2018 Beauty Goals

Before we begin talking about my beauty goals for the new year, I would like to mention a project unrelated to beauty that I am embarking on in 2018 and will (hopefully) be a huge part of my year. I’ve decided to start a side business doing calligraphy & watercolour art, mostly for weddings. It took a lot of internal debating to decide if I wanted to incorporate my business into my blog and blog Instagram, but I ultimately thought it was best to keep the two apart in- people who are interested in my calligraphy may not be interested in beauty, and vice versa. However, it was important to me that my business to be somehow tied to my blog without mixing the two, so I decided to name it Inspired Creations YYC (because Inspired Creations was already taken on Instagram LOL).

I’m not sure if this will even go anywhere, but I’m not quitting my day job to do it – so worst case scenario is that I get no clients and my life goes on as usual, haha! I started a separate Instagram account to showcase my work; if you’re interested in seeing pretty (hopefully) calligraphy or would just like to support me, please follow my account here! No pressure! 😅 I have nothing posted on it right now but hopefully I will get it up and running properly soon.

ANYWAYS, after that long ramble, let’s go back onto the main point of today’s blog. Call me jaded, but I absolutely do not believe in the whole “new year, new me” thing – someone please prove me wrong by telling me that they became a better person because of a new year’s resolution they have made! With that being said, I’ve found that making beauty-related goals at the beginning of the year has really helped keep me accountable for my makeup spending and usage. Hence, today’s blog post is all about my 2018 beauty resolutions.

Now, back to my beauty resolutions for the year. For the past two years, I’ve done low-buys as a part of my beauty goals. It was quite challenging at times, especially during the end of the year when all the sales hit, but it was also very interesting to go through. This year, I decided not to do a low-buy, even though I will still budget my spending off the blog as a cost control measure, haha. However, there are other things I would like to achieve this year in terms of beauty or my blog, so I would like to share them today.



1. Complete Two Project Pans

I feel like I’ve accumulated so many products in the past year, and because it takes me longer than the average person to use up products, I thought it might be a good idea to do a Project Pan this year. It will be my first time doing a one, so I’m pretty pumped about it! I think I would like to do two Project Pans this year – the first one in the first half of the year, and another one in the second half of the year. My first one should be up sometime next week!

My current makeup vanity situation…haha, just kidding!


2. Finish Up My Vanity

I finally bought my vanity this year, but right now, all it is is a desk and a chair. My intention for the vanity is essentially to use it as my creative space; I would like to use it both for makeup application and for my calligraphy. I haven’t quite figured out the storage situation yet, but this year, I would like to have everything set up and usable. Actually, I think a goal of mine in general this year is to finish decorating our home – we’ve been living here for two years now and we have all of our large pieces of furniture, but the décor only looks half-finished. Anyways, going back to my goal – the vanity is at the top of my priorities for the house since I’m using it for my business. Hopefully I will be able to do a blog post with a before and after once I am finished with it!

There are a few palettes here that I haven’t touched in a year…

3. Declutter my Makeup

I almost feel guilty every time I buy makeup when I already have so much sitting at home. The last time I did a declutter was in 2016, but I haven’t done one since, so I’ve decided I’m going to go through everything this year and get rid of things that don’t “bring me joy”. I would only ever give away things that are good quality but that I never find myself reaching for, but I always feel iffy asking my friends if they want my makeup, because I don’t want them to think that I’m giving them my “old junk”. I think I’m just going to go for it anyways and see if there’s anything they want this year that I would otherwise have to throw out. You should see some decluttering posts this year!

4. Increase the Amount of Reviews/Dupe Blog Posts

I’ve realized that I just keep buying products without reviewing them on my blog; in 2017, only 30% of my blog posts were product reviews. What’s the point of having a beauty blog if I don’t consistently review the products I buy?! Reviews are one of my favourite types of posts to read – they were the reason why I fell into the YouTube/blog rabbit hole all those years ago! In 2018, I would like to increase the amount of reviews I write – shooting for 50% of my overall posts sounds reasonable? Hopefully I can surpass that!

