Feel-Good Friday

TGIF, everyone! Here’s another Feel-Good Friday post with random things in my life right now.

What I’m Up to Lately:

Because we spent way too much treating ourselves during the holidays, my husband and I are doing a life no-buy in January (basically we can’t buy anything but necessities) and it is killing me slowly. My hands are itching to swipe a credit card on something FUN (ie. makeup and clothes)!

Things I’ve Been Loving:


Have any of you watched Black Mirror on Netflix? When Season 3 came out last year (two years ago?), I binged-watched it in three days and then fell into a state of depression afterwards, because it’s so dark and I watched too much all at once. Season 4 came out a few weeks ago, and I was smarter about it this time because I paced myself. Black Mirror is basically a social commentary/satire on how technology can do amazing things for society, but how there is a dark side to it. We already see this today in a less extreme way; eg. social media as a form of keeping in touch of people, but also used to compare how much more glamorous other people’s lives are. Each episode is standalone, and some of the technologies they talk about already exist or are related to things that exist (virtual reality, social media, online dating), while others may be possible in the not-so-distant future (alternate realities). Although most episodes end quite dark and disturbing, a few have happy endings. It’s an outstanding show and I highly recommend it!


I have been really into drinking tea as of late. My favourites have been David’s Tea Just Peachy herbal tea and the Green Passionfruit green tea. They’re good warm, but I can’t wait to try them iced in the summer!

In other food news, we recently discovered these Coconut Clusters from Costco and they are SO delicious! It contains coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and is the perfect millennial snack because it’s gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, etc, etc.  Those that don’t like the taste of coconut, stay away – this is super coconutty!



I am not at all a gamer, but I just finished playing a video game called Little Nightmares. Back in the summer, I randomly stumbled across someone playing it on YouTube and felt I needed to play it myself. Despite the name, it’s not a horror game, but it’s cute and creepy at the same time. You play a tiny girl in a yellow raincoat and navigate your way through a ship while encountering ugly monster things. I absolutely loved the artwork, which drew me into the game in the first place). I’ve been doing a lot of research on the backstory since finishing the game since no context is given in the game, and it’s all so fascinating.


On My Wish List:

Stila has come out with some new Shimmer & Glow highlighters, and I need them all in my life! Okay, maybe not all, but I am definitely going to get Cloud, a mauvey-purple with gold shimmer.


I often leave my engagement/wedding ring on my bedside table, and my husband gets annoyed because they might fall off the table and get vacuumed up or something. I would say that’s a legitimate concern, so I’ve been looking for a cute ring holder. I’ve found these dishes from Marbella Dish and think they’re so gorgeous. Even better, they are made locally, although I still had to pay $10 shipping for them. They have ~20 different colours and I spent two hours on the website deciding which one I wanted. Can’t I just get one in every colour?!


Since I’m doing a vanity makeover, I’ve been doing a lot of research on makeup storage. Maybe everyone already knows about these except for me, but I recently discovered Vanity Collections and they have THE most amazing acrylic makeup storage ever. It’s an Australian company, so the exchange rate would pretty much be on par with Canadian dollars, but I assume that the customs charge would be ugly. Plus, the dividers are designed mainly to fit the Ikea Alex drawers, which I refuse to get (only because everyone has them). Ah well, it’s nice to look anyways. Note: the photos from above are NOT my collection, they’re photos from the website that show how you can use the dividers!

Even though everyone says that these palettes are as boring as you can get and I agree with that sentiment, I find myself extremely attracted to the Too Faced White Peach palette, as well as the ABH Soft Glam. WHY?!



The other day, I started using the Snow Sugar scent from the Delectable hand cream set that was released during the holidays, and the smell brings me straight back to childhood. It reminds me of these bath oil beads that I was obsessed with collecting as a kid and kept making my mom buy. I haven’t thought of these things in YEARS. Does anyone else remember these?? I did some research to find the photos and it seems like they only sell them on Chinese websites like Aliexpress now – no thank you.

That’s it for this week’s Feel-Good Friday! What have you been loving lately? Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Credit for Featured Image: Ivory Mix

19 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. LOVE the Feel Good Friday vibes! Also I’m obsessed with those ring dishes they are gorgous, your vanity would give my makeup-loving cousin all the feels – its so organized I’m amazed! And the oil beads!! I totally remember being obsessed with those as a kid!
    Happy Friday!

