8 Makeup Brands I Have No Interest in Trying

Today’s post is a bit of a negative one: beauty brands I’m not interested in trying. I came up with this idea as I was browsing Trendmood and found myself scrolling right past new product releases from certain brands without even looking at the post. As a beauty blogger, I should probably want to try everything out there to test out, but there are just some brands that I just can’t get into for whatever reason. Obviously, if you love any of the brands mentioned, I don’t mean any offense – each and every one of these brands are immensely popular, so I’m probably in the minority!

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Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona is quite possibly the #1 brand I have no interest in trying, although at one point I did want to buy their palettes. The high price tag of their products would be justified if 100% of the shades in their palettes performed amazingly, but I’ve swatched a number of their palettes at Sephora in the past, and the glittery shades seem like a hot mess with so much fallout. I do like that they have been coming out with smaller palettes that are more affordable for people who want to try the brand but don’t want to make the investment.



Kylie Cosmetics/KKW Beauty

I know Kylie Cosmetics and KKW Beauty are technically different brands, but the Kardashians are all kind of the same to me, so I’m combining the two together. I personally don’t follow the Kardashians at all, but no hate to people who like them and buy their products. Their makeup products actually seem somewhat decent and on trend – I just can’t get on board because I don’t do my makeup the way the Kardashians do with all the crazy contouring, baking, or super nude matte lips. I also feel like their products are popular because it’s from the Kardashians, not because their products are necessarily spectacular – but I’ve also never tried the brands, so I can’t claim that as a fact!



FENTY Beauty

I’M SORRY, don’t shoot me. I know everyone LOVES this brand but nothing has appealed to me since its launch in September, which is very unusual for me. I don’t even want to try the highlighters, which is usually my kryptonite. The new Body Lava products and the Fairy Bombs that make your body shimmery and glowy? No, no, and no. There’s only one item I’m remotely interested in trying – the Gloss Bomb, which I only became interested in months later, after so many of my trusted blogging friends raved about it. Still, I probably will not be purchasing the Gloss Bomb anytime soon. I’m hoping that FENTY will come out with products that I am interested in this year!



I don’t think I was ever really particularly interested in Morphe to begin with, but the fact that ALL the big beauty YouTubers had kept pushing their discount codes down our throats turned me off even further. I think when I first started getting into beauty, the size of these palettes would have been very appealing to me – you get so many choices for such a low price. However, after collecting makeup for so many years, I know that these palettes are WAY too big for me. I have heard that their brushes are pretty decent, but don’t last in the long-term compared to more expensive brands. Overall, this brand is a pass for me.



The packaging of Tatcha’s products are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Last year, I really wanted to try this brand. However, Stashy brought to my attention that this “Japanese” brand isn’t actually Japanese. While most of their products are actually made in Japan, the company is headquartered in the US. Okay, well, I guess that is fine. Maybe the skincare line was inspired by Japan and ingredients the owner learned about there. But if you read into Tatcha’s “story”, the brand appropriates the geisha culture, using it as a marketing ploy. Not only that, but it does not even sell their products in Japan – probably because Japanese people would probably be offended! However, a lot of people don’t seem to know about this – when you do some researching, there’s only one or two places you can find information about this, including this blog post.




I think Farsali only has about half a dozen products out, but all of them look and sound so gimmicky. Maybe part of the reason why I think this is because the brand first blew up on Instagram, where all these Instagrammers dripped the Unicorn Essence right onto their faces. I mean, who actually does that in real life? Anyway, maybe products like the Rose Gold Elixir and Unicorn Essence actually works well on the skin, but I can’t get past the marketing!



Milk Makeup

On paper, Milk Makeup sounds perfect: their products are innovative, they are cruelty and paraben-free, and their packaging is aesthetically pleasing. A millennial blogger’s dream! I do think that having a lot of their products in a stick applicator (eg. primers, serum) does make application easier, but overall this brand seems gimmicky. The glue stick-like applicator seems more of a marketing ploy to me!


Jeffree Star Cosmetics

I know Jeffree Star is a massive YouTuber, but I just can’t support him, and therefore can’t support his brand. I think it’s good that content creators with a big audience will call things out when something isn’t right, but Jeffree Star seems to thrive on drama, which I’m not about. Plus, only a small selection of his collection appeal to me, anyways.

That’s it for my list! What brands have you not tried yet and never plan to try?



46 thoughts on “8 Makeup Brands I Have No Interest in Trying

  1. I have a few items from all of these brands, but Fenty, and I truly have no interest in that brand, the packaging does nothing for me, the reviews aren’t that great, and the price point is outrageous. I only recently bought the small size of the farsali drops, and yes they smell nice, but really I don’t feel they do anything else.

    Morphe- I totally have palettes from them, and only really reach for the JH one, and only sometimes. However if you are just getting into makeup and live in the states, yes I can see why people love it.

    J-Star- Have one palette and two highlights, the highlights are shit, and the palette is okay, not something I reach for and I don’t love him as a human being.

