Wedding Update #3

Today is an update on our wedding planning. According to the count on our wedding website, we are 87 days out! Today’s post covers what we’ve done for invitations, bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, my shoes, hair, and favours. This might be the second last, if not last, wedding update, because other than a DIY post or two, we’ve covered all of the big items!

Bridesmaid dresses:

BM dress.png

I asked the girls to pay for their own dresses, so I wanted to keep costs as low as possible. My vision was for them to wear dusty blue dresses, but I couldn’t find any styles in this shade unless they were $300+. I ended up ordering online from a website called Light in the Box for only $87 each. Ordering dresses online can be a little more than sketchy, especially when you’re ordering from a Chinese website like this one, but my MOH ordered her bridesmaid dresses from the same website when she got married, and the quality was great, so I felt pretty confident that these would turn out well. They arrived in three weeks, and look exactly like they do in the pictures!


Groomsmen Suits:

TB Suit.png

We went the completely opposite way with suits. Again, the guys are paying for their own suits, so we looked for less expensive options such as RW & Co and Express, but we finally decided on this navy Ted Baker suit from The Bay. Although it’s more than I had wanted the guys to spend on suits, at least you can wear them again for many different occasions. People always say that you can wear bridesmaid dresses again, but let’s be honest – you won’t, so I didn’t want the girls to splurge. Funny story, when we saw this suit in stores, my fiancé didn’t like it, but I convinced him to bring all of his groomsmen to try it on. When we go try it on, they all love it and tell my fiance he did a good job picking out the suit – so I pick the suit and he gets all the credit, ahem! We bought the guys light blue ties and funky socks from Express, as well as brown shoes and brown belts.



We ordered our invitations from a website called, which I had tumbled upon on my own. I originally had a very specific style in mind, but the cheapest quote I got back from places in town was $6 just for the invitation itself, and every insert (RSVP cards, direction cards, etc.) came with additional costs. I would have loved to get all fancy with our invitations, but I feel like people just lose them somewhere in the house or chuck them in the trash, so it wasn’t something I wanted to spend a ton of money on.

Minted allows you to choose custom colours on all of the invitations, but they only give you so much room to edit the text. In that sense, it’s not 100% customizable the way it would be if I were to get them made from a supplier in town, but I was willing to sacrifice customization for price. We ordered this watercolour-themed invitation with foil-pressed letters, as well as a Reception card with reception and RSVP info on it. I didn’t want to take a full picture of our invitations since they have our names and information on them, so I made example invitations for Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd instead…I haven’t even watched Grey’s Anatomy in three years, haha.

Minted is based in the US, and I was incredibly impressed with the shipping. We made our order on a Wednesday night, they emailed us the proofs the next afternoon, we approved the proofs late that night, and the invitations arrived at our door on Monday. However, we were charged for duties when it arrived 😦 In total, the invitations cost us ~$350.


I handlettered all of the envelopes, which was a huge undertaking, but I was happy with the way they turned out – my parents were kind enough to let me use their envelope as an example.  We also saw a coupon on Groupon to order a stamp with our names and address, which was a fun way to personalize the envelopes.



I can’t remember if I’ve talked about my shoe choice yet, but I’m a tiny person and therefore have tiny feet. I wear size 5 because that’s usually the smallest size that stores carry, but even those are usually too big, so I think I’m actually a 4.5. I wanted to wear new shoes, but haven’t really found any wedding shoes that have caught my eye, and even if I did, there’s no guarantee they would fit. I fell in love with these shoes last year in either ivory or gold, but the closest I found to my size was a 5.5 in a pewter shade at Town Shoes when we were in Toronto. Long story short, I can’t find shoes so I’m going to wear a pair I already own. I bought the shoes pictured above two years ago at Nordstrom – they were size 4.5 and on clearance for $45, so I didn’t even think twice when I bought them. I’ve only worn them once since, so they’re pretty much still in new condition.




I have FINALLY booked a hairstylist for the day. I have so many issues every time I put my hair up, because it’s very fine, slippery, and lacks volume, and usually ends up falling out after a few hours. I did a few hair trials and they never looked right, but I finally found a stylist who was super helpful – I told her I couldn’t decide between an updo or a half-up, half down look and she tried both on me. I ended up deciding on an updo, since our wedding will be outside and an updo may be less fuss if it’s windy. The hair above is the one I showed her for inspiration.




We didn’t want to spend TOO much on favours because a lot of people don’t even bother taking them home. We thought about using the money to donate to a charity of our choice, but then we thought that some guests might complain about not getting favours – just goes to show you that you can’t please everyone! I mentioned doing macaron favours once, and for some reason my fiancé was SUPER into that idea, but we asked around and it was over our budget. My other idea was to use little jars of honey as favours. We’ve found a local supplier who has about 25 different flavours of honey to choose from, and even with the jars included, was less than half of the price of macarons! My fiance is worried that honey will look too rustic, so we’ll just have to glam up the jars.