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  2. I have been hearing about Black Mirror for over a year now but still haven’t gotten round to watching it! My friends sometimes talk about it. I’ll have to get round to watching it at some point but right now, I am lazy with watching any dramas/films. 😂 (I have been into reading lately, instead.) Black Mirror definitely sounds like a genre that I’ll enjoy though. I don’t normally watch dark dramas but I do really like themes that make you think and challenge your perception.

    Those Marbella dishes look gorgeous! 😍
    TBH I think it’s not that the eyeshadow palettes that you mentioned are boring but because there’s been so many that’s been launching left, right and centre that the market has become soooo saturated and consumers feel like they have shades like those already or have seen shades like those already.

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    • I think Dark Mirror is a good show to get into if you’re not into watching TV series, since each episode is standalone. You can just pick a random episode to watch whenever you have time (which I think is about 45 mins-1 hour long) without having to watch or continue the whole show. It’s a bit exaggerated, but it’s definitely a show that will make you think about where technology is leading us!

      Yes yes, that is very true! A lot of people have been collecting palettes for years and they definitely have some version of those shades in their collection somewhere.


  3. I should go on a no-buy but… I’m addicted. 😆 I haven’t been buying a LOT but little things here and there. They do add up!

    Ok now I want to play that Little Nightmares game! The graphics does look really interesting! I haven’t played a game in ages!

    Yes get one in every colour of that ring holder… or erm, at least 4 so you can switch out for each season! 😉

    omg I remember those oil beads! I had containers of them! I think they were deemed a choking hazard. LOL 😆

    Jedi mind trick: you do NOT need those palettes. These are not the palettes you’re looking for… ooO OooO OOO 😉

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    • It really DOES add up! I haven’t bought anything “fun” this month regardless of how cheap the item is, and I’m actually amazed at how little I’ve spent.

      Oooh yes, play Little Nightmares!! Although I do have to warn you that a lot of reviews say the time it takes to finish the game is very short (a few hours for most people). Of course, I am not used to using the controller, so it probably took me double the normal time, haha.

      Oooh, one for every season, that is a brilliant idea! 😉

      LOL I’m glad you collected them too! They were a choking hazard?! Well, I guess I can see that. They do look like gummy candies…

      I’m now brainwashed to not want those palettes anymore…I wish!


  4. I totally remember those bath oil beads!! I was also obsessed with them! Oh man, I think I watched about three episodes of Black Mirror last year (maybe two years ago for me too). The episode that stopped that was the one where the teenage boy gets blackmailed with a video of him pleasuring himself.. and he has to do such terrible things. You know the one.

    Anyways, I was like WHY AM I WATCHING THIS NO MORE!! Lol

    Love the idea of feel good Fridays!

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  5. Okay you’ve really intrigued me with Black Mirror – everyone is talking about it but I don’t know if I can incorporate any more disturbing tv shows/podcasts into my life. Is it more disturbing that The Walking Dead?

    Okay I know nothing about gaming, what system do you play your video games on?

    Those ring holder plates are so cute – I have a little dog ring holder on my night stand and I hang my ring on his ear every night before I go to bed. The plate is prettier though!

    I’ve been looking for makeup storage ideas too – I think I want a few acrylic organizers for my vanity. I have a couple right now but none of them are that functional.

    OMG bath beads! What a throwback, I remember dissolving so many of those in a bath and I’m come out covered in film. They were fun to play with!

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    • Oooh, Black Mirror is a same but different type of disturbing compared to The Walking Dead. Walking Dead has more gore (generally) whereas Black Mirror is more “humans do some screwed up things” (although that happens in Walking Dead too) and “technology is going to F us over one day” type of disturbing.

      Okay, the whole video game thing is kind of confusing, my husband sets it up for me LOL. We do own a PS3 and Xbox1 (neither of which I use), but he bought Little Nightmares using a website called Steam, which allows you to play video games on your computer or phone. Sometimes I see him playing on the consoles, sometimes he plays on his laptop – I’m not sure if you can play the same games using all three of the methods!

      Aww but the dog ring holder is PERFECT for you since you’re a dog mama!

      Ugh, acrylic organizers are so expensive for what they are! Like it’s just a clear plastic organizer, why are you charging me $60-$145 :/

      Hahaha those bath beads probably left such a slippery mess in the bathtub, but all we cared about was that they were fun and pretty!

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