Mint & Blush Geometric Styled Wedding Shoot

Hi everyone! Today I’m veering away from my usual posts to talk about something that I did for my calligraphy business. Back in December, I had the pleasure of collaborating in a styled shoot with the talented Alyssa from Alyssa Truong Photography, as well as my dear friend, Cakes by Shanajane. Shana has just put up her blog post of our collaboration here, but also be sure to visit her Instagram. It’s a catalogue of the stunning creations she’s done over the years!

It’s taken us a full 8 months to share this styled shoot with everyone – oops 😅 To be fair, the theme gives us spring wedding feels, so we wanted to wait until the weather was warmer to share our photos…we might have just waited a little too long. But just look at our spread and how whimsical it all looks together!


Tiered cake.jpeg

The first step of this styled shoot was settling on the theme, which was pretty easy (for me). Shana was the one who came up with the idea of doing a geometric design, and I was more than happy to go along with it. We decided to focus on the shades mint and blush with gold and rose gold accents, which are actually a mix of colours from both Shana’s and my own wedding – mint from Shana’s and blush from mine! I absolutely loved this elegant but modern theme, and it ended up going really well with our chosen colours.






For the cakes, Shana made three different types to showcase a few of the styles she can do: a three-tiered cake, mini cakes, and cupcakes. The tiered wedding cake had three tiers with a different pattern on each tier: the top layer was a 4″ cake in a blush shade embossed with a geometric print; the middle layer was a 6″ cake with white fondant and edible gold leaf; and the bottom was an 8″ cake in a mint shade, featuring hand-cut fondant strips laid out into a geometric design and hand-painted in gold. How darling is this tiered cake? I wish that I could have my wedding all over again so that I could ask her to make me a cake in this design!

Her mini cakes were made in a semi-naked cake style with chocolate ganache drip and marbled hexagon toppers outlined with edible rose gold paint, while the cupcakes had varying geometric designs made with fondant, although they do have buttercream underneath the fondant for the buttercream lovers! She did such a wonderful job on making all of her cakes complement one another perfectly – I am in love!




I contributed the calligraphy elements to the shoot, and I thought it would be cute to make tent cards showcasing the flavours for all three of Shana’s cake styles. The lettering was done with rose gold ink in my signature script, and I painted a mint and blush design with gold trim to fit with the geometric theme.

Place cards



Our spread resembled a dessert bar, so the last element I created was a sign that said “All you need is love and a cupcake” in a rose gold geometric frame to go next to her cupcakes.


Since this was for a styled wedding shot, I also wanted to make place settings like the ones you would see at a guest table. I created a watercolour wash menu with matching place cards, both of which featured a gold geometric design and rose gold shimmer cardstock backing.

Name cards.jpeg

Name cards 2.jpeg

It was our first time doing a stylized shoot, and Shana and I had a blast designing all of the elements and seeing our work come together cohesively. It was so much more stunning than I could have imagined! It was an absolute pleasure working with both Shana and Alyssa! I hope this post gave you some ideas for your next wedding or party, and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like either Shana or I to be a part of your celebration!


9 thoughts on “Mint & Blush Geometric Styled Wedding Shoot

  1. I have a few friends who are bakers and I’m always in awe of what they can create! I always think – something that LOOKS this good can’t possibly taste good too! Wrong.
    Did you end up tasting the cake / cupcakes?
    Mint is such a YOU colour! I really like how you incorporated the geometric shapes without going overboard. I think if the mint and blush were too heavy-handed, it could have looked dated.
    How did you coordinate the exact shade of mint and blush – Pantone or paint chips? 😆
    Bravo! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Absolutely agree with you! I’ve always wished that I could bake AND make it look good – but I long gave up on that dream because my baked goods are neither tasty nor pretty! Cake decorating is such a cool talent.

      Now that you think about it, I actually didn’t end up eating any of the cakes! Total missed opportunity…

      LOL I never thought about mint and blush possibly looking dated, but you’re so right – that could go bad real fast! Hah, somehow everything miraculously ended up coordinating pretty well, but dang, we should totally use paint chips if we do this again!


  2. This is seriously SO beautiful! I love everyone’s work that they contributed! Your calligraphy style is so beautiful. I also am totally in love with the cakes. I love tiered cakes with more stylized layers. I actually made a wedding cake 3 years ago, so I can appreciate the art and difficulty of it. It is so awesome that you took part in this shoot! So so much fun 🙂

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