Spring Anti-Haul

While everyone in the US is busy shopping the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale (of which I’m insanely jealous about), I’ve decided to do an anti-haul to make myself feel better by thinking of all the stuff on the market that I’m not interested in. Read on to find out what I won’t be picking up this spring!


Benefit BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara

I’m usually not interested in high end mascaras because I feel like drugstore mascaras get the job done just as well as any expensive mascara. On top of that, the recent PR trip for the release of this product was so over the top, and I think I’m a little salty about it because it had a hand in turning me off of this product, haha.


ColourPop Butterfly Collection

I don’t know, you guys. ColourPop releases usually excite me a lot, and while one or two of the Super Shock Shadows and Lux Lipsticks from this collection look kind of interesting, a large majority of the collection isn’t really calling out to me. I love butterflies and all things spring-related, but the packaging is just not doing it for me either. It’s tough because everyone seems so pumped about this release, but I just can’t get into it for some reason!



Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24 Hr Foundation

I was pretty intrigued by this foundation when it first came out, but after reviews started to come in, I was definitely less than impressed. A lot of people said this was patchy and dry, and wore unevenly throughout the day. Definitely a pass for me!



Too Faced Life’s a Festival Collection

This is not really a new release anymore, but it still shows up as a “new release” on the Sephora website, so I thought I would talk about it anyways. The Life’s a Festival collection is on my anti-haul list the same reason why it’s on everyone else’s anti-haul list. Even though I’m a grown adult, I do still love me some unicorns and mermaids, but I think the beauty community in general is over the unicorn trend and Too Faced is way too late to the game. The packaging is too childish, even for someone like me who usually gets sucked into Too Faced packaging. In addition to the fact that nothing looks wearable, there’s nothing in this collection that seems exciting.



Becca Ocean Jewels Collection

I believe this came out at the very end of January so it’s not really a recent new release either. If you’ve been a long time reader of my blog, you might know that I love anything to do with the ocean or beach. When I heard this collection was coming out, I was so excited to see what they would come out with. Then I saw the actual release and was greatly disappointed by everything. Both the eye and highlighter palettes look so boring, and a sparkly clear gloss? No thanks. Nothing about this reminds me of water, the ocean, beaches, or ocean jewels (whatever that is).




Urban Decay Naked Petite Heat Palette

As if the beauty world has not seen enough warm/red-toned palettes in 2017, UD has come out with a mini all-matte warm-toned palette. I think maybe we’ve had an overload of these types of eyeshadow shades, because this palette looks so plain to me. I’ve heard the quality of the shadows is really good though, so that might be a big draw for people who like these types shades.


Urban Decay Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lipgloss

UD has been missing some proper glosses from its line, so it’s about time these came out! I love that UD released so many different shades in this range and the packaging is awesome, but the majority of the collection seems quite…boring?



KL Polish Ethereal Garden Collection

I loooove all the pastel shades included in this collection and I thought the dreamy promotional images were so beautiful, but I feel like only two of the shades are really unique (I love me some pastels for spring, but it’s not exactly a groundbreaking idea), and I also think that a lot of these milky shades would clash with my skin tone. These would be gorgeous on those with a lighter/cooler skin tone, though!

An Honourable Mention:


Anastasia Beverly Hills x Amrezy Highlighter

Okay, I feel a little sheepish about this one, but I feel rather torn. When ABH first announced this product, I was like, “meh. Another gold/champagne-y highlighter”. When it came out and everyone was raving about it, I was still like “meh”. The week it was released, I went to Sephora to swatch the Soft Glam palette and I tested the highlighter out while I was there. It was so beautiful, but I was still convinced I wasn’t going to buy it. HOWEVER. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since. What do I do?! Even though I keep thinking about how pretty this is, I’m most likely not going to buy it. I swatched this highlighter next to a swatch of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal (which I own), and while they’re not exactly the same (the Amrezy highlighter is more metallic), the tone is similar enough that I don’t think I’d need both, especially considering I have a few more highlighters that are similar to Opal.

That’s all for me! What’s on your anti-haul list?

