Review: Honeymoon Haul feat. KIKO Milano, PUPA, and Wycon Cosmetics

I can’t believe we’re in April already! Time moves scarily quickly these, am I right? Hope everyone had a relaxing Easter! I’ve been behind on my blog posts (last week I only put one post up), and I’m anticipating being at work more often than I will be at home, so I worked on blog posts all weekend to get ahead and prepare for that.

Today’s post is on something that is long, long overdue: a review on all of the products I picked up in Italy while on my honeymoon last August. This post features products from the brands KIKO Milano, PUPA Milano, and Wycon Cosmetics. Some of these products are hard to come by in North America, but Nicole from Pretty Ruff Life told me that there is a KIKO store in Las Vegas, and Stashy said that PUPA is actually available at Rexall in Canada.

I bought all of these items in various cities across Italy, and they are all made in Italy as well – pretty cool!


PUPA Vamp! Professional Liner – €13.60

The formula of this liquid liner is super black, but it dries down a little glossy. I don’t particularly mind this, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. However, my one gripe about it is the brush tip; I suck at using brush tips because they’re too flexible for my unskilled hand, but that might not be an issue for some people. The formula says it’s waterproof and while I’ve never tested this claim, I find it easy to believe because it’s pretty darn tough to remove. Even with my trusty MAC Cleanse Off Oil, which I’ve always relied on to remove the most stubborn of makeup, it takes a bit of time to remove all traces of this liner. This is the liner I’m wearing in the photos below.



KIKO Milano Magnetic Eyeshadow in #1 Over the Taupe – €12.95

This is probably my favourite purchase of the bunch. As a name suggests, it’s a taupe magnetic shadow. I was worried about fallout because this is essentially a loose polish, but I haven’t had any issues yet. I did some research on it after bringing it home, and it seems that the powder is magnetized, and there’s also a magnet in the bottom of the packaging which keeps the powder packed together. It isn’t quite as shimmery as it looks in the packaging, but it’s still so gorgeous. When I started using it, I didn’t want to mess up the wave pattern in the product but guess what? The magnet keeps the wave pattern on the surface no matter how many times you use it! My only regret is not picking up the MAC magnetic shadows when they were released in 2016, so that I could make a comparison post!



KIKO Milano Water Eyeshadow in #200 – €8.95

The first product I had ever heard of by this brand were these Water Eyeshadows, and I’ve been dying to try KIKO ever since. I’m pretty sure I headed straight for these shadows when I got to the KIKO store! #200 in particular is is a pale gold, and is surprisingly something I don’t already have in my collection. These Water Eyeshadows can be used either dry or wet. I only use this wet, because it just leaves a very unimpressive sheer layer of shimmer when I apply it dry. Used wet, this shade is metallic and shines brilliantly.

PUPA I’M Pure Colour Lipstick


PUPA I’M Pure Colour Lipstick in #109 Walnut – €13.60

Even though it basically looks like I bought three of the same shades of lipstick, the PUPA Pure Colour lipstick is significantly more brown compared to the other two neutral shades, with a satin finish. On the lips, it looks more matte compared to the rest of the lipsticks, although it’s difficult to tell in the lip swatches as it does look a bit glossy. The I’M lipsticks are supposed to give “pure, intense color and absolute brightness”. It’s hard to say if the colours are intense since the shade I purchased is a brown-y neutral, but the formula is opaque. This lipstick isn’t drying, but it’s not the most comfortable out of the four, either. It wears like a typical lipstick, where you will have to reapply after a meal.

PUPA I’M Pure Colour Lipstick in #109 (Walnut)

Wycon Glamour Lipstick in #16 Brick – €3.90

The first time I saw the Wycon store while exploring shops on the Amalfi Coast was the first time I had ever heard of the brand. The storefront reminds me a lot of NYX! The name for this shade is apt; it’s a light brick colour. I didn’t notice this until maybe the third time I wore this, but this lipstick has very slight shimmers, although it’s not quite enough to make it a metallic lipstick. This lipstick smells slightly plastic but is not super offensive; the scent reminds me of the lipsticks I used to play with as a kid. It doesn’t fade strangely, and feels comfortable throughout the wear time.

Wycon Glamour Lipstick in #16 (Brick)

KIKO Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick in #422 Crimson Red – €3.95

Even though the name calls this a crimson red, it is definitely pink. While this looks like a bright fuschia in the bullet, it actually doesn’t show up nearly as bright on the lips. I did not have high hopes the first time I applied this – it’s almost a bit dry and tugs a little as you’re applying. However, after the initial pass on the lips, the bullet seems to warm up and the pigment starts building up easily. It’s slightly more sheer than all of the other lipsticks I picked up. The texture feels quite lightweight, and doesn’t wear off strangely or uncomfortably. According to the KIKO website, it says the Smart Fusion lipsticks are supposed to be “rich and nourishing with a bright finish”, which I would say is accurate. Similar to MAC lipsticks, both of the KIKO lipsticks have a lovely vanilla scent, only stronger.

