Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations

A few days ago, I saw that the dates for the Sephora VIB were finally announced – this is something I think a lot of people eagerly anticipate each April!

In case you haven’t seen yet, the sale for VIB Rouge members extend over two weekends: Friday, April 13 to Monday, April 16th and again on Friday, April 20 to Monday, April 23rd. For VIBS and BIs, the sale is from April 20-23rd. Rouge and VIB members get 15% off, and BIs get 10% during the sale. An extra perk this year is that on April 13th, Rouge members can bring a friend to extend their 15% discount to the friend. I’m not sure how much of a perk this is, considering a lot of Rouge members probably buy products on behalf of other people anyways!

Because I don’t like Sephora’s reward system, I typically only shop at Sephora during the sales (even though I broke my own rule last year). I have a Sephora wish list post lined up for next week, but today I thought I would share with you my recommendations for the sale. There are a variety of products in here; some are ones I stock up on every time there’s a sale, a few are holy grail status for me, while others are “fun” products I’ve discovered in the last year or so. Read on for my recommendations!


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder – $47 CAD

I have dry skin but still need to set my makeup, and this does that perfectly without making my skin look crepey or dry. It’s an expensive powder, but I’ve owned my pot for over two years and I don’t think I’m even halfway through even though I use it every day (although I have to admit that I only lightly dust my face with it). I also noticed that they just released a shade for deep skintones, which is awesome. This product is well worth the money!


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – $25 CAD

This is my Holy Grail liquid liner, so of course it will show up on this list. The brush pen makes lining the eyes so easy, and the tip doesn’t wear out as fast as other liquid liners I’ve used. The formula is long-lasting and doesn’t fade or smudge throughout the day; on me, the liner still looks perfect after a full day of wear.


Tarte Lights, Cameras, Lashes Mascara – $30 CAD

I’m not a big fan of high end mascaras, but if you are to get a mascara during the sale, I would recommend this one. It gives my lashes decent volume, it separates and fans them all out, and it holds the curl well. Even more importantly, I love that it doesn’t smudge or flake under the eyes throughout the day, which is a problem I have with a lot of mascaras. I have a review of the Tarte mascara here.


Becca Backlight Priming Face Filter – $46 CAD

I discovered this primer after a recommendation from a friend, and it has changed the way my skin looks after applying foundation. This makes my skin look radiantly fresh and glowy without looking like a glitterbomb. I don’t think it makes my foundation lasts any longer than usual with this primer underneath, but foundation does sit very nicely on top of it. I’ve never been a big fan of using face primers, but I have loved this one big time since it came into my collection last June. I have a review of this primer here.


NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – $37 CAD

I still have yet to find a concealer that I like better than this one. It’s a “jack-of-all-trades” concealer that I use for covering dark circles as well as for spot concealing. The formula is not thick or sticky, so it sits well on the skin without looking cakey or settling into the fine lines under my eyes.

Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush – $35 CAD

These blushes have the most amazing, buttery quality. They’re extremely pigmented, but they blend out so well so you don’t have to be afraid of applying too much. There are so many shades to choose from in this range, from pale nudes to bright fuchsias.


Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow – $31 CAD

The Shimmer & Glow formula is less popular than the Glitter & Glow, but I prefer the shimmer version for its versatility and wearability. They’re very metallic and pigmented, and not difficult to work with. I have a review of the Glitter & Glow and Shimmer & Glow shadows here.


Jack Black Moisture Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 – $10 CAD

I’ve been using these lip balms exclusively for about 7 years straight. I’m currently finishing up what I have and then taking a break from them, but in the past, I always picked up one or two during the sale. I feel like I’ll probably end up going back to these again and again. I really like the way they feel on my lips, and as a plus, these include SPF which is perfect for the upcoming summer! The Grapefruit and Black Tea & Blackberry scents are my favourite, but upon looking for photos of this product, I have discovered they seem to have Black Cherry and Mango scents which I have never seen before (apparently these scents aren’t sold at Sephora, and they seem to have gotten rid of the Lemon scent too)…I must own these two!


NARS Audacious Lipstick – $41 CAD

These are one of my favourite lipstick formulas sold at Sephora, although it’s much less talked about now than when they first came out. The formula feels lightweight and wears comfortably without moving around all over the lips. It’s a nice change from all the matte liquid lips we’ve seen in the past few years! With 29 shades in the range, there’s likely a shade that you would be interested in. These are expensive little buggers, so the sale is a good time to get one of these.

Those are all of my recommendations for the upcoming VIB sale. What are YOUR recommendations? I’m looking for a new concealer and eye cream to try in particular, but I’d love to hear about any of your picks for the sale!

