My First ColourPop Haul

Today’s post is an exciting one for me – my very first haul from ColourPop! I’m so late to the game as people have been using their products for years, but I’ve always held off on buying from them because 1) The exchange rate wasn’t working in my favour, 2) I hate paying for duties and pretty much try to avoid it at all costs. I decided to bite the bullet this year and just go for it, considering  our Canadian won’t be improving anytime soon so I may be waiting for years to try the brand. Read on to see my experience ordering from this brand, and of course what products I picked out!

Ordering/Shipping Experience

I placed my order from the ColourPop website on Thursday, February 8th, and received an email on Monday, February 12 that my order had been shipped. The website states that orders usually ship within 3-5 business days of the order being placed, unless there is a high volume due to new releases. Considering that their new Lux lipsticks had been restocked the day I made my order, I assumed that their volume would have spiked and I would have to wait a little longer for my order to ship. It still got out the door within the normal period of time, which I was impressed by!

Shipping is $5.99 USD within the US, or free for orders over $35 USD; for international customers, a purchase of $50 USD or up is eligible for free shipping, otherwise it’s a flat rate of $9.99 USD. The order I placed was $54 USD, just over the $50 limit – I did this purposely in order to receive free shipping to Canada, haha!

My order arrived at my community mailbox in Monday, February 19, a full week after receiving the shipping confirmation. I was hoping my package would arrive on the Friday prior, which would have allowed me to take photos of my haul during the long weekend, so I was a little bummed when it didn’t arrive that Friday. However, it made it just in the nick of time the following Monday, when I still had just enough sunlight to get some photos in!

Anyways, back to my order – I was anticipating customs charges, but somehow I got lucky and didn’t get dinged for customs. Oh, lucky day! The $54 USD order translated to $70.99 CAD, which consisted of 9 products – this means that my average price per item went from $6 USD to $7.89 CAD; not quite as good of a deal as when you’re buying in US currency, but still not bad!

The Products

Now the fun part – the haul! In terms of choosing which products to purchase, I was a little overwhelmed because my cart had gotten so large over the years from adding things on my wish list into it. Even though ColourPop products are so affordable, I wanted so many items that this haul could have easily been over $100 USD. Ultimately, I decided that my goal for this haul was to try one or two shades from every type of product that I was interested in. I did some research on formulas and swatches to narrow my choices down, and finally ended up with 9 picks.

ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Hippo, ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in November


I don’t need anymore highlighters in my life, but I’ve been wanting to try the Super Shock Highlighters for so long that I couldn’t do my first ColourPop Haul without picking one up. Surprisingly, none of the shades really popped out at me – I felt like a lot of them were champagne/pearl/gold shades that I already own a million versions of from other brands. At the same time, I wasn’t interested in “out there” shades like blues and purples that I wouldn’t get any use out of. I ended up picking the shade Hippo, a lilac-pink. It’s a lot more purple-toned than I anticipated, so we’ll have to see what I think of it applied.


The one thing I was really hesitant about was lip colour. I have a hard time buying lipsticks without swatching or trying them on because my skin tone doesn’t work with a lot of shades, particularly nudes – what looks like the perfect nude on other people in photos/videos has a tendency to make me look dead. The lip products I wanted to try the most were their Lippie Stix, their Ultra Satin Lips, and their new Lux Lipsticks, which had just launched on January 31st.

Ultra Satin Lips

Out of the lipstick formulas I chose, I thought the Ultra Satin formula would have the most potential to make me look corpse-like, so I looked up swatch after swatch to make sure I wasn’t buying a shade that would look too light on me. I ended up with November which is a warm peachy-pink – should be safe, right? I didn’t realize until my order came that this was released in a collaboration with Kathleen Lights.

Top to Bottom: ColourPop Lippie Stix in Topanga and Lumiere

Lippie Stix

From the Lippie Stix, I chose Topanga, another coral-pink shade (I think I’m subconsciously stocking up lipsticks for spring…) This looked so gorgeous in swatches, so I hope it looks flattering on me. I also picked up Lumiere, which is a shade I’ve wanted since it was first released (also in collaboration with Kathleen Lights). This one looked like a mauve shade in swatches, which tends to be a safe shade for me since it’s my natural lip colour.

From left to right: ColourPop Lux Lipsticks in Lay Over and Still Crazy

Lux Lipsticks

I hadn’t intended on picking up the Lux Lipsticks, but I saw that ColourPop had sold out of most of their Lux Lipsticks as soon as it launched and that it was restocking in the few days I was thinking of ordering, so I waited to make my order on the restock day. There were about five shades I was interested in, but I didn’t want to go crazy considering I didn’t know whether I would like the formula. I picked up two shades, Still Crazy, which is a nude on me, as well as Lay Over, a medium pink. The packaging of these lipsticks is gorgeous!

Colourpop_Super_Shock Shadows.jpg
Clockwise from top left: ColourPop Super Shock Shadows in Game Face, Weenie, So Quiche


Pretty much the only eye product I wanted to try from the brand for my initial haul, were their Super Shock Shadows, although I think later on I would like to do another haul of their pressed shadows! The shades I picked were Game Facea bright copper which is a colour I’ve somehow never owned anything similar to even though I’ve owned hundreds of eyeshadows, as well as Weenie, a rose gold that is yet again was released by Kathleen Lights. I don’t even watch Kathleen very often and I in no way set out to buy any of her products on purpose, but apparently I like her taste! The last shade is So Quiche, a really interesting dirty taupe shade packed with glitter.

That is it for my first ColourPop haul! I know my choices were quite neutral and boring. But I had to be honest with myself: in terms of eye makeup, I almost always go for a neutral eye, and when it comes to lip products, I already own a bunch of bright lipsticks that I only get to use on weekends. I couldn’t justify getting anything bright for my lips OR my eyes at this point in time. Maybe in my next ColourPop haul, I’ll include some more colourful picks!

