3 Top Lipsticks for Fall

We are officially into the autumn season, and while I love boots, sweaters, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes as much as the next girl, today I wanted share my ultimate favourite Fall item: dark lipsticks. I realized in the last year that while I love pinks, MLBB shades (which is browny-mauve for me) or deep shades look the best on me, so I’ve become very interested in finding red and berry lipsticks that are comfortable and flattering.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey

I had been dying to try the Audacious lipsticks since the collection was released, and I purchased this one during last year’s VIB sale. Audrey is a warm-toned medium red.  On me, it looks lighter on my lips than it does swatched, and I would say it’s a pretty neutral (for lack of a better term) red: not too warm, but not too cool-toned; not too bright, but not too vampy. Out of all the three shades mentioned in this post, I would say this one is most easily worn at all times of the year, whereas the other two are dark enough that I imagine most people would wear them only in the fall. The Audacious lipsticks are quite easy to wear: it isn’t the creamiest formula I’ve tried, but it’s full-coverage, comfortable and moisturizing, and doesn’t move around on the lips. It wears for about 4 hours (without eating) and I’ve also noticed that it wears off quite evenly, which is always a good thing for shades like red.




MAC Dark Side

Out of all of the lipsticks featured, this one is my ultimate fall favourite. Dark Side is a deep vampy burgundy in MAC’s Amplified finish, which means the formula is creamy and maintains a decent amount of sheen until the colour starts wearing off. Because the formula is so creamy, I do find it a little bit more high maintenance because it does wear off and shift around more easily without a lip liner underneath than compared to formulas like the Audacious lipsticks. It doesn’t look much darker than NARS Audrey in the swatches, but on the lips it actually is a lot darker. The wear time is about 2-3 hours before I feel like I need to reapply. Unfortunately, the tube you see pictured has been thrown out by the time this blog post is up – when I took my tube out to use for the first time this year, I realized the scent is off, which means that it’s likely expired. I kept it around long enough to take pictures of it for this post, but I’ll have to replace it as soon as I can!



Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Killin’ It

A friend of mine bought this for me for my birthday, but because it’s a dark shade, I haven’t opened it until now. The Sephora website describes Killin’ It as “berry”, but I wouldn’t say it’s berry at all. To me, it’s a dark plum in a matte finish, and when applied to my lips, I would say it actually pulls quite brown. Can you believe that this is the only liquid lipstick I own? I’ve always steered clear of liquid lipsticks because they’re too drying on my lips, but I was actually surprised because this Lip Paint formula sits relatively comfortably on the lips. It dries within seconds, which can either be positive or negative depending on how carefully you applied it. This lipstick is does not budge at all; I had a full meal with it on, and it still looked perfect after. Nothing makes it come off unless I massage an oil-based remover gently on my lips several times. For those who want something long-wearing, this is what you’re looking for! My first foray into liquid lipsticks has made me quite curious to try out more liquid lipsticks, even though I think this particular trend is starting to lose its steam.



These are all of the lipsticks swatched:

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Audrey, Tarte Tarteist Lip Paint in Killin’ It, MAC Lipstick in Dark Side


That’s it for my favourite fall lipsticks! What are your top three lip colours for fall?



16 thoughts on “3 Top Lipsticks for Fall

    • Oh, I remember you buying a few of the Tarte lipsticks in the last week or so, right? The formula is quite nice! I wasn’t a huge fan of the Audacious formula at first, especially considering the price, but it’s grown on me!
      You are a liquid lipstick connoisseur! haha. What are your top favourite liquid lipstick formulas!


  1. The Nars looks so pretty! Would you say that’s an accurate representation of the colour? I know sometimes swatches look different in some lighting and I notice it looks more on the purple side than red! It’s super pretty though!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm, definitely more red than purple in real life, but it’s a purple-based red and not an orange-based red. Funny you asked about whether the swatch is accurate because I googled swatches of Audrey afterwards, and they’re all over the place! Temptalia’s is way more brighter and redder than what mine looks like in real life, and then other swatches are darker and more vampy. I guess like you said it’s dependent on lighting.


    • I know what you mean, girl! I never used to wear dark lips either. I also only wear nudes and pinks in the office, so the only time I wear dark lipsticks are if I have plans in the evening, or on the weekend. It’s the perfect time to experiment with a dark lip!


  2. Oooh that NARS lipstick though – that’s my kind of Fall shade. I find anything darker than that kind of washes me out.

    I have a mini of one of those Tarteist lip paints and I agree with you, it’s actually not that drying of a formula. I so wish I could wear liquid lipsticks, they make wearing darker shades so much easier and carefree.

    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that about red lipstick – it works with any skin tone, you just have to find the right shade!

      Was the Sephora birthday gift this year the Tarte blush & lip paint? I still have the blush but I don’t know where the lip product went. After trying these lip paints, I am kind of on a mission to find a liquid lipstick formula that will work for people with dryer lips…will let you know if I find any good ones!

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  3. The Nars Audrey looks so pretty!
    I’ve been trying to wear more lip colours lately and have been reaching for the Lancome Juicy Shaker in Berry in Love – it leaves a really pretty cool toned berry shade.
    I don’t think I can ever do a liquid lipstick formula – they just look so flat and accentuate every line on the lips! I really like having some slip with my lip products. I mean, I even find the Nars Audacious formula to be a bit drying and not creamy enough to my liking. 😛

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    • YOU’RE BACK, STASHY! I know you might not be writing blog posts, but still.
      Those Juicy Shakers are so CUTE! I love the idea of the lip oils, but I feel like they might not show up very well on me.
      I definitely have the same feeling as you towards liquid lipsticks, which is why I had never tried them until now! I also like creaminess and slip in lipsticks (Shiseido!) – I had similar thoughts when I first tried the Nars Audacious formula, but now that I’ve been wearing it more, I find it to be more creamy than even some of my Mac lipsticks!


  4. I’m not quite a dark lip girl yet but that shade in Audrey just speaks to me! It’s nice to see you talk about MAC’s Dark Side because I’ve never heard anyone talk about it and it makes for a change. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had never heard of anyone talk about Dark Side either, but it caught my eye in the stores! Audrey isn’t too dark if you’re still uncomfortable with dark lips, it’s two or three shades darker than what I would think is a classic red. Gotta be honest, I started off wearing vampy lips at home until I got comfortable enough to wear them outside the house, haha!


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