Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2018

Two weeks ago, I shared an Instagram post on brands I wanted to try this year. Since there are only so many photos I can put into one Instagram post, in today’s post I wanted to share a more complete list of the brands I want to try in 2018, and specifically the products that I would like to try from these brands. I definitely won’t try all of the products on here (I’m actively trying not to reach VIB Rouge this year, ahem), but it’s nice to get a wish list going! Surprisingly, a lot of it is skincare. I tend to stick with my tried-and-true skincare products as I’m always afraid that my skin is going to freak out from new products. However, my skin is having all types of issues in the last few months, which means it’s unhappy with something I’m doing, so I think it’s time to change things up a little.




I’m a few years late to the bandwagon on Colourpop, as I’ve always held off on ordering from them because I don’t want to pay for the exchange rate/shipping/duties, but I think this year I will bite the bullet. I have an ongoing, ever-changing list of makeup products I would like to try from Colourpop, and at the top of my wish list from them are their Super Shock Shadows, Lippie Stix, and Super Shock Highlighters (not necessarily the shades shown above).



Drunk Elephant

Drunk Elephant is super pricey, so the odds of me trying this brand outside of a sample set is pretty slim. Nevertheless, I would love to try the T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Serum and the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil. You’ll see below that The Ordinary also has a Marula Oil that is much cheaper, and I would be more inclined to go for that one instead if they are comparable.



I’ve wanted to try Farmacy’s Honey Potion mask for a while now, but I’ve also been contemplating using a cleansing balm this year instead of going back to my HG MAC Cleansing Oil over and over again. There are a free cleansing balms out there that I would like to try, and the Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm from this brand is one of them, because it has really great reviews.




Glossier is a brand that I’ve heard opposing opinions about; some swear by their products, while others say the brand as a whole is not worth the hype. The one product I would really love to try is their Balm Dotcom (which flavour to pick is the dilemma here!) I’ve also heard from most sources that the Boy Brow is a must, so that is also on my list. I remain undecided about their skincare, in particular their serums – are they better than the ones from The Ordinary? So many choices these days! I’ve done a bit of research but I think I’ll need to look into it more before I make a decision.




The item at the top of my list from this brand is the Blue Tansy AHA & BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask, which I had been thinking of buying during the November VIB sale but didn’t end up getting. Another is the Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Crème, which seems to be lightweight but has good reviews from other dry-skinned gals.






I don’t know how I feel about this brand; they are selling 200 g of coconut oil for $50! It is just straight up coconut oil that you could buy for a few dollars at the grocery store! Still, I have heard their Lip Love is great (it seems that they have changed the name to Lip Glossy), and even though I likely won’t be splurging on a $50 body scrub, I would love to try their Coconut Crush Scrub.



Marc Jacobs

I tried MJ’s Highliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner in Sephora’s 2016 birthday gift set and really enjoying it, so this year I would like to invest in a full size of the pencil. I’ve also been lemming the Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter since it came out (cause this girl really need a 20th champagne highlighter in her collection 😂). I can’t remember if I liked their lipstick formula,  which was also part of the birthday gift set, but those have really been catching my eye as well. I’m going to pull out the sample to use, and if I enjoy the formula, then I may have to put the lipsticks on the wish list too!



The Ordinary

This brand has always freaked me out a little because of the very technical names, and while I have a general idea of what some different ingredients are supposed to do for the skin, I wouldn’t consider myself knowledgeable in the area in any way. After doing some research, I have my eye on the 100% Plant-Derived Squalane, the Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA, and the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%. As I mentioned above, The Ordinary also has a (much, much) cheaper version of the Virgin Marula Oil that Drunk Elephant has.





Again, another brand that is up there in price which is why I’ve always held off on buying anything from them. I love the idea of owning one of the bigger 12-pan palettes, but if I were to buy anything from Viseart, it would likely be of their Theory palettes – the only problem is, which one? Nuance, Cashmere, or Amethyst? The decision is too hard!s

Are there any brands I’m missing on this list? Any products you think I have to try this year?



33 thoughts on “Beauty Brands I Want to Try in 2018

      • I had tried an eyeliner that the entire product fell out and was unuseable. I have two of their Matte liquid lipsticks and both are weird they aren’t terrible but they change colour completely on my lips like they don’t agree with my chemistry or something.

        I also have their palette (semi precious) I want to say… and it’s freaking beautiful and I love it.

        Colourpop makes my heart confused.

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  1. I love these lists! I created a couple way back when and when I look back, I did manage to try many of the brands I set out to (like MUG, Viseart, Charlotte Tilbury, and ColourPop).
    Drunk Elephant is high on my list of brands to try this year! Herbivore as well – I’m actually quite surprised how affordable the brand is.
    From your list, big thumbs up for Marc Jacobs and Viseart! I want the Viseart Theory palettes now too – I was playing with them at Sephora over the holidays. So buttery and pigmented. I also love the compact size.
    I think I’d like to try a proper Dior product. I’ve only ever used their perfume and nail polish. I feel like I’m going to be disappointed though…

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    • That’s awesome that you were able to try some of the brands on your list! Oooh I totally forgot about CT; I would love to try that brand as well but it’s a little harder to get my hands on it because we don’t have it at our Nordstrom or Holt Renfrew.

