Feel-Good Friday

Happy Friday, and also happy first day of June! How are we in June already? My mind can’t comprehend it.

An update on my life: honestly, I’m in kind of a weird place right now. I’ve been the most consistent in posting on my blog this year than I ever have, until May hit. This was due to several reasons:

1) Issues with time management. I’ve mentioned a few times that I’ve been working longer hours than usual, but in my free time, I’m also trying to focus on building my calligraphy business. Between work, calligraphy, trying to uphold a social life, and regular adulting activities like working out, cleaning and cooking, I’ve had a difficult time trying to fit blogging in.

2) As a general rule, I’ll always love makeup, but I find myself going through cycles where I sometimes LOVE makeup and other times I’m not as excited about about it as I usually am. I’m currently in the “not excited” phase – if I’m not enthusiastic about using it, then how can I be excited about blogging about it?

3) If I’m being honest, I feel a little burned out. By the time I get home from work, I just want time to myself to sit on my couch and watch Netflix without doing something else on the side (like blogging), but I can’t even remember the last time I did that. I always feel pressured to be working on something, and I think I’m starting to run out of steam.

It’s tough, because I’ve finally gained some consistency and have the desire to keep the momentum going, but I don’t have it in me lately. I’ve always said that blogging is and always will be a hobby for me, but part of me doesn’t want to use that as an excuse to not blog just because I don’t feel like it, you know? I know there’s no answer to this, it’s just something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

Anyways, onto the Feel-Good stuff!

What I’m Loving

We went to go see Deadpool on the weekend and it was awesome. I was worried it wouldn’t be as good as the first, and while I prefer the first one, this one did not let us down. The song choices are always spot on, too. Highly recommend it!


Chef’s Table released a new season on Netflix back in April, and I finally had time to watch it over the long weekend. This season focuses on pastry chefs, and I AM OBSESSED. I’ve only watched a few episodes from the other seasons, and while I appreciated the beautiful cinematography, frou-frou savoury dishes don’t really appeal to me. Frou-frou desserts, however, are my jam. Each episode focuses on a different chef, and it’s amazing how masterful and creative they all are in their own way. And yes, the cinematography combined with the dramatic instrumental music is still a thing of beauty in this season. The episodes made me want to run downstairs and eat a dozen cookies/ an entire cake/a pint of ice cream as a poor substitute. I’m a little sad that there’s only four episodes in the season; I finished it all in a day!


Speaking of shows, I starting watching The Good Place three weeks ago, and now I’m done all two seasons (to be fair, there’s only around 13 episodes in each season). This show is about a woman named Eleanor (played by Kristen Bell) who dies and finds herself in The Good Place in the first episode. The Good Place is essentially Heaven, even though they don’t call it that. The catch is that Eleanor doesn’t actually belong in the Good Place – in life, she was a selfish, nasty woman. The show is about her try to blend in with all of the residents of The Good Place, who have all achieved amazing and admirable things in their lives, as she tries to hide her secret so that she isn’t sent to the Bad Place. The show is written by the same people who wrote The Office, so it’s a comedy, but it has a really good message with a lot of heart. Even my husband loves it, and we don’t watch the same types of shows.

We just booked our two trips for this year – two weeks in Japan in September, and then Hong Kong and Taiwan with my parents in November. Hong Kong/Taiwan probably would not have been my first choice since we recently-ish visited Hong Kong (in 2014), but I promised my parents I’d take them anywhere they wanted, and that was their choice. It’ll be fun regardless – a vacation is a vacation! I don’t travel with my parents often and it’s my husband’s first time going on a trip with them, so this should be interesting, LOL.

Things I’m Coveting


This dress from Aritizia is so, so beautiful – I saw it on a mannequin in stores a month ago and had to walk in to try it on immediately. The pleats are just so darling! I love both the black and the white print, but unfortunately XXS is too big on me 😦

I want this St. Barth’s decorative tray for the house so bad, because it would go so well with our beachy vibes, but it’s $250. WTF?

These American Eagle shorts are so adorable. Not sure I own any tops to match them with, though!


After a long bout of summer-worthy weather, we have finally been getting some rain, and I am loving it. Why? Not only because it was way too dry here, but also because this means I don’t have to go out and water the garden so frequently.



What do you think about the whole jade roller trend that has exploded onto the social media scene these last two months? I feel like it’s kind of gimmicky.



Has anyone tried Glossier’s Cloud Paints, and if so, what was your experience with them? I think I’ll be making an order from Glossier in the next month or two, and I’m undecided on these. They’ve caught my eye ever since they were released, but they’re not super cheap and I don’t want to spend money on something that is difficult to use!

What’s going on in your life recently? In the comments, share something with me that you’ve been loving!


