Review: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I am reviewing pink products for the next two weeks! After using this palette exclusively for almost two months, I think I’m ready to review the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. This palette has been out for two years already so it’s been reviewed by everyone and their grandmas, BUT the reason for having a blog is getting my own opinions of beauty products out there, so I DO WHAT I WANT!

I feel like I need to start a new series: “P&I Gets Sucked into Cute Packaging Again – Did This Product Actually Work?” but with a better name. Most of you might know that this palette got a ridiculous amount of hype when it came out for the first time in spring of 2016, mostly due to the packaging, the peach scent, and because it was limited edition. To be fair, I did not actually buy this only because of the hype it received back then. I went to university with a girl who wore the prettiest shimmery duochrome coral-peach eye shadow every day. I never asked her what colour it was (I always thought it might be MAC’s Expensive Pink), but I feel like I’ve always been on a low-key search of a shimmery peach shade since. This palette has those shimmery peach shades!


The Basics

The 18-shadow palette retails for $59 CAD and can be purchased at Sephora or on the Too Faced website. It consists of pinks, corals, neutrals, and purples, and the packaging says it is “bulk made in the USA, assembled in Dominican Republic”. Also included is a little booklet with three different look ideas you can recreate using the shades in the palette.



The Packaging

The shadows in the Sweet peach palette are housed in a rectangular metal case with a magnetic closure. The magnet doesn’t feel particularly strong, but at least it doesn’t open up when I hold the palette by its lid. As usual, Too Faced’s kitschy and childish packaging gets me again. The case is so adorable – an ombre peach pattern with little raised peaches where all of the pans inside are, as well as a peach with the name of the palette on the bottom right corner. Inside, the palette has a mirror with the same ombre peach design all around it, as well as the name of the brand and palette.


The Formula


As most people know, this palette smells of peaches. It’s an artificial scent which is quite strong, and may turn some people off. I personally love the scent, although the smell is not detectable to me once the shadow is applied on my lids. However, when I was doing swatches for the blog, I tried to smell the swatches on my arm, and they still carried the scent of peaches.

The Shade Range

A lot of the complaints about this palette is that it wasn’t peachy enough, especially considering the name. I can definitely understand the validity of this complaint, considering only three, arguably four, shades can be called peach. However, to play devil’s advocate, I must say that I do like the variety of shades (with a few exceptions), because I enjoy having more colour selection to choose from, rather than just varying shades of peach.


Top Row:

White Peach – Satin white with good pigmentation, both swatched and on the eyes.

Luscious – Shimmery rose gold. Very buttery and pigmented – a clear standout in the palette.

Just Peachy – Warm pink with a golden shimmer that kind of reminds me of Nars Orgasm. Swatches quite well, but takes a lot of patting on the lids to get decent coverage.

Bless Her Heart – Shimmery army green. Formula feels very smooth and swatches nicely, but needs a lot of layering on the eyes.

Tempting – Deep brown-black with bronze microshimmers. Texture is feels gritty, but colour payoff on swatch is good. However, it needs a bit of building up on the lids.

Charmed, I’m Sure – Medium matte brown. Very dry and patchy, and takes a lot of layering to get good coverage on the eyes.


Middle Row:

Nectar – Shimmery cream. Soft and pigmented shade, and looks a lot less yellow swatched than in the pan

Cobbler – Red-based bronze shade. Pigmented colour and butter texture, yet another standout of the palette.

Candied Peach – Bright matte coral with pink glitters. The texture has a dry, sandpapery feel and it takes several layers to build to full pigmentation. The glitter doesn’t adhere to the matte shade very well, but there’s no fallout beneath the eyes.

Bellini – Shimmery pink with a golden duochrome. The texture is buttery and the colour payoff is excellent in swatches, but must be packed on when applying to the lid.

Peach Pit – Red based purple-brown shimmer. Feels very dry to the touch, but colour payoff is surprisingly good both in swatches and on the eye.

Delectable – Deep eggplant purple that is mostly matte with slight shimmer. Similar to Peach Pit, this feels very dry and is powdery when swatching. Applies pretty patchily but can be layered up to decent coverage.


Bottom Row:

Peaches ‘N Cream  – Warm matte cream. Texture is very smooth and has great pigmentation.

Georgia – Matte light peach – pinker than Peaches ‘N Cream above. Dry formula, but colour payoff is fairly good.

Caramelized – Shimmery warm bronze. Very soft and buttery, pigmented with one swatch.

Puree – Medium warm brown matte shade. The texture is a little dry, but the colour payoff is quite good.

Summer Yum – Red-based brown. Texture and pigmentation is very similar to Puree’s – slightly dry but with good pigmentation.

Talk Derby to Me – Matte black with purple glitter. It has a very gritty texture due to the glitter and is patchy both in swatches and on the eyes. The glitter causes a little bit of fallout underneath the eyes.