Are you making any beauty goals for the new year? I know I’m doing this a bit backwards, but next week, I’m going to talk about how I did on my 2017 beauty resolutions!

Credit for Featured Image: Ivory Mix

18 thoughts on “2018 Beauty Goals

  1. Your new venture sounds exciting! Inspired Creatures YYC sounds very now and happenin’! 😉
    I agree… the turning of the dial over to Jan 1st doesn’t automatically mean old habits will magically die. I do think it is a good time for reflection on the previous year.
    So many people are doing project pans – how exciting! 😀
    I’ll just live vicariously through you on that vanity… ugh, the challenges of living in a condo!
    Reviews are so satisfying – I think they’re my favourite posts to write even though they do take time to plan.
    Good luck with your goals for 2018! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Is the name too trendy? 😛 LOL. I am the worst at naming things!
      Yes, I totally agree on the new year being a good time for reflection on the previous year, as well as even trying to start the new year with a positive attitude!
      I somewhat feel you on the limited space in that my vanity is in the same room as my husband’s office desk, so the challenge is to not have the room look like it has two distinct personalities!
      Yes, you’re totally right – review posts DO take a lot of work! But as a reader, I also find them the most useful.


    • OH. I wanted to ask you, for my Project Pan, I was thinking of copying you and weighing my products (or at least some of them). Would you mind? Credit for the idea will be given to you of course, but I wanted your permission first hehe.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of COURSE you can do the same thing! I haven’t trademarked it, hah! 😛 I can’t wait to see what your progress will be! Try to use a scale with the lowest possible increments of measurement.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha, thank you for your permission, girl! Even if you didn’t have it trademarked, I still saw it on your blog first and wanted to ask if it’s okay.

          Dang, I didn’t even think of the increments of measurement. I think our food scale only goes to 2 decimal places. Eek!


  2. I’ve seen your calligraphy work on your insta – those table card and they were so pretty. Applause to you for following your dreams. Don’t worry I’m not into new years resolutions either – I understand people who set goals for the year, but I don’t believe in having to wait for the beginning of a year to start.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re so sweet, and also have an impressive memory (I can’t believe you remember those place cards!)
      I completely agree about not waiting until the beginning of the year to start a goal…I actually feel like sometimes it might deter someone from continuing on with their goal, because of the whole stereotype that everyone drops their resolutions a few weeks into the new year – “if everyone else is doing it, then it’s okay for me to drop mine too” kind of mentality.


  3. No it’s not just you – I think this ‘new year new me’ business is nonsense 😛 That kinda just implies that people want to change for the sake of changing but with minimal effort/no plans to go forward and improve who we already are. Sorry, ended up sounding deep haha.

    Anyhow…I think these beauty resolutions sound great! I shall be getting my Blogging Goals post up on Sunday but I’m pretty similar in terms of wanting to write more reviews. I think I’m just so meticulous though when testing products that I end up not posting the reviews in a consistent manner LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    • haha no, I completely agree with you! I mean, I think if more people actually improved on themselves when it comes to resolutions, then I would be a little more supportive of resolutions, but it makes me shake my head when everyone just abandons their goals after a few weeks.

      Oooh, looking forward to reading your goals! Yes, reviews are tough when you want to be thorough, but they’re my favourite types of posts to read!


  4. Eeeek I’m so excited for you – I think your business is going to do awesome, based on what I’ve seen you’re really good at it! Congratulations! I’m off to follow your IG account!

    Great job on all the goals too – they all sound like they’ll stretch you but nothing is too far out of reach to accomplish. I’m excited to see what will be in your Project Pans – my 2018 project post should be going up next week too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are the sweetest. Thank you so much for your support! When I look at other calligraphy IG accounts, I definitely have my reservations and doubts about myself haha…but I’ll get there one day!

      Definitely, I think the way to go is to make goals that are challenging but still realistic. I’m looking forward to seeing your 2018 project post!


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