping though. For me, I get a lot of tip wear with dark colours like this but not terrible chipping.
    Starting this week I’m going full tilt CHRISTMAS. First up is gold glitter in the form of China Glaze “I’m Not Lion”:

    Good luck to me to remove this sucker at the end of the week! 😛
    PS. Welcome back, Tina!

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  2. My pinkies ALWAYS chip as well too – it’s so annoying like WHY?

    It totally bugs me when a polish shows differently on the nails than it does in the bottle – false advertising I tell you! It’s still a pretty colour though – I’ve seen this one around quite a bit! 🙂

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    • I think for me, my left pinkie nail chips because I press hard on it when using the shift key to type capital letters. Just a hunch, though…
      Yes, Sexy Divide seems to be a very popular Essie shade! There are so many shades out there that look super unique in the bottle, but flat on the nails. Disappointing!


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