Georgia as transition shade, Bless Her Heart all over lid, Puree to deepen crease, Tempting to deepen outer V, Nectar for browbone highlight


Georgia as transition shade, Candied Peach all over lid, Luscious in middle of lid, Summer Yum to deepen crease, White Peach as browbone highlight


Georgia as transition shade, Bellini on inner part of lid, Just Peachy in the middle of the lid, Tempting to deepen outer V, Puree to deepen crease, Peaches N’ Cream as browbone highlight
Georgia as transition shade, Peach Pit all over lid, Delectable to deepen outer V, Summer Yum to deepen crease, Nectar as browbone highlight


Georgia as transition shade, Cobbler all over lid, Summer Yum to deepen crease, Carmelized to deepen outer V, Peaches N’ Cream as highlight

I do like that I can use this palette alone to create a full eye look without having to reach for other palettes, but there are still a few things I would change about the colour selection in the palette:

-Charmed, I’m Sure is the palette’s deepest matte brown shade, and I think the palette could benefit from a (better quality) deep matte brown for deepening up the outer V. Although I like having two different satin highlights and one matte highlight to choose from, it’s unnecessary to have three highlight shades in one palette. I think they could have replaced one of the shimmery highlights with a dark matte brown instead.

-Puree and Summer Yum are most likely used by people to darken the crease, and while Summer Yum is more red-toned, they are similar enough to justify not having both in the palette. I would replace Summer Yum with a matte wine shade similar to Just Ripe or Peach Sangria from the brand’s Just Peachy palette.

-Although Talk Derby to Me is more purple and Tempting is more brown, the two are essentially blacks. I would replace it with one more peach shade.


The Formula

Despite most of these swatching fairly well, this palette is the classic case of not only trusting swatches to show the quality of an eyeshadow palette. While most of them swatch decently, a lot of the shades in the palette don’t perform well on the eyes. Some of the shades feel quite firmly packed into the pan, resulting in a dry, powdery formula. There are a few shades like Bellini, which automatically catches my eye in the palette and it swatches beautifully, but it takes so long to layer enough on my lids to get good colour payoff. The same goes for Candied Peach, Bless Her Heart, Just Peachy, Charmed, I’m Sure, and Talk Derby to Me. Too Faced has also got to stop with the matte shadows infused with glitters (Candied Peach, Talk Derby to Me) – raise your hand if you actually like this finish! *crickets chirp*

On the other hand, Luscious, Nectar, Cobbler, Peaches ‘N Cream, and Caramelized all have outstanding pigmentation and texture. However, when the three best shades in a peach-themed palettes are all neutrals, you know that something has gone wrong.


-Cute Packaging
-Can create a variety of looks with different shades
-Can create a full eye look using only this palette
-Good mix of shades and finishes
-Smells nice

-Only contains three peachy shades
-Quality and performance of shadows are varied
-Scent may be bothersome to some people

An overall summary of what I think of the palette: A decent palette of neutral shades, but a bit hit and miss in terms of quality. Overall, I don’t think it’s worth the investment or the hype.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it?


33 thoughts on “Review: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

  1. I’m always behind everyone with more expensive palettes, it’s great to read lots of opinions even if there’s already reviews out there ☺️ This is one of those palettes I really wanted when it first came out, I’m a sucker for cute packaging and peach scented things are a favourite. The fact it’s too faced is what put me off, I haven’t had the best luck when it comes to them and consistency with eyeshadows. They make some amazing ones but they almost always have at least two or three duds, and that’s in a palette of nine.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m always behind, too! I see a new palette I want, then obsessively read reviews to make sure it’s good. By the time I actually get around to it, no one’s talking about it anymore! But sometimes it’s good to read new reviews for old products because the hype factor won’t play a part in the review.

      You are so right, the quality of the Too Faced palettes are pretty hit-or-miss! I’ve only owned limited edition holiday palettes from them and thought their permanent palettes might be a more consistent quality, but I think they’re all inconsistent that across the board.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think I have any limited edition ones. I have 3 of the standard small ones and only one has mostly good colours.

        I think the chocolate bar palettes sound like they’re consistent and pretty good. So many people rave about them I still want them but haven’t been able to see one in person to try out. I’ll be behind getting that one too if I do!