Have you tried any of these shades? What’s your favourite product from ColourPop that I should pick up in my next haul?

38 thoughts on “My First ColourPop Haul

  1. That’s awesome you didn’t have any customs charges! I hope this is the new norm for Canadian orders 😀

    I’ve been eyeing that Topanga Lippie stix for a while, same with the lux lipsticks! Lay is such a pretty shade 🙂

    You’ve got to try their pressed eyeshadows the next time you order!

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    • Wouldn’t that be awesome?? I have a feeling we just got lucky, though…haha. Maybe it’s time to test out that theory by ordering more ColourPop XD

      Oooh yes, I haven’t made up my mind on whether I like the way Topanga looks on me, but it would look gorgeous on your skin tone! Definitely try to time your next order for when they restock the Lux Lipsticks…I can’t believe how quickly they keep selling out.

      The pressed shadows are on my list of things to try from them! I just wanted to try the Super Shock shadows first since it’s a more unique formula.

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      • I know Nova just placed an order too so we’ll have to see if she gets charged customs or not in BC! If not, then I might place yet another order…

        Sometimes it’s really hard to tell isn’t it? Especially with how skin tones can change with the seasons. ColourPop always sells out so fast! They do lots of restocks though, I saw that the She palette was recently restocked again after their “final restock” a few months ago.

        The super shock shadows are definitely unique! I love that I don’t need a primer when I wear them because they stay on all day 🙂

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        • Oh yes, good point about Nova’s order!

          Good point about skin tones changing with seasons! Sometimes there are nudes I wear during the winter that I can’t wear in the summer because it washes me out. I saw the restock of the She palette too, it made me think of you haha. So much for “final restock”!

          I’m so surprised by how long lasting the super shock shadows are! I thought being a cream product that it would definitely wear off more easily.


          • I’m not even sure that I believe this is the last restock anymore! It’s already sold out and CP seems to restock palettes until they stop selling out.

            I was surprised too! Whatever they’re doing they did it right when designing the formula 😀

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  2. I still have never ordered off the ColourPop site! I’m glad to hear that you weren’t dinged with customs charges!

    Oooh I’ve had the highlighter shade in Hippo on my radar for ages. I think it would look so stunning over top a bright pink blush!
    The Lux Lipsticks are so eye catching! What is that formula supposed to offer – long wearing or creamy / comfortable wear? (it’s always a trade-off, isn’t it? 😉 ) Did you just basically order the same MLBB type shade 3 times over though… ? 😆

    I’ve finally opened the Super Shock eye shadows and they’re a fun product to use. I tested them with my fingers and with brushes and they worked well both ways. My main concern is them drying out in the pot as I’ve heard they have a lifespan of about 2 years.

    Well now Sephora Canada stocks some ColourPop online – you may not have to keep ordering from the US if they expand their selection.

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    • The ordering process was really good! I just wish that ColourPop customers could pay for duties up front while they’re ordering so that there aren’t any surprises when the package arrives.

      Oooh, you’re right, Hippo would pop over a bright pink blush!

      LOL according to its marketing, the Lux Lipsticks are supposed to be both creamy AND long-lasting, but like you said it’s usually a trade-off. I would say that it’s more creamy/comfortable wear than it is long-lasting, but it’s not as comfortable as, say, a Shiseido lipstick because it has more of a matte finish.

      I didn’t know you owned the Super Shock shadows! They ARE really fun to play with, although I haven’t tried applying them with a brush yet. I’ve heard they can dry out too – that makes me panic a little!

      When I heard that Sephora Canada was stocking ColourPop, I was SO excited, but then was let down when I saw how little of a selection they have compared to the official website. The Semi-Precious palette you got is gorgeous, though! Like you said, hopefully they continue expanding their selection.


  3. I have the So Quiche shadow and LOOOVE it. Partridge is another fave. If you like rose gold, La La is a good pick.

    I love the formula of the Ultra Satin liquid lips, but they tend to bleed so a lip liner is a must. I have the shades Frick N Frack & Barracuda.

    The pressed shadows are really good too. I have 5 of them & want more.

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    • Oooh, thanks for the Super Shock Shadow recommendations! Partridge and La La are both stunning!

      Thanks for letting me know that the Ultra Satin lips bleed. ColourPop lip liners are next on my list of products to try from them – I’ve heard good things and it seems like most people use them in conjunction with their lip products!

      They have such a huge selection of pressed shadows…how do you even choose?!


    • Sorry for the late reply – I’m trying to catch up on my comments! I really wish more companies would charge for duties at checkout – that way there’s no surprise for the customer when the package arrives.

      Thank you, lovey!


  4. Ooooh I’m so jealous – I want to try Colorpop so bad! I love everything you picked up, especially the lip products! I’m going to be near an Ulta in a few weeks and if I make it there I’m hoping to pick up a few things from them, assuming they have stock in. Great haul – can’t wait for reviews!

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    • I’m jealous you get so many opportunities to go to Ulta! Fingers crossed there will be a good selection of ColourPop items there, especially because then you can swatch/test out formulas instead of ordering somewhat blind.


  5. Your photos are incredible! I’m so happy you got to take them. I loved your review. As a fellow Canadian, I get the exchange rate, duties and taxes mess. I really want to try out ColourPop, like you said the money situation isn’t getting any better, so I guess I should just go for it. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, that’s so sweet of you!

      I’ve heard from other Canadian bloggers that they haven’t had to pay for duties on their recent ColourPop orders either, so hopefully we only have to worry about the exchange rate. Hopefully it’s the same when you make my order – you should totally go for it!

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