26 thoughts on “Feel-Good Friday

  1. Agreed on the jade roller – I think these are super gimmicky but have had some incredibly marketing and promotion to make them so popular in the past few months. I’m not a believer!

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  2. I literally feel as though May was 5 days long! I have a Cloud Paint which I haven’t used yet. I tried it in store and it looked pretty on😊Agree about Jade Rollers. I have a regular cheap one I use though. X

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    • LOL, May did feel like it was 5 days long, didn’t it? Oooh girl, you have to break out that Cloud Paint! I wish I had access to a Glossier – would love to test out their products before buying. I’m glad you’re actually using your jade roller – I feel like I would buy one and then neglect it!

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  3. Wonderful post! Deadpool was very entertaining as movie. The introductory song, especially was hilarious!
    Also Japan sounds great as a destination to travel to with your family!

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  4. I completely understand your challenges with finding a balance with work, social, life, etc! The more I forced myself to do something, the more I grow resentful. It’s good that you’re cutting yourself some slack – everything does go in cycles. Some days I feel so ridiculous about my makeup obsessions and start tossing out random makeup, but then the next week rolls around and I’m petting my makeup like, “never leave me”… 😉

    Deadpool 2 is such an awesome ride of a movie. I had high expectations and I feel similarly as you – the second one edged out the first one for me because it had a little more heart. I still can’t get over the jumping out of the airplane scene… 😆

    What the heck – that St. Barth’s tray is listed as $350! And it’s just made of acrylic? Seriously, you can DIY that – at maximum it would cost you $50. Think of all the makeup you can buy with the $300 savings! 😉

    I was wanting a jade roller back in 2016 when I went to Japan! I was ahead of the trend. 😆 I spotted a few at the shops and they weren’t too pricey but I ultimately didn’t buy it because I felt it was heavy to cart back. It’s gimmicky for sure. I do own a metal face roller and I never remember to use that thing to “drain my nodes” or whatever. 🙄

    Were you reading my mind because I was just thinking of getting one of the Glossier Cloud Paints to try. I really don’t need it but curiosity is getting the better of me – plus, they’re perfect for summer. Also, I recently threw away one of the Becca Souffle blushers because it dried out – those pots don’t seem to seal too tightly.

    So excited that you’ll be going to Japan!!! ❤ We haven't decided where our next trip will be yet… might be Norway, or London… I kind of want to do Korea.

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    • That’s exactly it – I feel resentful sometimes when I “have” to go home and blog, when all I really want to do is chill. But then part of me is like “have some discipline for once and just do it!”

      Okay, you’re right, the second movie did have more heart. I think I enjoyed the first one more because I loved his backstory. LOL the skydiving scene was so upsetting 😂 the legs part still gets me.

      You were totally ahead of the trend! I wonder if some of them are even legit – like are they actually made of jade, or are they plastic?

      What shade(s) in the Cloud Paints are you interested in? I can’t make up my mind between Dusk and Haze. Oooh those Becca Souffles were SO pretty – I was so envious you got yours when they were discontinuing them! Shame it dried out 😔

      Speaking of Japan – I might email you soon to see if you have any recommendations if that is okay with you! It was strangely my husband’s idea but I just haven’t gotten around to it (he somehow remembered me telling him TWO YEARS AGO that you went to Japan…)

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      • In the Glossier Cloud Paints, I like the shades Beam and Dusk. They have 2 new shades out – and I’m liking how Dawn looks too. Haze looks scary…
        By the way, I finally opened the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser and it’s just ok. It has a strong perfumey scent which I was surprised by. The consistency is similar to Spectrogel if you’re familiar with that. I also find it leaves a slight film on my skin and isn’t great for removing makeup. I only use it for morning cleansing. I wouldn’t repurchase. So if you were curious about that product when you’re ordering off Glossier, I do not recommend! I do like the Balm Dotcom which is quite similar to the Kiehl’s lipbalm except thinner in consistency. It sinks into the lips and doesn’t feel sticky or gummy – I have the Coconut flavour which is a subtle authentic coconut smell. I might get more of them.
        And those are my mini Glossier reviews. 😆 I haven’t given up on the brand… am curious about Boy Brow since everyone raves about it. But at $20 it seems a bit steep.

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        • I saw that they had the two new shades too! I like both, but Storm is terrifying. I agree that Dusk looks a little scary, but the colour is so pretty. I think I would get a lighter shade to practice using the formula before going with something brighter/darker.

          I WAS interested in the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser before until reading some negative reviews on it. I’m so surprised by the strong scent, too! Blech, it does not sound good at all. The Balm Dotcom is definitely in my cart! I’m just having a hard time deciding between Coconut and Birthday Cake…

          Haha, thank you for your reviews!