26 thoughts on “Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations

  1. I love those Jack Black lip balms too. I usually get the holiday kits at Ulta that contain a regular and stick version for $12 US.

    The only things I’m maybe eyeing are the Too Faced Peach foundation (I’ve gone through multiple samples & really like it), the Belif eye bomb, and a Bite liquid lip & maybe one of the Multisticks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome! I’ve never tried the stick version before. $12 is such a steal for both!

      Oooh that’s a good number of items to have in your cart – some fun things in there, but nothing too crazy!


  2. I am similar to you, I really only shop at Sephora during their sales. But I did break that rule and ordered a couple of UD sale items a couple of weeks ago (Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope palette and Vice lipstick in Bun Bun 😳 )
    I keep telling myself, I don’t need anything, I don’t need anything… but we’ll see how that plays out. We’re leaving for vacation to Poland in the beginning of May so I’m trying to be good. 😛 I’ve offered up my discount to my friends again… maybe I can live vicariously through them!
    From your list, I kinda sorta want the LM Loose Powder and the Becca Backlight primer!
    And haha, I think I created a monster with the Surratt blushes…

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    • The Kaleidoscope palette! How interesting, I have to say I’m surprised at your choice because I wouldn’t have thought you’d be interested in it! What drew you to the palette?

      Oooh, POLAND. I’m jealous. And wishing you were still blogging so that I could live vicariously through your vacation post. I don’t know how you shop for your friends and don’t go “one for her, one for me…” on everything, LOL!
      Since you said you liked the Backlight primer, I feel like you should buy it while it’s at a discount…
      You totally created a monster with the Surratt blushes. Except I still haven’t seen a Surratt section in any of the Sephoras here, and I don’t want to buy them blind without swatching. That’s quite possibly the a saving grace for my wallet.

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      • I know, the UD Kaleidoscope palette is SO not my usual jam BUT Samantha Ravndahl raved about it and said the purchase was justified even if you buy it solely for the rose gold shade. 😆 Also, as much as the configuration sucks, the formula is really good based on all the reviews online. And then when I saw it on sale for 50%… I couldn’t resist. I mean, $25 for a whole palette? Also, interesting tidbit – this is my first and only UD palette! Isn’t that crazy? I’m actually planning on depotting the sucker as soon as possible though…

        I might wait until Fall VIB sale to get that Becca primer. I have 2 other primers I need to use up first! (even though they’re not as amazing as the Becca one… I’m trying really hard to be good!) I’ve swatched most of the Surratt blushes – because I own an absurd amount of blushes, I find many of them to be repeats of what I own. Most of the new shades have some sort of shimmer, just fyi.

        I’m looking forward to checking out beauty stores in Poland. Inglot is from there!

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        • Oooh, I’ve started watching Samantha Ravndahl on and off lately but haven’t seen her video on that palette – I’ll have to watch it soon! Yes, the layout seems super weird (which won’t matter if you depot it), but there is no denying that a $25 UD palette is a major steal! Your first UD palette – what kind of beauty lover ARE you? Haha, kidding, of course.

          Oooh good to know that the new shades have shimmer, thank you! I’ve realized I prefer matte blushes as it means I can use highlighter, hahaha.

          I totally forgot Inglot is from Poland!


  3. 100% agree on the LM powder and Kat Von D eyeliner. Because of you I added one of the Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows to my list and I still have the Becca primer on there too, I’m not certain if I’ll pick that up yet. Also I want to buy a Surrat blush strictly for that beautiful packaging! Great recommendations!

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    • Yayyy I’m glad I converted you to the Shimmer & Glow eyeshadows and the Becca primer! Okay, just a warning, the packaging of the Surratt might LOOK pretty but it sucks. The lid is one that slides off from the top or bottom and it’s not secure at all. When I took it for travelling, I secured it with a hairband so that it wouldn’t come off during transport.


  4. I am so jealous of these sales which I have no access to! Overall, a great list that makes it just a tad bit easier to shop. I would love to try out the Laura Mercier Setting Powder at some point – I’ve heard so many things about it!

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      • Nor do I! To be honest, there are probably a lot of American shops that could make it here but maybe the UK is just not allowing it to happen lol.

        Good to know! Too bad that I have some powders queued up for me to use so probably won’t buy any this year!


  5. I totally agree with that Tarte mascara and that Jack Black lip balm! I need to pick up another one of those balms this sale!

    I am still intrigued by the shimmer and glow shadows!! I wish they would come out with a smaller set.

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    • I used to think the Jack Black balms were expensive for balms, but now that I want to branch out and try other balms, I’m realizing that $10 is on the cheap end, LOL.

      Yes, they definitely need to release some more sets of minis! Not sure how I feel about getting a full size, but I would totally buy minis.

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