27 thoughts on “Spring Anti-Haul

  1. Hehe!!! I agree with your sentiments on the new Colourpop collection. I like the look of a few of the super shock sets, but the packaging could have been so much prettier. It’s kind of ugly and childish as it is.
    I totally agree that Becca totally missed the mark on the ocean collection.. And why in January? Such a missed opportunity.
    I have ordered one of those UD lipglosses, so I will have to let you know how it goes!
    I have also ordered the whole boxed set from the KL Polish Ethereal Garden release so I will hopefully be able to get it together to do a post on that, given I never actually covered the Winter release. I agree they aren’t new or necessarily unique colours (except for Charmed) but they look really pretty and I don’t really have all of those in my collection.
    With regards to the Amrezy highlighter, if you are dreaming about it, why don’t you get it? It has great value. And if you don’t like it or decide against it, just return it! Sephora has such a great return policy, so you should use it. I know some people feel uneasy about it because they throw returned stuff out, but maybe they shouldn’t have such a great return policy if they don’t want us to use it!

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    • Yes, the packaging is just…weird? I picture spring packaging more pastel-y and floral – but in a way I guess it’s good they’re doing something outside the box, because if they did pastel/floral packaging then I would probably complain about it being predictable or something, haha!

      Oooh yes, would love to see a review of the UD lip glosses and KL polishes! Charmed is absolutely gorgeous, and the yellow colour is pretty interesting because it looks a bit mustardy, I think? I do think all the polishes are very pretty and if you have a gap in those types of colours in your collection, then it’s a good chance to try them out. I personally own too many pastels already!

      That’s a good point that they wouldn’t have such a good return policy if they don’t want us to use it – I don’t know, I just always feel bad returning makeup! I tend to only do it when it’s a bad colour match or something. Plus I don’t know how many champagne/gold highlighters I really need, LOL. But definitely something to think about!

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      • I know I don’t like returning things either, it is awkward. None of us really NEED highlighters, or as much makeup as we have. It’s for fun ☺️ But it is good that you are prioritizing!


  2. Becca collections look all so similar not a fan and OMG I had the same exact feeling about the Benefit mascara, I’m not really against brand trips but the PR campaing for this mascara was just TOO MUCH!

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    • That’s actually a good point about Becca collections looking the same! I never thought about it that way. I guess there’s only so much variation you can do as a brand when you’re known for base makeup/glowy makeup, though.

      LOL I don’t really care if “influencers” get PR products to try out, but I’ll fully admit that I get jealous about brand trips. Would be nice to be flown to Bora Bora!

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  3. Yeah that campaign for the Benefit Mascara was way over the top and so “in your face”. It was annoying. And yeah I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous. “Oh hey besides sending YouTubers $$$$$ in free product, let’s also send them on a free tropical getaway!” That is a huge turn-off to me.

    I saw that Amreezy highlighter at Sephora tonight but didn’t go near it. I don’t need any more highlighters. I was just there to get another sample of the Too Faced Peach foundation. 😂


  4. Super annoyed that we don’t have Ulta 21 Days of Beauty! You know what? I think Hudson’s Bay or Shoppers Drug Mart should totally borrow that idea and bring it to Canada! 💡

    What the heck with the unicorn stuff? Just let it die already…

    I think UD needs to clean house in their product development team. It’s getting so repetitive with all the palettes. But the sad truth is they sell! 🙄

    My magic crystal ball tells me that you’ll succumb to the ABH Amrezy highlighter. Highlighters are your kryptonite! 😛

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    • I think you’re onto something…maybe if a bunch of Canadian beauty bloggers write to the Bay or Shoppers about it, they might do it…haha.

      You’re totally right, UD needs to be more innovative now. They were super popular due to the Naked palettes because THOSE were innovative (at least the first two) but now you’ve gotta move ON.

      LOL rude, you have zero faith in me! It’s true though, highlighter definitely is my kryptonite. I think I can behave this time, though – I really, really have no need to own another champagne highlighter. I’ll just buy an eyeshadow palettes (my second kryptonite) to make up for me, hahha!


  5. That Too Faced Collection actually looks so yuck. I fail to see who would buy it or how one would even deem it wearable… I honestly think they need to stop releasing so much stuff and start breathing!!!

    I’m not fond of the Colourpop packaging this time round either. I haven’t tried any of their things but always been a fan of their packaging. I don’t know what it is, but I feel like it doesn’t fit to their aesthetic (the packaging) and it just ends up reminding me of….colouring books?!