    Milk- There are some things by milk I do really like, the cooling and blue stick is one of them, but once I am pushed into the makeup side of things Im just not in love. I don’t like cream products that much.
    I can’t stand the Kardashians so I also don’t have anything from them.

    Tatcha I just bought the skincare for makeup lovers kit, and so far I am liking the dewy skin mist, when I really didn’t want to!

    ND- I totally don’t get the hype I bought one of her large palettes as a gift for myself when I lost a bunch of weight, and I was like meh about it. I really should have returned it.

    Great post and I totally get why you aren’t about these brands.

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    • I totally agree with Morphe as being a good brand as a newbie in makeup!

      Hmm, interesting to hear about the quality of the Jeffree Star products. I tend to hear good things about it, ESPECIALLY the highlighter!

      I kind of like the idea of applying skincare with a stick – but is it emollient enough to be able to spread evenly all over the face? I’m sure it works great, but I just get the image of running a glue stick all over my face, haha.

      I’m glad you enjoy Tatcha! I hear nothing but great things about the brand. If only they weren’t fake Japanese…

      Ugh, what a waste to only be meh about a palette that probably cost you $160.

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  2. Noooo, not Fenty 😂 No, it’s all good. I would love to try more of Fenty, but I agree on most of the other brands. I mean I would love to try/use them if I got then as a gift, but I wouldn’t spend my own money on them.

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    • LOL I’m sorry, girl. Which products do you like from Fenty? I’m totally willing to be converted!! Hahaha you’re totally right, I’m not gonna complain about it if someone buys me a $160 ND palette…any takers? LOL


  3. I pretty much agree on most of these. Hate the Karadashian/Jenner cult so not give these no-talents my hard earned money.

    I got a sample of the Fenty foundation but wasn’t blown away. It wasn’t bad but it’s not the greatest foundation ever (like some were acting like).

    I have a love/hate affair with Morphe. I have one of their palettes and some of their brushes… but it’s all private label stuff. I can get a lot of the exact same brushes from Crown Brush (even the numbers are the same… they just have “Morphe” stamped on the handles).

    I have one Jeffree Star liquid lip but I never reach for it anymore. But I do love his lip scrubs. I have the spearmint one and it’s so huge I’ll probably never get through it. But it works great.

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    • With the Fenty foundation, I feel like it only works with certain skin types – like when I swatched it on the back of my hand, it felt like it sucked all the moisture out of it – and that was just on my hand! Anyhow, that’s not why the brand doesn’t appeal to me, but I do like they have such a wide range of shades.

      Regarding the private label thing with Morphe, I just found out about that. I *guess* it’s not a huge issue unless they’re selling one brand for a much higher price than the other?


      • Regarding the private labeling. Morphe sells their palettes at a higher markup than others that sell the exact same palettes. Like the 35O. Morphe sells theirs for $23. Sedona Lace sells the exact same palette for $18.95 and also usually has it on sale. I just looked on their site and it’s on sale again for 50% off at $9.48 (currently out of stock though). I got mine for around the same price 2 years ago.

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        • That’s interesting. I had wondered in the past whether Sedona Lace was from the same manufacturer. How do they justify that?! I guess Morphe IS more well-known than Sedona Lace – even though SD is cheaper, a lot of people probably don’t know about them because Morphe dominates the beauty guru scene.


          • A LOT of indie brands do private labeling. Look it up sometime. It’s more common than you might realize. Nothing wrong about it though. The quality is the same. I found out about Sedona Lace thru a friend on IG. And then I found out they’re located just south of the Tampa area so shipping to me was SUPER fast.

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  4. I often look at these brands then realise they’re not for me. I have a Milk cooling stick which is just okay. I have got a Farsali primer which I haven’t tried yet. The new Fenty glittery products look so overpriced and pointless! X

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  5. Wow this is my first time hearing that about Tatcha. I didn’t realize that they were marketing themselves as a Japanses brand while being based in the US. I’ve never tried anything from them, I was curious but the high price tags turned me off.

    Speaking of high price tags I could never justify a $100+ eyeshadow palette from natasha denona, or even one of her minis. That’s just way too much money, I’d rather put it towards a vacation or a house!

    I roll my eyes at a lot of farsali products, like, unicorn essence? really? And that gold elixir that is super overpriced that all the youtubers rave about.. I’m jsut so skeptical.

    One thing here that I do like is Morphe for their brushes. I’m really liking the set I got recently even though they aren’t all as soft as I expected they would be. My problem is that all their eyeshadow palettes look the exact same to me xD They don’t really stand out as unique except maybe the Jacklyn Hill palette, and that’s only because of the silver packaging and the blue/green shades.

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    • Right?! It’s not well known at all – Tatcha has thoroughly entrenched themselves as a Japanese brand by now! If you try to Google it, there’s not much on the subject.

      It’s so true about the ND palettes. I mean, their $100+ palettes are huge but they’re still hard to justify!

      I think sometimes when the names and marketing get TOO gimmicky like the Farsali products, it can almost backfire on a product! You either get people who love it or hate it.