That’s it for today! Hopefully, there will be one or two more DIY posts to come! I currently have a few projects on the go, but I haven’t fully finished any of them 😛


18 thoughts on “Wedding Update #3

  1. Crikey, you got a good deal on those dresses I paid for my bridesmaid dresses as I only had two and they’re my sister / sister in law to be, but they were just over £200 each – I only live in hope that they wear them again, we have their fittings for them this weekend, and my dress just arrived and I have a fitting Tuesday! We’re handmaking candles for our favours and it’s a total time consuming nightmare, I wish we’d never started!
    We’re at a similar stage my hair trial is a few weeks before the big day – my sister in law to be is my hairdresser and I trust her to have been planning it since the moment we got engaged! I have a makeup trial on April fools day (hope she ain’t going to play a prank on me!)
    I found shoes a real struggle too, Ben is only an inch or two taller than me, so I didn’t want anything to high – mine ended up being from ASOS for £40

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    • Hey, even if they were expensive, at least you paid for your bridesmaids’ dresses! I would feel terrible making my bridesmaids spend a ton of money on a dress. Fingers crossed your girls do get an opportunity to wear them again!

      Hope you have fun trying on your dress again! Mine came in last August and it’s such a wonderful moment seeing the dress you picked again.

      Oh, the candles are a lovely idea! I can imagine it’s a huge undertaking though. Are you getting your bridesmaids to help with that, too?

      Good luck on your hair trial and makeup! They’re fun but also stressful, when they don’t turn out the way you had hoped, haha. I’m sure both will be lovely!

      Oooh, lucky you to not have to wear very high heels – all the more comfortable for you. My fiancé’s almost a foot taller than me, so I’m wearing 5 inch heels to even things out in photos, LOL.


  2. Ooh the Bridesmaid dresses are lovely! None of those typical nightmare horror gowns. They could totally wear those dresses again for non-wedding functions! 🙂
    Meh, guys suits are SO EASY! At least they’ll get to wear them again FOR SURE. My SO was in a wedding party 7 years ago and still wears the suit / tie from then!

    I agree about the invitation – no sense going nuts on them. I hate to say it but people treat them like junk mail. 😛 $350 sounds really reasonable for your invitations! 😀

    OMG you have child-sized feet! 😮 That’s good you are able to use something you already own. Honestly, your dress will just cover your feet, right?
    Love the hairstyle! It will totally suit you! I’m glad you found a good hairstylist.

    Um I *just* threw away a few wedding favours over the weekend. I felt so guilty but I never used them… I won’t say what they were but just not something I would use but they did have the bride and grooms’ names on them so I felt like I was disrespecting them. (how petty if people complain about not getting a FAVOUR, geez, are we little kids going to a birthday party?) I love the idea of honey that is USEFUL! Whenever we get edible favours, we use those suckers up for SURE!

    Yay, things are falling into place for you! 😀

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    • Okay, do people actually get their wedding party ugly dresses?? WHY. They’re going to be in your pictures, wouldn’t you want them to look nice? I think floor-length dresses are more difficult to wear again compared to short dresses, but hopefully the girls will have an opportunity to do so!

      Exactly, your SO is case in point about the fact that it’s okay to spend a little more on the suits because the guys will wear them FOREVER.

      I can totally tell people treat wedding invitations as junk mail, based on the fact that we’ve given our invitations out to about 60 guests and we only have 11 people RSVP! 😛

      Yes, my feet are child-sized! It’s so frustrating I can get away with buying children’s sneakers (Converses/Keds or whatever) because they look exactly like adult shoes, but it’s hard to find work shoes or party heels. Small people problems!

      Okay, I 100% agree about throwing away favours with the bride and groom’s name on them! I have this little box thing from a wedding I went to when I was 14. I have no use for it, but I feel bad throwing it out because the bride and groom’s name is on it. Everyone loves to eat, and I feel like most people have realized that edible favours are becoming more of a thing. Although one of my bridesmaids DID tell me she wouldn’t bring honey home either, haha.

      Ugh, there’s always so much to DO. Wedding planning is fun in a lot of ways, but I kind of can’t wait for it to be over. LOL.

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      • I don’t think brides are actively trying to put their bridesmaids in hideous dresses but lots of the dresses just scream “bridesmaid”! Yours don’t. 🙂

        One of my friends has size 5 feet and whenever new shoe collections get launched, she runs around trying to secure her size because usually a store will receive just 1 pair. On the up side, you get to buy kids’ shoes!

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  3. Eeeek I love everything! The bridesmaids dresses are so pretty and I absolutely LOVE the invitations! I can’t believe those only cost you $350! I made my own years ago and I think it cost me $200 or something so that seems really reasonable. I also can’t believe you have 4.5 size feet!

    I can’t wait to see how everything comes together – so excited for you! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, you’re so sweet! I wish I was talented enough to make our own invitations!
      Size 4.5 feet are a serious struggle. My fiancé says that at least it means I don’t waste my money buying 100 pairs of shoes because I can never find anything in my size, LOL.
      Thanks, Nicole! xx


  4. Those are all beautiful, I love the hairstyle. I had something kinda similar.
    We got our bridesmaids dresses from JJs House. We were nervous about ordering online but they were beautiful. It’s so exciting that your wedding is only a few months away! It’s going to be an amazing day 🙂


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