    I don’t know…I think any brand now that releases warm-toned eyeshadows will get the same comment so I really think it’s a case of “seen too much of it now, I just can’t anymore”. I like that they brought out a mini-palette though because it’s way less expensive than the full palette. But of course, if you already have lots of eyeshadows, it’s not a special buy.

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    • It’s true that Too Faced is doing too much all at once! I guess that applies for a lot of brands these days though…

      Oh my gosh, you’re SO RIGHT – the ColourPop packaging looks like colouring books!! Like you said, it totally doesn’t fit their aesthetic.

      I get that makeup brands want to strike while the iron’s hot but they must know that consumers get sick of seeing variations of the same product after a while…you bring up a good point though, it’s probably a good alternative for people who didn’t want to buy the full palette!


  6. Why doesn’t Canada have ulta!? It’s so sad we don’t have 21 days of beauty here.

    I don’t know how I feel about the ColourPop butterfly collection either. Some of the super shock shadows look really pretty, like the purple ones but I feel like CP has come out with sooo many releases lately that all my excitement has been used up, at least for a while. Like they JUST released the vault of Lux Lipsticks (at least it feels recent to me) and now there’s more shades in this collection, I can’t keep up! And the packaging of the sets look like crayola boxes which isn’t really my jam lol

    The Becca collection definitely doesn’t remind me of the ocean! I feel like it had so much potential but just let us down.

    I was going to wait for the KL polish spring collection before I ordered a few shades but for some reason the pastel yellows and pinks just aren’t calling to me right now. That purple duochrome is pretty though!

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    • Seriously! I know we can now order online from Ulta but seriously, who wants to pay for shipping and duties…

      ColourPop is one of those brands that need to slow down with their frequent releases! I totally thought the same thing about the Lux Lipsticks – so surprised they included new shades in the butterfly collection! Hahaha the packaging looking like crayola boxes – I can’t unsee it now!

      Yes, Becca could have done SO much more with the Ocean Jewels collection! What a waste.

      Yes, the purple duochrome is super pretty! I totally agree though, none of the other shades really stand out. The collection is a whole is pretty cohesive and pretty, but nothing very unique!


      • At least ulta calculates duties & fees at checkout, but still… no one wants to pay them!

        I ruined the packaging for you, sorry! lol I saw today that they just released a new influencer collab, slow it down Colourpop!

        Hopefully summer has some better releases for us! (or not so we can save our money).

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        • Oh do they? I’ve never tried to order from Ulta but it’s good to know at least everything is calculated at checkout! But like you said, still not willing to pay for it…

          Haha I guess one good thing out of all these rapid-fire releases is that it seems to have the opposite effect of what they’re trying to make us do, which is to buy more. Happy wallets!

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  7. I really love CP as a brand, but at the same time I also get annoyed by them when they release a new collection every minute hahaha 😀 The butterfly collection has such cute outer packaging, but the products themselves aren’t that exciting to me.

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    • I think everyone is kind of on the same page about ColourPop – slow down with the releases! I would love to try some of their new products but they release so much so frequently that I get overwhelmed, and just end up not ordering – LOL. Yes, the butterfly collection doesn’t really have much that pops out, does it?


  8. I completely agree with everyone else’s opinions on colourpop… slow it down with the releases, they’re doing a MAC level of new collection and it causes you to just switch off I find. I often find myself looking at the new stuff like…. I’m pretty sure you already released this and just changed the colour of the cardboard!

    The Becca felt similar – it looked like the apres ski collection again!

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    • It’s true though! When you release too much, people just get overwhelmed and go “ehhhhh”….

      Such a good point about the Becca releases being so similar – it’s like they could have more or less just changed the packaging a little and slapped a spring/summer theme onto it!


  9. Oh believe me, I’m with you on both the Too Faced Festival haul and also the ColourPop butterfly haul. The Too Faced one makes me like. . . ‘Guys. . . we’re not five anymore…’ plus the shade selection was weird. The butterfly collection just looked meh. Like you, nothing has really called out to me from there. I like the way Tarte did their mermaid themed eyeshadow palette because it’s the mermaid-y theme, but not that cheesy kiddish packaging. Just a metallic shell case, which I think is super cool.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree with you on the Tarte mermaid collection – it was adorable! I so want that eyeshadow palette. Funny how two brands can come out with a similar concept but the execution of the products (and reception from consumers) is so different.


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