KIKO Milano Smart Fusion Lipstick in #422 (Crimson Red)

KIKO Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in #109 Amaranth – €6.95

I really enjoy this lipstick, which is a purple-y raisin shade; it doesn’t look much darker in the tube than the other two nudes, but on the lips, it’s actually the vampiest of the three. This is my favourite lipstick out of all the ones I purchased. The texture is very creamy and pigmented, and it goes on smoothly. The formula is moisturizing, and wears well throughout the day, to the point where you forget you have it on. It has a bit of a glossy finish, which is my favourite when it comes to lipsticks. I can totally understand why this is almost double the price of the Smart Fusion lipstick. With the heavy metal tube, the packaging looks way more expensive, and the formula is also superior.

KIKO Milano Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in #109 (Amaranth)



Wycon_Juicy Blusher_#4_Pink_Shock.jpg
Wycon Juicy Blusher in #4 (Pink Shock)

Wycon Cosmetics Juicy Blusher Color Powder in #4 Pink Shock – €9.90

This blush is a bright matte watermelon pink, which was something I was missing from my collection. I was hesitant to buy too many products from Wycon because I had never heard of the brand and didn’t know how good their products are, but I really wish I bought a few more of these blushes. They’re so incredibly, pigmented which is a little terrifying for a shade like this, but it also blends out easily. I think the Juicy Blushers were part of a summer collection, as I can’t see it on the brand’s website anymore.

Out of all of these, my favourite products were the Kiko Magnetic Shadow, the Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy lipstick, and the Wycon Juicy Blusher. Have you tried any of these brands or products? If you have, what are your recommendations?


21 thoughts on “Review: Honeymoon Haul feat. KIKO Milano, PUPA, and Wycon Cosmetics

  1. Love this post! I have been a bit behind with my posts too and it also doesn’t help that it’s been gloomy too. Luckily, it’s looking sunny today so I *might* just take some nice photos this week – we’ll see! Speaking of photos, I love yours! You take really good shots of how the eyeshadows and lip colours look on your features – what camera do you use if you don’t mind me asking?

    I have only tried one thing from KIKO and that’s a hydrating primer which I adore, particularly for the winter months. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued but hopefully they have something similar in-store. I will have to test out their eyeshadows and lipsticks!


    • Sorry for the late reply! I was trying to find the name of my camera, haha. For product photos, I use the Sony NEX-5T Mirrorless camera – I’m pretty bad at using cameras, so in terms of function it’s kind of in between a regular point-and-shoot and a DSLR. For taking upclose shots of my lips and my eyes, though, I just use my phone (Samsung S7)!

      A hydrating primer sounds amazing! So sad it’s discontinued. Do you have a KIKO store near you?

      Liked by 1 person

      • There actually is! That is one store we do have LOL. There’s always a sale on certain products too for some reason but I’ve yet to actually haul big there. They have a couple other primers though so maybe I can find one similar (hopefully). It doesn’t matter too much now though since we’re due to change seasons soon.

        Oh nice! Tbh I always imagine the lighting in other countries to be so much nicer than the UK. UK lighting is like a gloomy basement…so sad lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Oooh, you’re so lucky you have access to one! Although I guess it’s easier for Canadians to get a lot of brands that people in the UK don’t, so I can’t complain…

          Haha that’s fair, it’s hard to take photos on gloomy days. Have you tried doing it outside?? That’s like us in the winter – can never find a good time to take photos because it’s always grey out.

          Liked by 1 person

          • I actually never take photos outside (not flatlays anyways). The bathroom and kitchen is always consistently bright and light though so maybe I should just try those.


  2. That magnetic eyeshadow is so cool! And if you only knew how many times I’ve eyed up those Water eyeshadows in the Kiko store in Las Vegas but passed on them because I wasn’t sure how good they were…I’m sold now. Definitely picking one or two of those up the next time I’m there!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Water eyeshadows are not my favourite eyeshadows I’ve tried by any means, but they’re pretty decent! And not TOO expensive. I definitely need to check out the KIKo store next time I’m in Vegas!


  3. love your blog post. I have tried Evertrace eyeliner from Wycon. I love it so far. It doesn’t smear or crumble, and it has a perfect tip for medium thickness eye lining. i might try one of their mascaras soon.

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