Sephora VIB Sale Wish List

Today is Part 2 of my Sephora VIB sale posts! As per usual during the VIB sale, today I want to share with you what’s on my own wish list/shopping. It’s funny, because since I only purchase from Sephora during the sales, I spend a lot of time creating my shopping list and looking forward to the all the things I’m going to buy during the sale. Then when it actually comes time to shop the sale, there’s very little that I actually want to spend my money on. I think I’m becoming more careful about buying what I need from Sephora instead of spending frivolously, especially considering the rewards system is not great. I’m really trying to focus on buying things I “need” this time (aka replacement items), which only consists of two things. Maybe I’ll buy one or two “fun” things – I haven’t completely decided yet. I just know it’s not going to be a massive haul of 20 items this time.




Farmacy Green Clean Meltaway Cleansing Balm – $44

Although my current bottle of my trusty MAC Cleanse Off Oil should last me until the end of June or July, I thought the sale might be a good time for me to pick up a makeup remover as a backup for when I finish the cleanse off oil. I love cleansing oils, but I think I’m ready to try out a cleansing balm! I had a hard time choosing between this one from Farmacy and the Clinique Take the Day Off, but I’ve committed to buying this one.



I haven’t decided on a specific foundation to buy yet – I just know I need one to replace my current bottle of the Urban Decay Naked Weightless foundation which I’m almost out of. I asked for half a dozen samples of different foundations about two weeks ago and am now in the middle of testing all of them. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation, and the YSL Touche Eclat foundation, although there are pros and cons for all three. I probably won’t be picking a foundation up until the second week of the sale, just to allow myself more time to test and choose.

MAYBE PURCHASE (in order from most to least likely to purchase):


Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Palette – $55

When this palette was first announced, I thought this palette looked so boring! Nudes and sandy shades, seriously? But the more swatches I saw of this palette, the more drawn to it I was. Not long after its release, I swatched it in stores and was blown away by how buttery the formula was. This would be in my “definitely purchase” list if it wasn’t for the fact that I already feel overwhelmed by the eyeshadow choices I have at home! I still need to sleep on this one…


Herbivore Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme – $60

I am currently running low on moisturizer and am in the market to try a new one, and I’ve had my eye on this moisturizer for a while now, so the sale would be a good time to pick it up. It’s only on my “maybe purchase” list because my husband had just bought a bottle of the Cetaphil moisturizer before it was neglected for the The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factor + HA, so I might just take the Cetaphil from him instead…



Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask – $30

I am running dangerously low on the Jack Black lip balm sitting on my bedside table, so I need a replacement to use before bed. I’ve heard such good things about the Agave lip mask, but what’s stopping me is the packaging – I’ve seen multiple reviews saying that the other end of the tube had burst!

Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder – $30

I do feel like I’m lacking an undereye setting powder in my life; I’ve been deciding between this one and the Laura Mercier Under Eye Brightening Powder, which has similar reviews to this one. Since I use the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder for all over the place, I kind of want to try something new.


Even though I’m pretty sure I won’t be picking these up during the sale, they’re still things that I want from Sephora. Maybe they’ll make it past checkout at some point in the next year or two!


Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette – $60

This is one of those products that have been on my wish list for years but I keep putting it off in favour of other products (ahem, ABH Soft Glam). Unlike most palettes, where I use roughly 80-90% of the palette regularly, I know I would get use out of every single one of the shades in this palette. But again, this falls into the same category as the Soft Glam palette – do I really need another palette in my collection? Let’s be honest, this is probably going to remain on my wish list for YEARS!


Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter – $55

Again, this is one of those products that will probably forever remain on my wish list. Marc Jacobs recently came out with a darker version of this highlighter, which is awesome for those with deeper skintones, but for my skin, the original is still the most fitting. This looks so beautiful,  but the amount of highlighters sitting in my collection is not okay. I mean, you watch YouTubers doing highlighter declutters and they own like 80 of highlighters. I only own a small fraction of that, but still – ain’t nobody need 10 highlighters when you use so little of it at one time. Anyways, that’s my roundabout way of saying this will remain on my wish list for now.


Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream – $75

I am caught between this moisturizer and the Herbivore, but I think I’m leaning towards the Herbivore, especially because that formula is thinner for summer. This is one of the few that have piqued my interest as of late, but ugh, Drunk Elephant is so expensive.

This is it for my wish list! What’s on YOUR wish list? What would you recommend that I pick up during the sale? Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Sephora VIB Sale Wish List

  1. Lovely! I enjoy reading wish lists! I really love the Soft Glam palette, it’s such an amazing palette and the Rainforest of the sea water foundation is also one of my favorites!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seeing everyone’s reviews of the Soft Glam palette really makes me want to get it, haha!

