February No-Buy

Today’s post is on how I fared for my February no-buy. I was good this month and actually didn’t buy anything, although there were moments when I seriously considered breaking my no-buy, which I’ll talk more about below! I thought it would be really, really hard to get through a no-buy month, but we’ve had a lot going on this month and my mind wasn’t even really thinking about makeup at all.

The only makeup items I acquired in February were gifts from my fiancé for Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t buy gifts for one another for Valentine’s Day, but since we didn’t really buy anything for each other for our anniversary OR Christmas this year (trying to save money for the wedding), we decided to give each other a wish list for Valentine’s Day, and this is what he picked for me.

He gifted me four Makeup Geek highlighters, which I’ve been dying to try! He said the reason why he picked these out of all the things on my wish list was because they were having a sale at the time he was checking out their website – LOL!

Lit, Midnight Sun, Luster

These three highlighters are Lit, Midnight Sun, and Luster (I tried to show the names on the boxes behind each shade, but not sure if you can see them). Lit is a duochrome, while the others are part of their signature highlighters. They came in a bundle meant for fair skintones. I would have thought that my skintone would be considered medium, but when I first started browsing the website, the ones in the “Medium” bundle looked a little too dark for me.

The last highlighter was another duochrome finish that was also on my wishlist. This one is called Electrify. My fiancé was really confused when I opened them up, because Electrify and Lit both look white in the pan and he thought they had accidentally sent me two of the same powders by accident – only makeup fiends can see the slight difference in person! Online, Electrify looks significantly more yellow in the pan.

I am not entirely sure which one is which. Pretty sure the left is Electrify and the right is Lit.
3-6-2017 1-45-33 PM.png
Electrify and Lit on the Makeup Geek website.

Out of all the highlighters, I’ve only tried one Electrify so far and it was really pigmented. I’m excited to play with these!

Since February was a no-buy for me and thus this post is pretty short, my dear friend Stashy’s no-buy post inspired me to talk about temptations that I had this month. I go through phases when no makeup looks interesting to me, but lately, there have been a lot of things that I want.


Source. Swatch by GlitterFingersss.

ILNP Nail Polishes

This brand of nail polishes almost made me break my no-buy! You have no idea how close I was to buying one…or 20…of these. It’s not like these were on sale or anything, so I convinced myself I can always buy them at a later date.



Lise Watier Rouge Fondant Supreme Lipstick

I first heard about this lipstick range on Allanna Davison’s YouTube channel. I went to go test out the formula at Shoppers and it seems super moisturizing, although I haven’t worked out yet which shade I would buy. However, I do NOT need anymore lipsticks – I think I would like to get through one from my own stash before purchasing any new lipsticks, but we’ll see how long I can make it until I cave!


Tarte Tartist Pro Glow to Go Highlight & Contour Palette

As I said at the beginning of this post, I’ve been obsessed with highlighting lately, and this palette is not helping to stave off my obsession. This was also in the same area as the eye shadow palette, and the shades were so buttery when I swatched it.

That’s it for today! What awesome makeup products did you buy in February, and what’s on your wish list?

11 thoughts on “February No-Buy

  1. Aww how sweet your fiancé gave you MAKEUP! My SO refuses to. The closest he ever got is buying me a GC to a spa. 😛 I’m super impressed your fiancé was on the site and bought them for you himself, rather you buying them and him paying for them afterward! XD
    Haha not surprised he thought the 2 light ones were the same. I showed my SO swatches of MLBB lipstick swatches and he asked “why you take photos of the same colours over and over?” 😆
    Duochrome highlighters are so FUN. Electrify would look great as an eye shadow topper too, I bet.

    ILNP colours are to DIE for. I think I’ll bust out one of the ones I picked up in January. I’ve been slacking on the nail swatches – I need to set aside some time to do a whack of them.
    I own 2 of those LW Rouge Fondant Supreme (Leah and Sandra) and I love the formula! They’re so neglected though…

    Congrats on sticking to your no-buy! Are you on another no-buy for March?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I find he’s usually okay with buying me makeup as long as he can do it from the safety of his couch instead of stepping into a Sephora or something, LOL. As long as I give him an exact name and picture reference, or if I can provide with him a website link to the exact product, then he’s good!
      LMAO, such a guy thing to say about the MLBBs being the same colour! They don’t see the minute, nuanced differences that our eyes see, hehe.
      I’ve never owned any duochrome highlighters, so I’m excited! You’re right, they’d be pretty as eye shadow toppers too!
      Oh man, when you showed those ILNP polishes in your nail polish post back in January, I almost lost all my resolve! At least one will make it into my collection sometime this year…Nail posts are tough when it comes to timing because you have to take photos when they’re freshly done, then again a week later right before you remove the polish!
      Oooh, good to know you like the LW lipsticks, too!
      Yes, another no-buy for March, which is good because I need to concentrate on getting stuff used up! You too, right?! XD

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      • Yup I’m on another month of No-Buy for March! Partners in misery crime, haha! 😛

        I think I’m going to stop the practice of taking photos of the wear after 7 days because that’s the one of the biggest roadblocks to taking mani photos. Instead of taking photos of my actual weekly manis, I’m just going to do swatches ie. paint them on just for photos and not actually wear them. That way, I can increase my volume output! 😛 I honestly don’t think people care enough about my worn-looking mani photo. If I do end up wearing the polish for a week, I can just speak to the wear time.

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        • I 100% agree with the 7-day wear photos being one of the biggest roadblocks for mani photos! It’s a good idea to just talk about the wear time – let’s be honest, most people just care about the swatch anyways!


  2. Omg those nail polishes look amazing! I just decluttering my nail polish collection and I’ve committed to not buying anymore for a while either but wow…

    I’m compiling my wish list for the upcoming Sephora sale and I go between wanting to buy everything and wanting to buy absolutely nothing because I know I need nothing…life is hard 😉

    Congrats on sticking to your no-buy last month!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Right?! I’ve been trying to declutter my nail polish too – but my goal is to get a small/medium sized collection of polishes I will currently LOVE, not a huge collection of polishes I somewhat like…gives me room to buy the ILNP polishes, lol!
      LOL, I have those moments every time the Sephora sale comes! It’s like you spend the entire year coveting a bunch of products, but then when the sale comes…you don’t actually feel like buying any of them.


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