March Low-Buy and Anti-Haul

At the beginning of 2017, I set March to be a no-buy month for me. I thought this would be really hard after doing a no-buy in February, but we’ve been too busy for me to even worry about shopping for makeup, so it hasn’t really been an issue! Although it’s not quite the end of the month, I’m 100% sure I’m not going to buy anything in the last three days, which means I was able to stay true to my no-buy! *throws confetti* Since the lack of purchases makes my March no-buy post pretty much non-existent, I thought today I would stick with the theme of not buying anything and do an Anti-Haul post. The idea of the anti-haul is sharing popular beauty products that I will NOT be buying! This does not mean that any of these products are bad or poor-performing at all – they just don’t interest me enough to purchase.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Prismatic Amethyst – $46

This one might be a little controversial because of all the hype surrounding this. I really love the quality of Becca highlighters, and this one actually looks gorgeous. However, I’m not sure I’m into the lavender highlighter trend as of late. It would be a stunning shade for people with fair, cool-toned skin, but this would look so off on me!

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Review: Makeup Geek Highlighters

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is a review on a few highlighters from Makeup Geek. My fiance bought four of them for me for Valentine’s Day, which means I’ve been using them for a month now, and I’m ready to give them a full review!

Before I go into each individual shade, I wanted to go over the brand’s highlighter line in general.

A single highlighter from Makeup Geek costs $20 for 0.25 oz of product, but they also have set bundles of 3 highlighters for $48, or $16 per highlighter. There are four different bundles aimed for four different skintones: Porcelain, Fair, Medium, and Deep. The brand currently has 13 highlighters in its collection, six of which are duochromes, as well as a highlighter palette which is in collaboration with Kathleen Lights. All of the highlighters are permanently available, with the exception of the Kathleen Lights palette.

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Wedding Update #3

Today is an update on our wedding planning. According to the count on our wedding website, we are 87 days out! Today’s post covers what we’ve done for invitations, bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, my shoes, hair, and favours. This might be the second last, if not last, wedding update, because other than a DIY post or two, we’ve covered all of the big items!

Bridesmaid dresses:

BM dress.png

I asked the girls to pay for their own dresses, so I wanted to keep costs as low as possible. My vision was for them to wear dusty blue dresses, but I couldn’t find any styles in this shade unless they were $300+. I ended up ordering online from a website called Light in the Box for only $87 each. Ordering dresses online can be a little more than sketchy, especially when you’re ordering from a Chinese website like this one, but my MOH ordered her bridesmaid dresses from the same website when she got married, and the quality was great, so I felt pretty confident that these would turn out well. They arrived in three weeks, and look exactly like they do in the pictures!

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Review: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

First of all, can I point your attention to my shiny new logo, which the lovely Stashy has created for me? She saw that I’ve been too lazy to make my own since starting my blog a year and a half ago, so she took matters into her own hands and was wonderful enough to make me not one, but 8 logos for me to choose from! I loved all of them but I ended up picking this one – I love the watercolour floral design! HUGE thank you to Stashy for being a good friend and picking up my slack!

Today’s post is a review on a mascara I’ve been using for the last three weeks, which is the Maybelline Push Up Drama mascara. This mascara was released in October of 2015, which was surprising to me because I thought this was a somewhat new mascara that came out late 2016! Shows how behind the times I am when it comes to mascaras. Back in January, there was a sale on all Maybelline mascaras at Superstore, so I decided to give this one a try. This was on sale for $5.99 when I purchased it.


I’ve generally had good luck with Maybelline mascaras – actually, one of my all-time favourites was the Maybelline One By One mascara, which they’ve long discontinued. I’ve tried a good number of Maybelline mascaras since, but haven’t tried anything new from them for about the two years. I was super intrigued by this one! Who doesn’t want their lashes pushed up?!

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My Summer Wedding Scent

Today’s post is a combination between a wedding and beauty post. I wanted to do a review and share with you the perfume I’ve chosen to wear for my wedding in June! I’m not the type of gal who has a ‘signature scent’, so I didn’t have a go-to fragrance that I immediately thought of wearing for the day.

I bought Jo Malone’s Nectarine Blossom and Honey cologne at a Nordstrom during a trip to San Diego with my fiancé in 2013, back before we had a Nordstrom in the city. I’ve been wearing this perfume for special events (parties, birthdays, anniversaries, vacations, etc.) ever since. It’s a scent I save for “happy moments”, and I was wearing it when we got engaged in Hawaii, so I thought it would be fitting to wear this fragrance on our wedding day.

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February No-Buy

Today’s post is on how I fared for my February no-buy. I was good this month and actually didn’t buy anything, although there were moments when I seriously considered breaking my no-buy, which I’ll talk more about below! I thought it would be really, really hard to get through a no-buy month, but we’ve had a lot going on this month and my mind wasn’t even really thinking about makeup at all.

The only makeup items I acquired in February were gifts from my fiancé for Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t buy gifts for one another for Valentine’s Day, but since we didn’t really buy anything for each other for our anniversary OR Christmas this year (trying to save money for the wedding), we decided to give each other a wish list for Valentine’s Day, and this is what he picked for me.

He gifted me four Makeup Geek highlighters, which I’ve been dying to try! He said the reason why he picked these out of all the things on my wish list was because they were having a sale at the time he was checking out their website – LOL!

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Eye Look: Smokey Purple Duochrome

Sorry for the lack of posts this last week! I’ve lost my memory card, and thus all the photos that I’ve taken for the posts I’ve been preparing. I’m working on finding it, but in the meantime, I’ve been working on retaking some of the photos so that I can continue posting.

Today’s look is a purple eye featuring the Teeez Spectrum of Stars eye shadow in Wisteria Shadow, a purple eye shadow with a mint green duochrome. I bought this eye shadow last month and was so excited to start using it. Just look at this shade! The Tarte Tartelette palette was also used heavily in this look.

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