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  2. I have this palette & absolutely love it. But I am a fan of Too Faced shadows anyway. I get that the peach theme extends to the colours one might find on an actual peach tree and I’m not too cut about the lack of actual peach shades.
    Having said all that I do agree with you on two major points.
    One NOBODY likes the mattes with glitter in them, why do they persist in putting these in nearly all of these style of palettes??!!?? They couldn’t possibly be getting good feed back on them.
    And two , I could have done without the three cream matte / shimmer shades , the extremely similar browns and the similar darker colours. Still love it though 🙂
    Great in depth review & I loved seeing the different looks you created.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome that you love this palette!
      Haha, Too Faced probably isn’t listening to any feedback when it comes to the finishes…they always have at least one of those matte shades with glitter in most of their palettes, and they’re always duds.
      They definitely could have taken the whole “all shades from a peach tree” idea and done a better job with creating more unique shades rather than three light shades and very similar browns!
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this palette 🙂

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  3. It does look like a mix bag of quality / textures in this palette. It’s challenging with 18 shades to get them all consistent, I suppose. I do have a gripe with how this palette isn’t all that peachy! What gives… there are so many neutral / brown palettes out there aleady, why only pay lip service to the colour PEACH? And yes, 3 highlight shades is excessive! They could have added 2 more peach shades instead. I seriously don’t understand the matte + random glitter formula. So dumb.
    I do really love the looks you’ve created, especially the 2nd one – the PEACHY one – and the 4th one, smokey!
    I think my SO would love the scent of this – he loves peachy smells! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • According to Amy (TheMakeupCase17), it’s supposed to mimic all the shades you can find on a peach, from the stem to the leaves to the pit. The colours of the palette make sense now! But still, they definitely could have taken out some highlights and browns and added an extra peach shade or two.
      Haha, I remember you saying your SO loves peach scents! If he wore makeup, this would be right up his alley, haha!

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  4. I wanted this palette BAD when it first came out, but it sold out so fast. Then it was rereleased & I still wanted it at first but then just suddenly changed my mind.

    I did read they wanted to incorporate all shades you can find in a peach, from the leaves to the skin down to the pit. Which overall makes sense if you knew what they were going for.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I went through the exact same processas you, only I never got over owning it. Kind of wish I did now that I have used it, though!

      I never knew that they were trying to incorporate all the colours you can find in a peach, but the palette colour choices make so much more sense now! Thanks for sharing that tidbit of information!


  5. I tried buying this one during the Too Faced 50% off sale after LUSTING after it for years, and after reading this review I’m so glad Too Faced stiffed me and didn’t process my order. I wish there were more peachy colors in it!

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  6. I don’t think reviews can come too late to the party!
    Firstly I loved seeing your eye looks in this post! 😍😍😍 those peachy tones look great on you!
    When this palette first launched I was in a huge peach eyeshadow phase with other brands already, so when I saw it’s launch I was like “YES!” Then was let down when the colour selection was revealed, but the shades in this palette do compliment each other well and now I’m less about the peach all the time, it’s one I’d maybe consider buying! The only too faced palette I have I’m not particularly fond of, so would definitely require a swatch session in store to see colours and texture!


    • Thanks, Rachael! Yes, I definitely went through a similar phase as you when it came to wanting this palette. It’s one of those that work better swatched than applied, I think, but it’s generally still a pretty, versatile palette.


  7. Man, but the swatches do actually look great in the photos! (or at least to me with my limited use of eyeshadows lol.) Shame about the actual performance for what seems to be most of the palette though, but for what it’s worth, you created some really beautiful eye looks with it and made it work! Did you say you owned the other peachy palette too of Too Faced? How does that fare if so?

    You’re right – I’m not keen on the glitter finish of Talk Derby To Me. It looks really chunky in the pan for a start.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The swatches ARE nice! And no, I don’t own the other peachy palette…I’m undecided if I want that one or not, haha!

      Ugh, Too Faced has at least ONE eye shadow in every palette with that matte base + glitter. Why are they putting that in the palettes, nobody uses them!


  8. Honestly, I haven’t used this palette a ton since I got it, but I do think it is really nice. With my limited use, I haven’t run into any performance problems with the shadows. I also think the matte shadows with glitter are pointless. The only pro to them is that you are effectively getting another matte shade, since the glitter literally just falls out. I wonder if they make these shadows just so they look pretty in the pan?

    Anyways, I can’t wait until this palette is chosen for my palette roulette so that I can really use it to it’s maximum potential! I think the best attribute of this palette is its versatility. The range of looks that you can create with it, simply due to the colour story, is incredible. I realize some people have complained that there isn’t enough peach, but I truly believe that if more peachy shades had been included, this palette would have been worse. And people would have complained that there were too many similar shadows. So many shades that look different in the pan, turn out to look the same on the eye. This is exactly the case in the White Peach palette, where they have quite a few pinks and peaches, and guess what, they all look nearly the same when used (and that’s forgetting about the terrible shadow quality).

    Anyways, I loved your review and all of your eye looks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm, I actually never thought about Too Faced doing the matte shadow with glitters it just for aesthetic reasons, but you might be onto something! I mean, if they wanted a palette to perform like a true matte…why didn’t they just do a true matte?

      I 100% agree with your statement on the versatility of the palette. You are totally right in that it was definitely a lose/lose situation for TF in that people would complain whether it was released the way it was, or if it had more peachy shades.


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