      I’ve only worn my sample of the Rainforest of the Sea Water foundation once so far – I absolutely loved the way it looked on my skin, but it seemed to make my skin really dry once I took it off! I’ll definitely have to try it a few more times to get a better sense, though.


  2. I am so impressed that you only buy products from Sephora during the sales! You are so careful and thoughtful, which are both great qualities, especially for a makeup addict! I enjoyed reading your list! I also just posted my Sephora sale recommendations today 🙂 It’s that time of year! Haha.

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  3. That green clean balm is great! I use it to remove lipsticks that stain or are hard to remove.
    ALSO, If you’re interested in the tarte foundation tarte has 25% off sitewide right now even on the canadian site so you get a better deal than the Sephora VIB sale if you order directly from them!

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    • Oooh, I’m glad to hear you like it! Makes me excited to get it, haha.

      Funny you should mention the Tarte sale – I placed an order on the weekend to get the Tarte foundation plus the Tarte Shape Tape (when it wasn’t excluded from the sale), but then I ended up cancelling my order because I was second-guessing my shade in the Shape Tape (how to people order base makeup online???) Plus, I don’t think I’ve completely made up my mind between the three foundations yet…by the time the VIB sale rolls around and the Tarte sale is over, I’ll likely NOT get the foundation just because I could’ve gotten a better deal on the Tarte website lol. But anyways, thank you for letting me know about the sale!


      • What the shape tape was originally included!? I almost placed an order but I was so annoyed that shape tape was excluded from the promotion so I didn’t xD
        I don’t think I could ever order a foundation online without swatching it first! Maybe Sephora because I can return pretty much anything in store but I think it would be a hassle returning to tarte.

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        • I can’t remember exactly but I *think* it was on Sunday – the Shape Tape was only on sale for that day. Tarte does that all the time, only including Shape Tape in the sale the first day.

          Yes, agreed on it being a hassle to return items to Tarte, that’s why I ended up cancelling my order (was lucky they let me do that)! I wish us Canadians could swatch the Shape Tape, haha.

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  4. Haha, did you always plan to have a Part 2 of your wish list or did this come about when you started reading everyone’s list and / or browsed more on the Sephora site! 😉

    I’ve heard good things about that Farmacy cleansing balm. I do want to try to compare against the Clinique one which I love. Right now I’m using the Eve Lom cleansing balm and it’s just… ok. It’s such a cult product so I was expecting absolute perfection – I find it to strip my skin too much so it feels tight after cleansing. Also, it’s not the best at removing eye makeup. I do enjoy the herbal scent though. But for $65 for a small 50ml jar… and the first ingredient is mineral oil? C’mon! I will say though, ever since I started using cleansing balms, I always keep some around for travel – way better than travelling with cleansing oils.

    Voice of reason on the ABH Soft Glam: do you NEED another neutral eye shadow palette?!! Why don’t you sleep on it until November VIB sale time? 😉

    I’ve used the Laura Mercier Under Eye Brightening Powder and it has been a repurchase – really great stuff! I haven’t tried the Becca one but I noticed that it’s 2.7g for $30 whereas the LM one is 4.2g for $31.

    Since our last chat about me wanting to be good during the sale, I’ve been leaning toward picking up the Givenchy Prisme Libre powder in the Chinese New Year LE packaging:

    I was going to wait until the Fall sale but that LE packaging…! o_O Right now I’m about 60% sure about buying it.

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    • I had always planned two parts! I always do a wish list for the sale so this post wasn’t anything new, but Part 1 with my recommendations was inspired by other blog posts I had read during the Fall sale!

      Whaaat. I’m surprised to hear you don’t like the Eve Lom, I’ve heard such good things! Just goes to show you how everyone is different. I think the Clinique one will be my next one to try after the Farmacy one, if I end up liking cleansing balms!

      Yes yes, you are exactly right about the Soft Glam palette lol. I’m definitely still on the fence with that one. I think I need you there when I’m shopping to be like “no girl, put that down” or “you don’t need that” – but then again, you’re also a bit of an enabler…LOL.

      I think I learned about the LM Under Eye powder from you! Hmm good point on the price per weight…maybe I’ll get the LM one if I end up getting an under eye setting powder.

      Oooh, you need to get that powder! The Chinese New Year packaging is too pretty. But I guess it’s moreso about whether you actually “need” the powder, haha!


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