Feel-Good Friday

Hello, and welcome to another installment of my Feel-Good Friday series!

First off, a life update. Life is legitimately kicking my butt right now. My work is implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is going live April 1st, which means there’s 15 workdays to go and we just started to receive training on it at the end of this past week. Yeah, it’s bad. Getting training this late in the game means that we’re pulled into full-day training sessions for days at a time, while still trying to manage our regular workload. This means I’ve been working 12-13 hours every day and sometimes on the weekend, which leaves little time to do much else when I come home, other than eat, sleep, and shower. I’ve been more consistent with my blogging this year than I have been since starting my blog, and I feel like this is totally derailing my progress. With my blogging getting more consistent and me also wanting to spend time trying to get better at my new craft, calligraphy, I’ve been so disappointed. It feel like there’s not enough time in a day to achieve everything. Anyways, where I’m going with this is I might not be as active in the next little while, but please be patient with me!

I’ve been obsessed the YouTube channel Crime Watch Daily, which is hosted by Chris Hansen, the television journalist who used to host Dateline, another show I used to love. After binge-watching several cases on Crime Watch Daily show, I get so scared and paranoid that I’m going to be killed by a loved one (what?) or a total stranger. But I can’t stop myself from watching!



After I finished the video game Little Nightmares that I spoke about in my last Feel-Good Friday post, I found the trailer for this beautifully illustrated game called Last Day of June. All of the reviews make it sound like some critically-acclaimed indie movie from the Sundance Film Festival or something – “unique and evocative”, “Probably going to make me cry”, “Beautiful imagery and delicate music”. It interested me, but I promptly forgot about it because I rarely ever play video games. However, my husband recently got this game as part of his March Steam Humble Bundle (think beauty subscription boxes but for video games, and you get a digital copy of the games instead of getting a box sent to your doorway) which means I get a chance to play it! I just have to find the time now…


I stopped doing book reviews on my blog, but I’ve been reading a ton this year. My favourites so far: Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker, which is a psychological thriller that I just finished earlier in the week. I thought I was over this genre as I’ve found these types of books pretty boring in the last year or two, but this one was a page-turner. The other one I enjoyed earlier in the year was The Lake House by Kate Morton. It’s my second book by this author and I’ve really loved both (the first was The Secret Keeper, which I actually liked even more than The Lake House). I call Kate Morton’s books “mommy-suspense” because both books have involved secrets that mothers keep from their families. I like these because there’s still a bit of a twist to the stories, but they’re much lighter, and unlike most psychological thrillers, the characters are actually likeable.



Kate Spade x Keds have released new designs for sneakers meant for brides to wear during their wedding, and how cute are these and these new ones? I would totally wear them every day! I still prefer their originals just because of the glitter and ribbon design – I actually wanted these as my dancing shoes for my own wedding last year, but their smallest size was too big for me! I curse you, small feet…




I’ve wanted a watch for the longest time, but I’ve always had a hard time finding one with a face small enough to fit my skinny wrists. Last month, I discovered this beautiful rose gold Rosefield Analog West Village watch that fits my wrist perfectly! I love that the face is more of a cream than a stark white (which looks a little off on my skin tone). The beige suede strap is beautiful, although I’m sure it’s gonna get dirty in no time – they also have the same strap in blush and dusty blue, and I need both in my life.




Because I love everything with a beach/ocean theme, I desperately want this Tarte Be a Mermaid & Make Waves palette, probably 80% due to the packaging. Can you imagine it sitting on the vanity?! Someone please help me stop this madness.



Our friend group loves to get together for games night, and the most recent game we’ve been obsessed over is Pandemic. The players all work as a team of disease control specialists with unique abilities who try to cure and eradicate disease outbreaks. It is one of the more difficult board games we’ve played, which makes it that much more addictive! Last weekend, we played three rounds before we won. My husband just bought two expansion packs!

What have you discovered lately that you’ve been loving?

12 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. I’m sorry life has been so stressful lately for you! I hope you get through the training quickly so things get back to normal. There really isn’t enough time in a day for all the things we want to do. You’ve done great keeping up with blogging though, I’m so impressed you still maintain consistency!

    I HAVE to try out those steam games! I remember you mentioned Little Nightmares to me but I’m still finishing up the I am Setsuna RPG. I just invested in a mew gaming computer recently so I’m excited to start paying games again =D

    That Tarte packaging is so beautiful! I’m glad the mermaid trend is continuing this year, though I’m done with unicorns xD

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    • Aww, thanks girly! The workload probably won’t let up until around June-July because we expect a lot of issues and “WTF am I doing” moments once the system actually goes live, but I’ll get through it eventually! haha. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

      Ooh that’s awesome you got a new gaming computer! Those things are definitely an investment haha. The games I play are a little too simple/easy for gamers like you, I think, LOL. But the graphics are pretty!

