2017 Beauty Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone, and welcome to 2017!

As per new year traditions, a lot of people make resolutions to have a happier, healthier new year. I am generally not one to make resolutions, cause…


Hah, just kidding! I usually don’t make resolutions because I know I won’t be able to keep them longer than a month. However, I thought it would be fun to make some beauty resolutions for the coming year. These are pretty much my beauty goals or challenges for the year, and I will check back at the end of 2017 to see if I kept any of my resolutions!

1. No purchasing eye shadow palettes in 2017

I have days when I get overwhelmed because I have so many eye shadows, and don’t know which ones to use. The only shadows I can buy this year are singles, and of course, palettes that I receive as gifts also do not apply.


2. Finish 5 makeup products during the year

Doing an empties post every 3 months made me realize how slowly I use up my makeup – I pretty much don’t use anything up, ever! One of my challenges this year is to finish up 5 makeup products (skincare/body care is not included). Mascara is also not included, since those get used up every few months. Although 5 is a low number, I know this is going to be difficult!

3. Challenge myself to a partial no-buy:

Since I failed at my low-buy in 2016, I am challenging myself to a no-buy in the new year. I don’t think I could do a no-buy for the entire year, so some months are low-buys. The schedule is as follows:

January – $100
February – No-Buy
March – No-Buy
April – $200 (Sephora VIB Sale)
May – No-Buy
June – $100
July – No-Buy
August – N/A
September – No-Buy
October – No-Buy
November – $250 (Sephora VIB Sale/Black Friday)
December – $100 (Boxing Day)

I left June out of the no-buy because that’s the month I’m getting married, and even though I’m having my makeup done by an MUA, I think it’s safer to allocate a bit of money that month in case there are any random makeup products I need to pick up last minute. August is when we are planning to go on our honeymoon, where I’ll likely be doing a bit of makeup shopping, so I didn’t give myself a budget. However, if we end up booking our honeymoon in a different month, then I will shift the no-buy months around accordingly. Also, for this year, I’ve decided that any unused low-buy budget cannot be carried over to the next low-buy month – I use it or I lose it! However, gift cards CAN be applied.

4. Use and review all of the makeup I have not yet tried from my collection

There are a handful of products I own that I haven’t even opened. My goal is not only to crack them open, but use them enough to be able to do a review of each of them. Here are a list of products that have yet to be used and reviewed, but there may be more as I come across them in my stash:

W7 In the Night Eye Shadow Palette
NYX Avant Pop Eye Shadow Palette
Surratt Artistique Blush in La Vie en Rose
Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Orchid Around
Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Shine On
Sally Hansen Nail Polish in Black and BlueMAC Lipstick in Twig
NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey

What do you think of these goals – achievable? Are you making any makeup New Years resolutions for yourself?

27 thoughts on “2017 Beauty Resolutions

  1. Good luck! I hope you can stick with your plan.
    I’ve checked few Spring launches and there are some seriously pretty eye palettes, even though I also dont need more, it will be very challenging for me to stay away from them :))

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  2. I need to declutter and definitely low buy. I just got a new vanity I’m in the process of putting together so I’ll be much more organized. It I got some tings I’ve had for probably 10 years that I’ve never used up so I need to go through and toss what I never reach for anymore.

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  3. Yeah I don’t do actual resolutions anymore. CUZ I’M PERFECT JUST THE WAY I AM! 😆 Also, I think change comes gradually through behaviour modification and practice. It’s a recipe for disaster when people start hitting the gym January 2nd right after they gorged themselves through the holidays! #rantover

    Omg, I almost stated that I was going to stop buying eye shadow palettes in 2017 too! But but but… I still want to try a Too Faced palette. Do quads count as a palette? What about a trio? Hrmmm.

    5 makeup items (not counting mascaras) is going to be a challenge, I can tell you from experience! You’ll be pretty much finishing up either a foundation or a powder. Or maybe a lipstick. Eye shadows and blushes are never ending, I’m telling you!

    Our No-Buy months are similar – so we can support each other! Where are you going on your honeymoon?!! Wow, I can’t believe the wedding is around the corner! 😮

    I think your goals are entirely achievable!

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    • Agreed, no point in doing resolutions when behavior is changed gradually! Every January, I think of all the gyms raking it in from the people who buy memberships for their resolutions, haha.
      Great minds think alike with the palettes! I think it’s fair for you NOT to have that goal though, because even though you bought a bunch of palettes last year, you generally don’t own many at all. I think your goal should be to expand your palette collection! Whoop whoop!
      Ugh, if YOU think finishing 5 makeup items is a challenge, it’s going to be damn near impossible for me! There will definitely be no blushes/shadows finished this year. I’ve been using the same foundation for 8 months now and I’m probably 1/5 of the way through just because I don’t use it every day…time to start slathering that stuff on, LOL.
      Makes sense that our no-buys are on similar months since neither of us want to do no-buys during sale months! We haven’t 100% settled on where we want to honeymoon, but we’re leaning towards Italy and France.

