Review: Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots

Hi, everyone! Today I’m sharing my review of the Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots. I first heard about these from Nova from Super Nova Beauty earlier in the year, and after seeing the swatches in her review and on Instagram, I just had to get my hands on them. I bought both of these around May, when Tarte was having a 25% off sale on their website. They’ve been a part of my makeup routine for a few months now, so now I can finally share my thoughts on these.


The Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots are marketed as loose pigments, but they are actually pressed loose pigments. There are 9 shades available, and they retail at $27 for 3 grams. I find these to be a bit pricey – if you think about it, you’re paying $27 for a single shadow. However, there is also significantly more product in these compared to a  pressed shadow. I for one know that I’m never going to get through one of these Chrome Pots!

The Chrome Paint Shadow Pots can be purchased at Sephora, Ulta, and the Tarte website, and they are made in Italy.




The paint pots come in clear pots with a shiny gold cap. The packaging feels heavy and expensive! You can’t really tell which shade you’re holding in your hand when the cap is on, but if you turn the pot upside down, you can see the name and the shade inside. All of the shadows also come with a stopper to keep the shadows firmly pressed. The stoppers are a little reminiscent of the L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24 Hr Eyeshadows, which used to be really popular a few years ago – those came with a stopper as well!

The Tarte Chrome Paint Pot with the stopper
You can see the shade that’s inside on the bottom of the packaging


There were three of four shades I wanted to try, and I stood in Sephora with swatches all over my arms as I hemmed and hawed over them, but I finally settled two shades: Sundrenched and Frosé.


Tarte describes Sundrenched as a metallic bronze champagne, which is the perfect description. I was worried this would be straight-up gold, which doesn’t look good on me, but it’s really more of a light bronze.


Frosé is described by Tarte as a metallic rose gold. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always loved pink-gold duochrome eyeshadows, and this one is probably the prettiest and most intense version of pink-gold that I’ve tried by far.

Not only are both shades intensely pigmented, but they are stunningly metallic. These Chrome Paint Pots are by far the most vibrant and foiled shadows I’ve ever used, and I was blown away by how shiny they were the first time I swatched them. In terms of pigmentation, feel like these are the eyeshadows every beauty lover has been waiting their whole lives for. The texture is really soft and buttery, and allows you to build the colour up really well.


I’ve tested several different ways to apply this, and I’ve actually found that I like applying each of the shades differently. For Sundrenched, I prefer using a really firm eyeshadow brush to build up the colour, then finally using my finger to pack more on the middle of the lid. Frosé is a duochrome shade, and I find that using a shadow brush only picks up the gold pigment. I prefer using only my fingers to apply Frose, because the pink seems to shine through better when applied this way.

Every once in a while, I pick up a little too much product, and the eyeshadow does get a little crumbly when I apply it to my eyes. However, the crumbles are fairly easy to “smush” and spread evenly onto the eyes with the finger with little to no fallout. I have heard that other people have seen a little bit of fallout during the application process. Most seem to say that it’s easy to clean up under the eyes, and that once it’s on the lids, it stays on for the rest of the day.

I’ve found that these do fade ever so slightly – by the time I come home from work (about 10 hours of wear), they look less metallic than they did freshly applied. At that point they just look like a regular shadow, which I’m okay with. One negative about these is that they seem to crease on me every once in a while. Strangely enough, it doesn’t seem to happen every time I use these, and I haven’t quite figured out what causes it to crease sometimes but not others.

These are two looks that I’ve done with the Chrome Paint Shadow Pots:


Look #1 using Frose
Look #2 using Sundrenched


Another complaint that I do have is that I find them a little difficult to use in a look with powder shadows. For example, when I place a matte brown shadow in the outer third of my eye to create depth, I find it hard to seamlessly blend the super metallic Chrome Paint Pots with a completely matte powder shadow. This might be more of a reflection on my makeup application skills, and not so much the product itself. I do get it to blend eventually, but it does take more time than doing an entire eye look with powder eye shadow.

Out of the nine shadows in this collection, 6 of them are summery, bronzey shades which look very similar. They’re pretty, but I feel like Tarte could branch out and have more variety in shades. I think jewel-toned colours could do really well within this collection. Shades like sapphire, aubergine and emerald would look so gorgeous and be a bit hit for people who love using colour!



-Very metallic and pigmented
-Little fallout
-Good wear time
-Beautiful packaging

-Can be crumbly
-Sometimes creases on me
-Small colour selection
-Requires more work to make a look with matte powder shadows

When I saw from Nova’s swatches how metallic and crazy pigmented these Chrome Paint Shadow Pots from Tarte are, I knew I had to get my hands on them. These are ridiculously beautiful, but besides a video or blog post here and there, I haven’t heard many people talk about these. They’re not as raved about as they deserve to be, and I’m not sure why. I would highly recommend these babies!

25 thoughts on “Review: Tarte Chrome Paint Shadow Pots

  1. The colors are stunning! Would be perfect for me when I have no time at all to do my make up before work. I guess you can also use them on top of the bronzer to give a tiny touch of light to the cheeks 🙂

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  2. I love your swatches, and I am so glad that you like these! I love them too, although I find it difficult to do liquid liner over them which stops be from using them sometimes, because I usually wear liquid liner every day.

    And your up close eye pictures turned out great! I don’t think you need any tips from me! But I will still do that post soon. I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately which is why I haven’t been posting as much. I think I’m just tired from finishing up my degree 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am awful at swatches, but thank you! You’re right, most liners don’t look opaque with these. I’m wearing the Stila Stay All Day liner which isn’t opaque with most eyeshadows, let alone these chrome paints.

      Haha, thanks, Nova! Mine turn out okay but I don’t love them. I could definitely use some tips! I’m on my way to read your blog post now! You 100% deserve a break after finishing your degree, girl!


  3. I’ve been wanting to try these for ages! But really wasn’t sure about them. Definitely need to go in and do some swatches and get some after reading this.

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  4. Oooh these look pretty! I love the looks you created, especially the one with Rose. I rarely have luck with cream eyeshadows, they always seem to crease on me, even with a primer underneath. My eyelids are ridiculously oily so I usually just stick with powders. How would you compare these to the Stila Shimmer & Glow Shadows (aside from being a different format of course)?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm, that’s such a good question! I really had to think about it for a second. They’re very similar, although I would say the Tarte Chrome Paint Pots are more metallic and the Stila are more foiled, if that makes any sense? I would also say in terms of applying, I build up the Tarte Chrome Paint Pots while for the Stila Shimmer & Glows, I sheer out. Boo, I’m sad to hear that cream shadows don’t work for you!


  5. I couldn’t agree with you more. Until last night, I admittedly had not heard about them. It must be a sign because this is the second recommendation I’ve seen in 24 hours 😀 Great review and such pretty eye looks you created 🙂


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