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      • We haven’t decided if this year or next year… I think if it’s London, it will be this year. If Korea probably next. Norway is debatable – we might want to combine it with Sweden so maybe next year. We went to Stockholm a few years ago and want to explore more of Sweden. 🙂

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  5. I think it is the best to kind of go with the flow of how you are feeling with blogging. If you don’t feel like posting a lot, why push yourself and turn it into a chore? Post when you want, and when you feel inspired. I know it’s nice to have a consistent schedule, but you are a person first, and a blogger second (or third or fourth etc., depending on priorities lol).
    I just started watching Chef’s Table the other day and I love it! Man do I want to bake now! I actually took quite a few cake decorating courses back in high school and I have made a wedding cake before. I used to love baking, but now I just don’t do it. I really want to get back into it this summer though!

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    • I totally agree – go with the flow is the best way to go when it comes to blogging. It just feels like you take two steps back every time you take even a small break from blogging, you know? Like with Instagram, it takes 3 weeks to gain 20 followers and 3 days to lose those 20 if you don’t post. I guess at the end of the day, that shouldn’t matter.

      Yay, I’m glad you loved Chef’s Table! I so wish they had more episodes. Aww man, you should totally go back to baking and cake decorating! It’s a talent I really wish I had. Baking shows make it look so easy, but I can’t even pipe a freaking cupcake LOL.

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  6. I LOVE The Good Place too – we’ve only watched Season 1 so far but I can’t wait for Season 2. I enjoy that dry, The Office-style of humour it has.
    I’m so behind on movies, maybe we’ll go see Deadpool 2 this week. I loved the first one too. Oceans 8 is also on my list!
    That tray looks amazing but yikes – $350?!? Maybe when I win the lotto…
    Best of luck getting back on track blogging. I usually go in waves with it and I hate feeling guilty when I fall off the wagon but decided if it’s truly a hobby then what the heck am I feeling guilty about? Easier said then done though 😉
    Sounds like you have some great trips planned for the year!

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    • I’m SO GLAD you love The Good Place! We don’t know anyone else that watches it…or have even heard of it. Usually I’m not a big fan of dry humour (stopped watching The Office after Pam and Jim got married), I really like the humour in this one. I can’t believe the ending of Season 1 didn’t make you want to watch Season 2 immediately, though!

      Ocean’s 8 is on my list, too! It’s got good reviews, so the people complaining about them making an all-female Ocean’s 11 can suck it…lol.

      Agreed. Who buys a $350 tray?!

      I know, it’s silly that we feel guilty about neglecting a hobby, but I think it’s because we have people who we actually interact with for this hobby. When you stop blogging, you’re also typically too busy to read your blogger friends’ blogs as well. I am excited you’re back though – I’m ready to start reading your blog posts again!


  7. That’s so much to manage with a blog, a side business, a full time job and a personal life! I don’t know how you do it, I totally get if sometimes you aren’t as keep to blog after a long day at work.

    I’m still waiting for Season 2 of the good place to come out on Netflix! I loved the first season!
    I’m also baffled by the Jade roller thing, they’ve been all over instagram and I think it’s kind of weird lol
    That aritzia dress is so cute!

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    • Hahaha I don’t know if I’m “managing”, to be honest – I feel like I spend less time on everything than I would like, except my full time job, but that’s only because I don’t have a choice. There’s only so many hours in a day!

      Ahhh I’m glad you love The Good Place too! What an addictive show, haha.

      Right?! Like you’re supposed to roll it over your skin…and then what? I know it’s supposed to have benefits but I highly doubt they actually do what they’re marketed to do.


      • I wish we could have like a 27 hour day so there was some extra time in there! Do you think your job will settle down after the summer? It sounds like you’ve been working on a lot of projects.

        I always say “what the fork” now haha!

        I find it hard to believe that little roller can do so much for the skin! But everyone is on the bandwagon it seems haha!

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        • Wouldn’t that be nice? As long as they don’t make us work those extra 3 hours of the day, haha! Hmm, good question! I’m trying to take things day by day so I haven’t thought that far. You’re right, my projects should decrease after the summer, when we’ve had enough time to learn the new system and work out our processes. But our industry starts picking up more activity in September and goes until February, so we’ll be busy with that.

          Oh my gosh, me too! Right around the time we started watching The Good Place, my husband was saying that I needed to tone down my swearing, so when they started saying “what the fork” on the show, I was like ummm that is the perfect replacement for my bad language!

          It’s the IG effect! Makes you buy useless things just because it’s popular.

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          • lol I think that would have to be optional! aww it sounds like it never lets up 😦 Well I hope your boss gives you a few extra long weekends for all your hard work!

            lol! And of course it sounds crazy to people who don’t watch the show. But it’s a good replacement!


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