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      • I vote for Italy! France is so done 😛

        Maybe you should include mascaras in your makeup finishing goal… and bump it up to 6 for the year so it’s every other month for a makeup empty.

        Well in 2016 I did buy a whack of palettes – I still haven’t used a lot of them. The thought of them is quite daunting actually. I did finally use the Shu Uemura one I got for myself for my birtdahy… I hope to review it before end of January!

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        • Hehe, now that I think about it, I remember us having this conversation already! I remember you telling me you were meh about France. I went once when I was 18 and loved it, and have always wanted to go back with my fiance. To be honest, Greece was at the top of my list – it seems more…honeymoon-ish? haha. But my fiance wanted to do Italy/France, and I am by no means opposed to those places either!

          Hey, that’s actually not a bad idea with the makeup empties – although I have a feeling if I include mascaras, it’ll be 6 mascaras used up and nothing else, LOL.

          What if you tried a new palette every month (or every other month) this year until you have given all the palettes you own a try?

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          • Yes we had this convo! 😛 Of course, do whatever you and your SO want! Oooh yeah Greece would have been nice too! So many places to visit, so little TIME!

            That’s a good plan. “Palette of the month”… hey they should have a monthly beauty subscription like that. “Palette of the Month Club”. Hrmm why is that not a thing? Unless it is… new business idea taking shape here!

            Also, I meant to comment on the fact that you’re not carrying over any unspent amount – are you SURE you want to do this? It might encourage the “ahh I gotta spend this particular month so I’ll buy whatever” mentality. Rather than shopping for things you really need then, and being ok to leave the rest for the next month. Just a thought!

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            • Yes, WAY too many places to pick from!
              Oh gosh, I would totally do a palette of the month subscription. If you come up with it as a business, I would like a small portion of the profits from giving you the inspiration! Hah.
              I thought about the same thing regarding using up my budget just to use it up, but I typically don’t spend money that way so I THINK I should be ok?? Generally I only buy a product if I need it or have wanted it for a really long time…but guess we’ll have to see how that works out, LOL.


  4. The no palette thing is brave of you – but I commend you for it. I don’t have a ton of palettes but I definitely don’t need anymore. And let’s be honest, how much different are all these new palettes anyway? I might allow myself to buy one this year and that’s it.

    I can’t remember – have you mentioned where you’re going on your honeymoon?

    Also good luck with this – I think it’s totally do-able! YOU CAN DO IT! 😉

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    • Many of the palettes are similar but yet we still somehow wanna catch ’em all, like Pokemon 😛 I am probably going to be so mad at myself for giving myself that goal…it’s only the beginning of January and there are already so many palettes I want!
      I have not mentioned yet! We haven’t booked, but we’re thinking most likely Italy & France. There are so many other places we would like to go though…Greece, Thailand…the list goes on!
      Hehe, thanks for the encouragement, Nicole!


  5. UUgghhh.. I’m still debating on whether or not to do a NO BUY goal coz I always fail.. But I might start with a LOW BUY instead? Good luck in achieving this goal and yay!! your wedding is just around the corner.. Best Wishes in advance! ❤

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      • It’s difficult for me not to purchase especially with all the Limited Edition going on at the drugstore since my job is right across CVS Pharmacy.. ANDDD.. Nordstrom Rack is closeby that they always carry great eyeshadow palettes for a super cheap price tag.. and thats the reason why it’s so hard to commit on the NO Buy.. hehe and yes! You’re very much welcome..😘


  6. Fab resolutions!!! I like the not buying anymore eye shadow pallets! I have loads too though I dont think i could abstain from not buying more….

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  7. I don’t do resolutions either. I’m just going to be making short-term goals all the way 😛

    These are some nice beauty goals though, especially the eyeshadow palette one. There have been SO many eyeshadow palette launches in the last year or two that am sure there’s more than enough that the average makeup lover has got lol.

    Makeup is HARD for me to use up too. I was really proud when I managed to finish 2 powders and 1 foundation last year to be honest. 😂I have a powder that I’ve hit pan on already so hoping to finish that up along with 2 primers. I am almost more proud when I finish a makeup item than I am with a skincare item.

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    • I think resolutions are a little silly, to be honest – it’s not like January 1st hits and BAM, you are a new and improved version of you! It reminds me of how my coworker says he can never get a machine at the gym at the beginning of the year because they’ve all been taken by people who have made resolutions to work out more, only to have the gym empty out 2 weeks into the new year.

      I’m doing an update on my 2017 resolutions either this week or next week – you’ll see if I managed to keep these resolutions or not! haha.

      Okay, using up 2 powders and 1 foundation in a year is HUGE! Good job, girl – LOL. It’s definitely a lot harder to use up makeup than it is skincare!

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