      I totally agree with you on the mermaid vs unicorn trend, although I’m sure this time next year we’ll be cursing mermaids!


      • That’s so far away! 😭😩
        They better be paying you loads of overtime. You deserve a vacation or something at the end!

        I’m pretty excited to use it. It still needs a wireless card before I can use it but then it will be finished 😀 I don’t do a lot of crazy gaming, I just love playing RPGs and my over ten year old computer couldn’t handle Skyrim anymore let alone all the new games coming out!

        You’re probably right, I wonder what the next trend will be 😄

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        • Haha, funny…no overtime or banking our OT hours!

          For sure, all of the new games are way too graphics-intensive for old or regular computers. I own a brand new laptop that’s meant for normal browsing, and I need to use my husband’s gaming laptop to play Last Day of June because mine sounds like it’s going to explode from overheating when I try to run the game on it!


  2. This was such a nice little read! Sometimes it’s just nice to talk about the things happening in your life. 🙂 That sucks about the last-minute training at work but it certainly doesn’t sound uncommon…

    Haha my brother plays video games on Steam too, so I know exactly what you meant! To be honest, there are some really good games arounds (for free even!) but I just haven’t the time. My productivity also goes out the window if/when I game.

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    • Definitely not uncommon to get last-minute training during implementation!

      I totally know what you mean about productivity dropping when you game – it’s the main reason why I don’t play video games, because suddenly I have achieved nothing else!


  3. I’m only a few days late for your Friday post… 😛

    OMG you’re going through a new ERP? Ours went live 6 months ago and it is STILL the bane of everyone’s existence! Our training plan was terrible and they still don’t have all the training blocks created. I don’t even use the ERP to input anything (more of a “what’s the status” inquiry type user) but I had to just fumble my way around that thing. It’s funny though, people think I’m really proficient on it now and I actually trained the newbies. 😆 But I feel you! Our roll-out isn’t even complete, they’re adding more modules… ugh. Cut yourself some slack with the blog… even though it it WAY more fun than work. I hope things will settle down for you soon!

    That Rosefield watch is so pretty – get it! (as a treat once work settles down?)

    That Tarte palette – while an eye candy – will be super obnoxious to actually use! Can you imagine digging your brush into it? No, pass.

    I just started putting together a 1000 pcs jigsaw puzzle… I’ve found 3 of the 4 corners, so I’m pretty proud of that! 😆

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    • LMAOO Stashy. Thank you for making me feel 10 times worse!! The implementation of your company’s ERP sounds horrible but I think it’s where we’re headed at this point. Blogging > dealing with this new system! Although you’re right, something’s gotta give eventually.

      So, ahem, I already own that Rosefield watch! Maybe I’ll buy a strap as a reward once the work nightmare is over, haha.

      After I wrote this blog post, I saw it in person at Sephora and what the heck – are you supposed to use a micro-brush with it?

      LOL finding 3 out of 4 corners in a 1000 piece puzzle is a feat in itself! Big puzzles are fun until you get to maybe 60% completion and are like “…can this just be finished already?”

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      • I didn’t mean to scare you! The ERP system works well as it was designed and scoped. It’s the whole change management portion that wasn’t done well. I am sure your roll-out will go off without a hitch! ❤

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  4. Ugh ERP/software implementations are pure torture, I’ve been through a few of those and I hated every moment of them. Good luck with it all and hopefully it stops sucking up all of your valuable blogging time!
    OMG yay – I can’t wait to watch Crime Watch Daily, adding it to my list for this weekend! I LOVE Dateline & 20/20, I can sit and watch those all day long!
    Those Keds are so cute – I love the ones with the ribbon laces and the polka dots!
    Oooh Pandemic sounds super fun – we’ve been playing Ticket to Ride a lot and I’m getting a little tired of it – we need something different to play. I’ll have to pick that one up.

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    • You’ve gone through SEVERAL ERP implementations?! Ugh, this one hasn’t even gone live and I’m already over it! Someone make it stop.
      Hahah, I knew you’d be interested in Crime Watch Daily!
      Yes, Ticket to Ride can get a bit repetitive once you’ve gotten the hang of it. My husband is obsessed with Pandemic now. We’ve owned the original for maybe two weeks and he just went out to buy two expansion packs…what.


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