      Yes, it’s great that Herbivore is not overly pricey! Their products look lovely. Drunk Elephant though…

      The compact size of the Theory palettes is what draws me to them versus the bigger palettes! They’re all soooo pretty.

      Oh man, I think Dior products may be a bit of a crapshoot depending on what you’re going for. Some of their lipsticks look nice, but the 5-pan palettes? Nope.

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  2. I still haven’t tried Colour Pop but their makeup looks so pretty. I love Farmacy, I’m a fan of the Cucumber face masks💕 The Ordinary so far doesn’t work for me and I bought Glossier bits in NYC that I can’t wait to try. I got the Birthday Cake Flavour balm x

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    • ColourPop isn’t easy to get your hands on in the UK, is it?
      Oooh, I actually wasn’t aware that Farmacy had cucumber face masks! It’s too bad The Ordinary doesn’t work for you – I wonder why. Haha, I’m trying to decide between Birthday Cake and Coconut for the balms!

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      • No I think it’s the postage costs and hassle that’s put me off🙈 Farmacy have some lovely face masks😊 I don’t know. They’re products just dry my skin out. I know I was torn on which one to buy😊 x


  3. I love this idea for a post! I have a similar one coming for just general item lusting, but l love the brand spin!
    Drunk elephant has announced its coming to the uk, I’m hoping there will be some kind of sample set available!
    I only jumped on the colourpop bandwagon last year and I’m fully on board now. I’m trying to hold off ordering anything that’s over customs charges in small orders from now on and hold out for free international delivery weekends!
    Glossier i don’t feel that bothered by, I’m really not drawn to anything – other than maybe the holo lip balm for Instagram purposes 😂😂

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    • That’s awesome that you can finally get your hands on Drunk Elephant! They seem to have some pretty nice sample sets – I think that’s definitely the way to go when it comes to pricier brands like them.
      For sure, my strategy is to wait for their next free international delivery to order something too! Just wish there was a way to avoid those customs charges, haha. What are your favourite products from them?
      LOL do it for the ‘gram, as the kids say these days. I wasn’t interested in Glossier for a long time either, but then I did a more thorough search and a few things jumped out at me.


  4. Great post idea! I really like Herbivore’s aesthetic design/packaging but the brand doesn’t seem to be readily available for me which sucks. Would love to try Colourpop but the idea of paying custom charges which isn’t cheap doesn’t appeal to me, so seems out of the question too.

    Am not a huge eyeshadow person so buying Viseart would probably be a waste on me yet I would still like to try it one day. 😂 I just like how aesthetically pleasing it is and the pan sizes are huge!

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    • What, really?! You can’t order Herbivore from Sephora? Or it’s not available in person and you want to test it out/see it in person before purchasing? Getting dinged with customs is really the worst!

      Hah, it’s too bad Viseart doesn’t have duos; even if you’re not a huge eye shadow person, then at least you could justify that!

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  5. I can highly recommend Colourpop lippie stix as well as super shock shadows – they’re great quality and affordable at the same time 🙂 I would love to get my hands on of their eyeshadow palettes as well. And that Honey Potion mask… omg it sounds like just the kind of masks I enjoy.

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    • That’s awesome, thank you for the recommendation on the Lippie Stix and Super Shock shadows 🙂 Their palettes DO look very gorgeous, don’t they?
      I just realized today that I had a sample of the Honey Potion mask, so I tried it. Just as a first impression, it was good but not sure if it would be worth the price!

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      • They have so many gorgeous palettes! I think I like the first one they released the best. I think it’s called “Yes Please”

        Oh okay, nice to know about the honey mask. I don’t anything with honey in it automatically makes me want it hahaha 😀

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  6. This is a fun idea – I might do this too!

    I also want to try ColorPop and The Ordinary this year. I’m disappointed because I thought Sephora was going to start carrying ColorPop but it seems like that was just a temporary thing. 😦

    I had a sample of the Drunk Elephant VItamin C serum and I hated it – I couldn’t even use it all because it smelled like cat pee and was so sticky. It turned me off the brand. Plus they’re so expensive!

    I have the Viseart Theory palette in Amethyst and it’s great – is it worth $60? I’m on the fence.

    Hopefully you get to try some of these brands in 2018!

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    • Yessss do it girl! I need more inspiration on what I should spend my money on this year…ahem.

      I didn’t know Sephora carrying Colourpop was a temporary thing! But I did think it was a “we’ll carry 5% of the Colourpop collection” which is ridiculous.

      Ewww, cat pee?! I actually found a little sample sachet of the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil in my stash. It was okay, but definitely not worth the price tag.

      Yes, I remember you getting the Amethyst Theory palette for Christmas! That’s what reignited my desire to own something from Viseart. But the fact you are on the fence about its value makes me second-guess!

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  7. I absolutely swear by a few of The Ordinary products. I find most are simple formulations that do deliver without over complicating or adding too much fragrance. I use the Niacinamide + Zinc daily to help deal with post break out pigmentation, and it’s definitely helping to fade it away. I also find that it acts as a great component to priming the skin before make up as it also tends to shrink pores and even skin tone 👍🏻

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