      I do remember you saying you liked the Morphe brushes! They are a really good value. And you’re so right about their palettes all looking the same! I didn’t think of that but it’s so true – every time they come out with a new one I’m like “wait, this is different from the last three?” LOL.


      • I’ll be staying away from them for now!

        Especially because who really uses up an entire eyeshadow palette!? I only have one that I’ve actually hit pan on and that’s because I was actively trying to do that.

        Farsali definitely comes across as gimmicky 😄 And I can’t justify the price to find out if the products are any good or not

        When I browse the morphe website It looks like all the same shades just in different places. I’m glad you see it too because I felt like I was missing something 😄


  6. I totally agree with most everything on your list. I have no interest in celebrity beauty brands, with the exception of Fenty, and I have only been interested in a few of her products. I own two of the highlighters and the gloss bomb. I think the gloss bomb is great, I wore it today in fact. I do think that you would like it, so maybe the Bomb Baby gift set through Sephora would be a good fit for you! You get one mini gloss bomb and one mini highlight.
    I also basically have no interest in Natasha Denona, except if she starts coming out with more of those mini palettes, or if there is a good deal on some of her existing ones.
    That is so strange that Tatcha is kind of “posing” as Japanese. I own and use the Violet C Radiance Mask, and I thought I really liked it, but it is kind of meh now. I won’t be repurchasing, and I won’t be trying anything else because it is just too expensive.
    In terms of Jeffree Star, the only item that has ever interested me was the Blood Sugar Palette, but I decided against it. He is certainly a hard person to support, although at times I do like how real he is. I usually like him in his videos, but god does he go ham on twitter. He LOVES to fight and to stir shit up when its none of his business, which is too bad. He is also one of the biggest hypocrites out there, attacking people who have done the same bad things that he has. I don’t want any part of it, and don’t usually jump to watch his videos any more.

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    • I was totally eyeing that Bomb Baby set at Sephora during the sale! Talked myself out of it because I currently don’t need a lip gloss OR a highlighter, haha.
      I totally agree, those mini ND palettes are definitely way more justifiable!
      Haha you just described my feelings about Jeffree Star to a T! I had no idea that he goes crazy on Twitter lol, I just remember people talking about his rants on Snapchat. It’s hard to support the brand when the owner is shitty. The Blood Sugar palette is awfully pretty though.

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  7. I’m with you on every single one of these brands… except Fenty. I really want to get the translucent pressed powder that has a corresponding brush that magnetically attaches to the case. I’m a sucker for such packaging design details! And YES, that Gloss Bomb is GOOD. They need to release more shades of that, pronto.

    Glad you’re spreading the information about Tatcha. Like I mentioned, I never saw that brand at all in Japan! 🙄 People are better off buying Shiseido skincare if they want a true Japanese brand.

    Ya know, I only started seeing Farsali mentioned because of the IG people dropping the oils on their faces. WTH people, you look like fools!

    I’ve been seeing Milk Makeup popping up at Winners lately – makes me think they’re not selling well?

    Hmm on my list of brands I have no interest in buying are: Tata Harper, Sunday Riley, Huda Beauty, Glamglow, and Rodan & Fields (actually, all those MLM scams like Younique and Lipsense). I used to say that I’d never want to pay the big bucks for fashion designer brands that jumped on the beauty bandwagon but more and more I’m lured by Givenchy and Tom Ford. 😳 I mean, I’ve already broken my own “rule” by buying (and loving) Burberry makeup. 😛

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    • I have to admit, the Fenty packaging is so attractive. And I’m surprised that they haven’t already come out with more colours of the Gloss Bomb considering how popular they are!

      Ugh, I feel like people don’t really care about the Tatcha thing. You’re totally right, at least Shiseido is LEGIT (and also not overpriced like Tatcha).

      I agree with you on pretty much most of your list! I’ve owned one product each from Tata Harper, Huda Beauty, and Glamglow, and I don’t think I would buy again from them. And yes, BIG NO to MLMs! I’m still on the fence about Sunday Riley…

      I haven’t gotten into the fashion designer brands yet, but I do want to! Tom Ford products look great, and same with some of Chanel products. Speaking of which, have you bought your Dior quint yet?

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  8. I’m so glad to find posts like this, blog, YouTube, vice versa.
    Although I won’t ever shell out big money on brands because I don’t necessarily have a need for them, and also I have local, affordable dupes for these brands/products that are just as effective, if not more so.

    I was saddened that Tatcha was appropriated. At first, I thought Tatcha was just, generally, adhering to a modern Japanese skin care methodology.

    Wonderful post overall!!!


    • Back, I feel I needed to say this!!! I couldn’t find the way to edit this post on mobile, but anyway here goes:

      I read Tatcha’s background and history, and yes, it isn’t Japanese and authentically not to be. Tatcha is, simply, just inspired by Japanese culture and skin care. It’s business with a Japanese cosmetic Corp. in order for both Japanese and U.S. scientists to create the ingredients, down to it’s vision and its aesthetics are all because its creator was inspired by it. And I don’t think they would want to pretend to be Japanese.


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